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Continuity in Sonic Franchise

While everyone is hyped by the Infinite trailer, how he sweeps the floor with Sonic and how the other characters (Shadow, Chaos, Metal Sonic and Zavok) seem to be under his control, I could not help but notice a Small detail, which is none other than in the very Eggman himself.

And what’s so special about Eggman here, who is supposed to control Infinite and who has finally managed to fulfill his dream of world domination?

His mustache!

Exactly, my biggest interest is not whether Shadow has been hypnotized, or whether Classic Sonic comes from another dimension or timeline or who or what is Infinite. My interest is that Eggman’s left mustache is much shorter than the right one, and why? (something no one asked)

Because it was just at the end of Sonic Lost World when a Pocky (rabbit) eats part of his mustache thinking it was a carrot. 

Which means that the events of Sonic Forces are so recent that Eggman has not fully grown his mustache, which implies a lot of more questions.

Maybe both Sonic and Eggman have ended up in a world where another Eggman has succeeded into conquer the world, for example.

Or he has used time travel again and instead of trying to change the past he has traveled to the future where his reign is law.

Interesting as a small detail can give light to many ideas.

( Curious that there is priority in remembering how Eggman loses part of his mustache in the last game, but we still do not know if the moon is still half destroyed or not since Sonic Adventure 2 )

alright i finished my bowl of cereal, time for my thoughts on Infinite and what he is. it’s mostly Infinite’s theme song that makes me wanna yap about this. Mostly, the lyrics. 

Okay so we already had thoughts about how Infinite was Mephiles and all, right? What with the design of the eyes.

But for me I also find similarities in the color scheme, poses, the way they move, and the voice. But I can also see a relevance to Time Eater in Infinite.
Now that might be a stretch, but this isn’t what I wanted to talk about.

I wanted to talk about Infinite’s theme song. Infinite’s theme song is pointing at some things that stand out to me. I’ll put the ones that stand out to me.

‘Cause I was born in this pain
It only hurts if you let it

And after all this time, you’re back for more

So look around you and tell me what you really see
I’m never ending, that’s the difference in you and me

So these lyrics stand out to me for more reasons that Infinite can be related to Mephiles. 
'Cause I was born in this pain” Remember, Mephiles was created as a result of splitting Solaris apart in two. I don’t know about you, but being ripped in half doesn’t sound like it’d be painless. And also, to spend all that time, craving and hungering for Iblis. He’d have to push that away for his plan, “It only hurts if you let it

So look around you and tell me what you really see/I’m never ending, that’s the difference in you and me” Eggman mentioned that Solaris was never-ending when they were put back together. 

That, and we see Infinite has the ability to distort space(?), just as Solaris can. Mephiles has the ability to make portals as well. 

And after all this time, you’re back for more” This stands out to me. What could this mean? Could this mean because Sonic keeps trying to fight Infinite every time he sees him? Or could it mean something else?

Listen I know this is a stretch. Mephiles and Infinite are obviously two different things and im looking over this, but I’m pretty sure that Sonic Team knows we all love Mephiles if they did this with Sonic Runners


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