That time Putt Putt gave me an existential crisis

Imagine three-year-old me, playing my very first video game: Putt Putt Travels Through Time. If you, too, were PC Master Race as a toddler, you might remember that it features a purple car traveling through time to retrieve his pet dog and his homework. 

I was mesmerized, man. My tiny fingers clicked on every single fucking clickable object in the game, my nose was right up next to the humming CRT monitor…

And then I reached the big musical number. Maybe you remember it.

There’s this line: “When you look up, you’ll know that time never stops… it goes on forever with you.”

“Forever?” Putt Putt asks.

“Goes on forever,” the weird Greek chorus of random time-themed objects confirms.

My mind tried to grasp that: myself, carried along in the time-space continuum. Three-year-old-me, just for a moment, tried to comprehend infinity. I looked up. I KNEW.

It was Too Much, so I did what comes most naturally to a tot: started sobbing. Dad comes in.

“Are you stuck, Ada? Do you need help?”

 I can’t explain otherwise, because I’m Having A Moment and also three. He tells me I can try again when I’m older. 

And that’s the story of how a video game for babies gave Tiny Me her very first existential crisis.  

Crisis, Make Up!

Here is a quick little fanart based on the new Sailor Moon Crystal style!

While I was drawing this I realized that the style has some similarities with the 90s anime and Naoko Takeuchi’s older illustrations.
I still prefer Yukie Sako’s design because it’s more detailed but I love how expressive the eyes look and I hope the lack of details means that the animation will be a little bit better!

Anyway, I’m SUPER excited for the Infinity Arc!!!

Called the “Wonder Woman” by mass media, Hippolyta made it her life’s work to forge a more peaceful world. D1A-NA was ever-present as the queen traveled the world and in time developed a personality that reflected the idealistic woman’s feelings on justice and equality.

Sadly, while accompanying Hippolyta on an errand of mercy, D1A-NA witnessed the horrific assassination of her queen at the hands of Doom Legion assassin bots. At that moment, she was transformed. An iron resolve developed within her, and she vowed to both avenge the queen’s death and continue her quest.