“A strong case for the rigor and, often, the beauty of Koons’s art.” The New Yorker reviews Jeff Koons: A Retrospective.

Jeff Koons (b. 1955), Rabbit, 1986. Stainless steel; 41 × 19 × 12 in. (104.1 × 48.3 × 30.5 cm). Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; partial gift of Stefan T. Edlis and H. Gael Neeson, 2000.21. © Jeff Koons

Armchair in transparent PVC, designed by architects Jean Aubert, Jean-Paul Jungmann and Antonio Stinco, Paris, for the AJS-Aerolande series of inflatable furniture.

Produced by Plermag of La Charite-sur-Loire, the chair is made of two independent parts: an arm-back (made of two tubes) and an ottoman, tied with a belt to the back. (Photographed at Galeries Lafayette in Paris, October ‘67).

Friday: Artist Michael Rakowitz discusses his temporary, transportable homeless shelter paraSITE, which uses the outtake duct of a building’s heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system for its form and source of heat. The project is currently featured in the exhibition Endless House: Intersections of Art and Architecture through March 6. No registration required, free with admission! 

[Michael Rakowitz. paraSITE homeless shelter. 1997. The Museum of Modern Art, New York]

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My home town has recently received the honour of hosting the Dreamworks Christmas lights, so they’ve started to be put up. The building is known as St. George’s Hall, and is quite a famous building in our town. (It was actually used as a film set for fantastic beasts!) The first, and currently, only decoration is a large inflatable Shrek, peering over the roof.

They really decided to Shrek the Halls this year.