College Students Are Paying More, But Many Schools Are Spending Less On Them

For the past 30 years, U.S. colleges and universities have been increasing tuition costs by 2% to 5% per year. But that doesn’t mean all those dollars are allocated for increased school spending on student education. Despite the tuition hikes, education spending is flat or falling at many public and private institutions. With revenue streams like state subsidies drying up, colleges aren’t relying as heavily on those means to pay for the cost of education—they’re making students and families pay for more of it themselves.

Most Travelers Consider Free Wi-Fi The Most Important Factor In Choosing A Hotel [Infographic]

For business and leisure travelers alike, free Wi-Fi is still considered an absolute must in hotels around the world. A survey conducted by has found that 49 percent of business travelers consider free Wi-Fi a deciding factor when it comes to their choice of hotel.

The story is quite old, it seems, but no one can say quite how old, or where it originated. 

It was a time of strife. Society was ravaged. By what, there is some disagreement - some say it was the days of the Black Death, others that it was the communist regime in the Soviet era. Nobody can be sure, but one thing remains - the idea of adversity.

And, there were four thieves who triumphed over this adversity. There are arguments regarding whether they were virtuous people - Robin Hoods, for example, or simple cutthroat ne’er-do-wells, but regardless, they managed to ride the flow of societal unrest and survive against all odds. No matter what version one accepts, though, they were in fact, criminals, and alluded not only the societal unrest of their existence, but also the long arm of the law itself.

They were eventually caught, but even then, they alluded punishment and survived to continue their “work,” such that it was. How? Well, the agents of the law asked to know their secret, promising that if it was revealed, they could go free. And, it turns out, the secret that had allowed them to survive was an herbal potion that became known as Four Thieves Vinegar.

It traditionally contains a large quantity of garlic infused in red wine vinegar of high quality, and, in addition to this, four other materials. These four, each representing one thief, vary depending on who one asks, and have been said to have consisted of many things, ranging from deadly wormwood to the above innocuous (though powerful) ingredients.

Nowadays, few if any of us are willing to believe this narrative to have taken place outside of mythic time, but the potion, and the sentiment associated with it, persists. Science has even shown that the garlic and certain other ingredients may actually be antibacterial or boost the immune system. This may explain their association with warding off disease and hardship in general. Either way, the potion is said to be quite powerful magickally.

You’ll find versions of it sold in bookstores at exorbitant prices, making all kinds of claims, and yet, a simple version can be made at home rather cheaply. In reality, it isn’t a panacea, but is still very powerful, and should only really be used in worst case scenarios, such as when you find yourself faced with great adversity or an extreme attack on your person. To use it frivolously would, I believe, diminish its efficacy for you in the future.

In terms of using it practically, I’ve heard of it being used as a salad dressing (provided no poisonous ingredients have been used) or mixed into hot tea and drank, or just swallowing a spoonful. Take it internally at your own risk, though, naturally, and there are other ways to use it - again, floorwashes, anointing. For me, it was extremely effective to trace symbols using it (very lightly) on certain surfaces to ward off danger, but as usual, your results may vary. Ganbatte, and I hope this little post interested you!


Supernatural: 10 Seasons in Graphics
An updated version of my old infographics based on seasons 1-8. Click to enlarge.

Hey everyone so infographic print of all the fusions from Steven Universe is completed for Boston Comic Con! I’ve had a lot of followers ask me if I was potentially going to be opening up an online store with interest of buying of my prints, and the answer is yes! I will eventually be making an online store for any left over prints from cons. Thank you guys for all your support so far! :)