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Dis one. Yuki and Momo will each add certain bonuses during the event! Momo will give a 5% bonus to your event points and your event coins, while Yuki will give a 5% bonus to your set list score and your event coins.

As you may be able to tell already, this is a completely new event type, with a lot of information.  You can check out the specifics of this event below!

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yvonee dies, so spencer gets to be toby’s consolation prize

spencer rejects caleb, so hanna gets to be caleb’s consolation prize

elliott turns out to be evil, so emily gets to be alison’s consolation prize

and nicole is alive, so that aria gets to be her predator’s first choice!!!!

pll i have a list of complaints, and i’m 10000% sure it’s one of the smallest you’ll ever find, but tHIS MESS is killing me softly

fuck’s sake.

Zombie Apocalypse AU (Sam Drake)

Chapter 2 - New Friends

-> Chapter 1 - Fight For Survival

Tagging: @eleynafisher and @roses-are-bae because they wanted to be tagged! Thanks for the support! :)

By the way, if any of you want to be a beta reader for the next chapter or for any of my stories, please let me know! ^-^

- - - - -

“I’m not a threat!” A man yells as he comes out of the shadows, his arms raised in a form of surrender as his eyes are pushed together in fear, “I’m unarmed!” Sam puts down his gun, but not placing it in his holster. I walk to Sam’s side, looking carefully at the man.

“Who are you?” I ask and he gulps.

“Scott Harris,” He says, putting his hands down. As he walks closer, I can see clearly that he is dressed in somewhat of a formal fashion: light blue checkered shirt, covering his arms along with jeans and dress shoes. “I’m a–” He is cut short by the sight of the lifeless child on the ground and he faints on the concrete floor.

Sam sighs and places his gun back in the holster then wrapping an arm around my shoulders. “That’s one problem done.” He sits by the nearest wall and I rest my head on his chest as he has both of his arms enveloping me, kissing the top of my head. “Get some rest.”

My eyes starts to feel heavy and I haven’t realized how tired I’ve been. Obliging, I close my eyes slowly as I let his soft breathing send me to sleep.

Scott entered the lab with his coat, ready to save the world by finding a cure to the virus. On a metal bed laid an unfortunate victim of the virus, covered in a white sheet until the collar bones. Scott turned on the recording device and analyzed the body. “Subject 2 not breathing. Monitor indicates a flatline,” He checked for a pulse on the neck then on the wrist for confirmation and felt nothing. “No pulse–Subject 2 is deceased.”

He took the syringe with one of the cure samples, “Vaccine test,” he injected the syringe on one of the chords, “Z.A. Series serum 34 compound 5. Commencing cure test.” As the vaccine started flowing through the chords and into the body, he checked his watch and waited for thirty-seconds to see no results. “Thirty-seconds passed, no sign of breathing or heart-rate. Subject two remains deceased.” He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose from another failed cure test.

It’s been weeks since he had worked on this test. The most stressing project given to him, looking at the sprouted gray hairs on his temples. As he turned around to make another vaccine the heart-rate-monitor started beeping slowly then getting faster until 87 beats per minute. His eyes widened and quickly walked back to the body. “I-I take that back, subject two is responding with 87 beats per minute, core temperature: 37 degrees–this is unbelievable.” He took a flashlight and checked the eyes to see any human color and the color brown started to fade. “Eye color–ahh!” A stinging pain cut him off, making him stumble backwards as the subject started to screech and setting free from the handcuffs.

Without hesitation, Scott swiftly rose and ran towards the alarm, activating it as he started to run out with alarms going off throughout the lab and the town. He knew what he had done; he knew the danger he had put upon the town, the city, and soon the world. Making it out the lab alive was more complicated than he thought as his heart raced fast that he couldn’t feel his leg as he wobbled his way towards the exit. He forced himself to run, but it only made him stumble and hit a switch that opened doors, releasing the other failed subjects.

“–I was in a rush, I needed to see my family before–” Scott stops himself and rubs his forearm, scrunching his nose as if it was painful. I look at him intently and then down at his covered arms, hoping that I can see through the fabric but I quickly give up and tug onto Sam’s shirt. “I need to talk to you for a moment,” I give Scott an apologetic look as he replies to me with a half smile. Turning my head to face Sam, his height has defeated mine that I need to pull my head back to see his face. “What’s the plan?”

He takes a deep breath and looks at the scientist. “I don’t think he minds if we’re looking for Nathan,” he averts his eyes towards me, “And I’m pretty sure he’s looking for his family as well.”

Looking at Scott, bouncing his legs with his elbows on his knees, rubbing his palms together.

“Hey, you look worried,” I look back at Sam who has his hand on my cheek. “I’m here, alright? I’m always here to protect you,” He kisses the top of my head. “I promise.”

I smile half-heartedly. “Okay.”

He smiles back like he was hoping for that reaction. “Now let’s go find my brother, huh?”

The hot boiling sun heats my body that beads of sweat starts dripping down from my temples and neck. I fan myself, stopping for a moment to rest my legs from walking for so long. Sam appears beside me and puts a hand on my back. “Here.” He says, hanging a bottle of water and I take it from him without hesitation, chugging the whole bottle even though I’d rather want to pour it on myself.

“Thanks.” I say to him, giving back the empty bottle while panting and feeling a little more refreshed.

Fortunately, the streets are empty; dead silent except for our footsteps coming off from the cobble stoned ground. Looking around, it feels like the color has left the town with the houses empty with no families, streets quiet with no cars. My stomach churns at the thought that people actually lived in this ghost town.

“We’re close to the evacuation shelter,” Sam swallows hard. “Not far now.”

The shelter is smaller than expected; a black cube with a black door, but this is what builders and architects could come up with within the span of a few weeks.

I look at Sam with furrowed brows as he gives me a reassuring nod, hovering his hand over the door handle. I grab onto his arm, not tearing away from him. “It’s okay,” he whispers, “I made a promise and I’m keeping it,” hearing him say those words only make me grip tighter onto his arm. “I’m not going anywhere, I’ll be right beside you.”

Looking up at him, his eyes staring deeply into mine, I take a deep breath and took the courage to stand behind him and beside the scientist, bouncing my leg while I bite my lower lip as my heart pounds in my ears. Sam glances back at us and then starts opening the door, darkness only seen inside. He suddenly disappears inside and I choke onto my saliva when I hear the sound that I feared the most: gunshots.

“Shit, shit, shit! Run! Run!” He yells, coming out of the shelter and I took no hesitation but to bolt with Scott running beside me while Sam shoots at them. I don’t dare to look behind me but just right in front, taking in the surroundings and turning left and right when needed to shove them off; but gunshots are still heard behind us and Sam cursing repeatedly.

“Nathan? Nathan!” I hear Sam yell behind us, but drawing farther and farther away. I stop in my tracks and look behind to see a large group of probably twenty of them all running towards us while Sam is running towards them. “Nathan!” He yells again and I don’t hesitate but to get him out of their reach. “Nathan, Jesus Christ!”

As I draw closer, he is standing face to face with Nate but looking more dead than human. “Oh, Christ, no…” I freeze in my spot, staring at him; his eyes showing no color but white and grey, his clothes tattered and his skin pale as snow. For a second, I felt like fainting, but I knew that I had to save Sam. I pull his arm, but he is weighted down onto the ground like an anchor. “Sam, come on! It’s too late!” I say to him, but he stumbles backwards, bringing me down with him. His eyes are flooding with tears as he mutters curse words onto the coming zombies.

“I want my brother back,” he mutters as I pull him off the ground but he continues to walk towards Nate. “Give me my brother back!” He shouts, punching him in the face and I give up, knowing it’s no use to stop him.

“This isn’t my brother! I need my baby brother! I need him back!” They are both on the ground, Sam on top of Nathan as he keeps swinging punches after punches. “We’ve been through so much, Nathan, how could you do this to me?!” He yells, his voice cracking.

The pounding footsteps of the undead draws closer and I have no choice but to pull him off. “Scott, help me!” Almost instantly, he arrives, pulling Sam off of Nate whose jaw is now broken and a pool of blood starting to spread around his head.

“Fuck! You!” Sam yells, giving up on fighting against Scott and I as he starts running along with us. Not so far ahead, we start to approach a supermarket and enter it without looking back, Sam holding off the door with a shelf, the door pounding with each of their weights.

I rest my hands on my knees, panting for breath and wiping away sweat from my forehead as my arms tremble and my heart thumping like its wanting to escape my rib cage.

By my side, Sam collapses on the floor, his back against the wall as he pants uncontrollably.

“Sam, I’m sorry–”

“Shut it!” He growls, looking away from me as he wipes his cheeks. “There’s no hope.”

“Sam…” I walk towards him, but I stop in my tracks when a gun cocks behind me. I swivel around to see a man holding a shotgun with a teenage boy behind him, holding a pistol himself. “We don’t welcome bitten guests.”

Okay sooo somewhat scared of putting this here but.

What’s going on on neopets is reminding me of an incident long, long ago back when virtual pet sites would pop up like dandelions in the early summer. One site(I won’t name any names, as it’s been gone forever now) had gotten a good enough amount of people that they actually got bought by a bigger power. Good, right?

Well that company decided to force the staff to work on things that weren’t broken instead of letting them work on things that were, add things no one wanted, redo all kinds of stuff and do all sorts of terrible stuff.

Needless to say, the site went out in a fiery blaze of chaos.

Anyway, I’m genuinely worried (since we, or at least I can’t) see what’s going on behind closed doors, I’m genuinely worried that might be what’s going on? I know it sounds stupid but there’s not much of staff telling what’s going on (besides CQ in the editorial, and she seems to do her best in explaining stuff but i doubt asking there will get the answers to this.), but regardless.

If jumpstart is burning this place down and the staff are struggling to put out the fires with what little freedom they have, I’m at least going down with the ship, just like I did for that site.

I don’t think there’s an instance in DA2 where Bennett doesn’t openly sass or appear hostile towards Cullen.

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i should be back monday, but we’re switching internet providers and they might not show up until tuesday

i’ll reblog this before my dad unhooks us as a reminder and keep y’all updated if anything changes

I’m sorry to say this but the Sh fandom is getting more and more problematic, people make mistakes and rather than letting them learn from their mistakes some people outright attack them. There are other ways to let people know that they made a mistake rather than resorting to name calling and death threats. Telling someone to kill themselves is horrible and I’m 100% if someone were to tell you that you would feel hurt.

Information about myself.

So seeing i haven’t been active for ages and in the past never really disclosed a lot about myself I’m going to now release some info, this will be updated over time as things change.

Basic info.

  • Name-Jack
  • Zodiac-Aries
  • Age-666
  • Country/State-Australia-Victoria
  • Hair color-Blonde
  • Eye color-Grey
  • Height-5.8
  • Weight-62kilos


I’m a gamer and always have been, cross platform both Xbox and PC.

I study I.T and Chemistry and I’m very passionate about both.

I love coding and pen-testing i speak Bash/HTML.

I am extremely passionate about safe drug use and the education of those who are naive/ignorant.

I enjoy hiking and being outdoors as much as i enjoy sitting inside behind a terminal.

I’m a musician and spent 3 years studying music theory, for a brief period of time i was a guitarist at a jazz college, I’ve helped produce and mix local bands music as well as gigged my local area for the last 2 years.

I’m a Vegan and happen to be pretty militant on the matter.

Fairly obvious by my love of coding that i am an advocate of Internet privacy and freedom.

I am a bookworm and have read a plethora of books both fiction and non-fiction, although non-fiction is my personal favorite so if you know of any great books on drugs please feel free to recommend them to me i would much appreciate it.

I also love writing and will most likely write several pieces on different drugs.

Character Traits.

I’m a fairly realistic person although i do have spiritual views.

I am easily irritated by things such as noise.

I’m a very focused person and i enjoy being organized.

I try to look at things from other peoples point of view, although that does not mean i suddenly agree with said point of view.

I’m pretty quite and tend to be anti-social in person.

I do not take shit from anyone and won’t be pushed around.

 (Just a few of) My favorite drugs.



3.benzodiazepines i.e Xanax/Oxy



Favorite Musicians/Bands/Groups. (Just a few)

John Frusciante. (both solo and with the RHCP)

Pink Floyd.




Jimi Hendrix.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

RB this and I’ll check out your blog and RB some things 😊

sagagemini4  asked:

"Don't get me wrong, Gohan, but it's a pity you are not Namekian. You would have a new hand thanks to our skills. But even so, I hope you are okay." [@piccolo-daimao-junior-again OOC: Hello! I saw you in some notifications and I just couldn't resist to write here. ^v^]

   “That’s alright. I do have my arm back now, see?” Gohan flexed the regrown limb, showing it to the other with a wide smile. “My partner Trunks actually has a medical background, and he helped create a procedure so that I could have my arm back.” 

   //That’s alright! Thank you for sending me an ask! :D

Kagamine Module Name List

for an anon!! under a read more because there’s. a lot

Modules whose English names are the same as their Japanese ones (in romaji) will just be stated as is! All modules will be listed with their song or influence, if they have one. Not including Project Mirai costumes.

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