160205 Infinite’s twitter update

“[#INFINITE] 2016년 인피니트 멤버들의 새해소망은? 그리고 사랑하는 우리 인스피릿에게 전하는 말까지! #최고비주얼 #열둘리 #특기 는 못 본 척 해주세요🙏 올해도 #대박나세요”


“[#INFINITE] What are Infinite members wishing for in 2016? Also to our loveable inspirits we’ll pray to the end! #BestVocal #YeolDooly #Speciality please pretend you didn’t notice🙏 let this year be #daebak

Sungyeol’s card translation

“1. Personal information
Name: Lee Seongyeol
Birthday: 1991/8/27
Group: Infinite
Hobby: Waterskiing
Speciality: Throwing tantrum
Position in the group: Visual, the best visual

2. Wish for 2016
Hit daebak

3. 2016, to lovely inspirits
Everyone stay healthy and please hit daebak~”

Translation: fyeahleesungyeol