I am going to miss being in the company of the InfiniBEEs so much.. All the board meetings, inspirational moments, to all the amazing friendships I’ve made on board. I know it’s very rare that in the future, we’ll all be together once more, but all the memories we’ve share still vividly play over and over in my mind. Also to the newBEEs that I’ve gotten to become closer friends and bond with. Please continue on the legacy and enjoy every moment you have while on district board. It is truly an honor you should never pass up. It’s all so sad to let go, but great things come to an end for a reason, because there are always greater things are yet to come ~ #cnhdcon #memories #board #infinibees #newbees

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My Legacy

My legacy is not one where I was able to have 100% on-time submissions every single month (although, I did manage to have it on one month!), nor is my legacy putting the division in a perfect spot. There still is a lot of work to do. My legacy was not built upon perfection. My legacy that I have left D28W was the feeling of unity in each member’s hearts. The resources and tools that clubs needed access to in order to succeed as a Key Club. The guidance that a club would seek when faced with a trivial situation. The support that members needed when presented with moments of stress and times of adversity. The leadership that the division needed to take one step forward towards excellence.


That is what I left the division in order for the division to grow, which in turn will help the district grow. That is my legacy.

A year later, I serve as the Treasurer of the Cali-Nev-Ha District. It’s time for me to leave a new legacy. Our District Board, the LegaBEEs, aims to leave our legacy on this district. This truly will be a golden year.

i remember last year after conclave, my IP (or, my LTG at the time) told me about how all him and the MVBees could talk about was their elects and how the 2012-2013 term was going to be and stalking each other’s elects on facebook

and now we’re doing the same thing

time where did you go