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Five Podcasts/Radio Shows All Black People Should Listen To

I wanted to make this list for people looking to expand their understanding of our world - the Black world that is. These radio shows/podcasts are the best at breaking down current events happening in the Black community, teaching us about our history, and how we can overcome obstacles in the system. They all air on a weekly basis. I highly recommend that you check out at least one of these every week to continue building your understanding.

1. by Tariq Elite Nasheed: I’ve been a long time listener of this show. Tariq is a very dynamic individual. His key strengths are combating white supremacist talking points. He even considers himself to be an Anti-Racism strategist. This name may also sound familiar because he’s the creator of the infamous Hidden Colors series which is the best selling Black history documentary of all-time. Tariq’s show airs every Wednesday typically around 6pm. He breaks down everything from what’s going on pop culture to events in the mainstream media. He also does a ustream show every Sunday around 7pm CST where he often takes calls from listeners and has debates with open white supremacist.

2. by Michael Imhotep: Michael Imhotep is one of the most thorough brothers when it comes to Black history. Mr. Imhotep is a straight shooter that constantly debunks Black myths that plague our community. His research is remarkable. When you listen to his show you might want to keep and pen and pad nearby because he’s going to dish out a lot of information. I’m a big fan of show because he breaks down the news on CNN and FOX in a way that Black people won’t get from anywhere else. He’s one of the most intelligent brothers in the business. His motto is, “Right knowledge corrects wrong behavior.” He has a few different shows, but The Michael Imhotep Show airs Monday-Friday 10pm-12midnight EST on the tunein radio app. Follow African History Network on Facebook to keep up with what’s going on in the world today.

3. The Compensatory Concept w/ Neely Fuller Jr. hosted by Mr. Bobby on Neely Fuller Jr. might not be a name that’s too familiar, but this brother may be the leading expert on what white supremacy is and how it functions. Neely Fuller wrote a book titled The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept: A Compensatory Counter-Racist Codified Word Guide otherwise known as The Compensatory Code. He breaks down the codes and inner workings of white supremacy. If you want to know how the system of white supremacy affects us, then this is the show to listen to. Dr. Neely Fuller Jr. is an OG who inspired people like Dr. Francis Cress Welsing to write her life changing book The Isis Papers. He doesn’t have social media nor does he do any film or productions that show his face. You can only listen to him exclusively on every Wednesday from 9:00 am - 11:00 am. You can also listen to his archived shows on and purchase his book at

4. The Context of White Supremacy or The  C.O.W.S. by Gus. T. Renegade on I’m a recent fan of the show but this show has been airing for years. Gus T. always tackles the issue of white supremacy in a very unique perspective. He often has guests on the show that talk about the issues of racism and how it affects us in all facets of life. Gus’ guests are often authors, researchers, and producers who are very well versed in their lines of work. His interviews give greater insight because his guest bring up a lot of scholarship in their discussion. He often has white guests on the show to give more of an inside glimpse of how they system of white supremacy works. He does multiple shows throughout the week sometimes, but you can follow him on Facebook for updates about upcoming shows at The Context of White Supremacy or Gus T. Renegad.

5. The Black Authority by Jason Black on I found Jason Black while when he produced the film 7:00am which is a film about how Black people can economically lift themselves. Jason Black is known for his candidness via social media on Black issues. He often talks about white supremacy, how Black people have to raise their standards, and has zero tolerance for Black coons. Jason speaks with a lot of authority holds no punches when giving his opinion on what’s currently going on in the world. He does a couple of shows a week are which are uploaded to his youtube page, TheBlackAuthority.

If you found this list helpful, please leave me some feedback. Also, add some of your favorite shows/podcasts in the comment section I hope this list can help you further your knowledge and understanding the world we live in and how we can overcome it.



One effect of the Harry Potter series’s infamous complete lack of setting a couple of ground rules to magic to establish consistency: 

What point is there to potions?

Wand magic is quick and simple, enchanted objects have a lasting effect for convenience, potions is time consuming and laborious for a single use effect.

So, what’s the benefit for that effort?

Important Update

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So it’s been a few months since I’ve last updated my Love Holds One’s Secrets shrt uncharted series. However I want to start updating it again. Unfortunatly it was never well recieved and didn’t gain much attention. So I would really appreciate it if you could pick one of the options down below either reblogging or sending me an ask which option is better.

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(Other series I will be planning)

Batman TellTale Series

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Life is strange series

Assassin’s Creed

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Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides [2011, Dir: Rob Marshal]

In this, the fourth installment in the Pirates Of The Caribbean series, the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow finds himself coerced into aiding the legendary pirate Blackbeard in his quest to find the Fountain of Youth. Based upon the Tim Powers’ novel of same name, On Stranger Tides is a much tighter and shorter film than its predecessor, featuring  themes and set-pieces similar to those found in the first installment. It’s strength, as has been the case in previous outings, lies in its inventive choreography, which is at its best when it’s at its most whimsical, and in its big budget sets, costumes and special effects. Where the film falls short, however, is where the franchise always has; character development, tension building and the courage to take the audience in a direction they didn’t see coming. Fans of the first three films, of which there are many, will be content just to see Johnny Depp’s familiar song and dance in conjunction with Hans Zimmer’s iconic theme. Fans of interesting, inventive cinema will be entertained, yes, but not very impressed.


This is the logo of the infamous series: Dark soul. The logo itself has got the theme of light and dark that is very present in the games, The logo’s words representing the light and the void around it representing the dark.

As Dark souls itself is a very grim game that is filled with tragedy and death the title’s font and choice of light and shadow makes the game have a more serious tone. Compared to if it had used bright colours or a different font choice, the logo is intended to be ominous and scary not bold and bright.

The actual feel of the logo isn’t welcoming or comforting it’s more of an ominous glow than a warm one, even without the box art the title “Dark Souls” uses the word “Soul” which is considered our essence and what makes us, what we are. Putting “Dark” next to soul implies corruption of decay as your soul darkens or, hollows.

In closing the logo using it’s simple form inspires uncertainty and ominous fear, by not showing anything they use humanities fear of the unkown not revealing anything and playing on humanities primordial fear of the cold dark. And what lurks beyond.


this Piece will be focusing on noah  & his difficulties PROCESSING THE TRAUMA that he has endured.  the primary three that i’ll be focusing on are him watching riley die,  being chloroformed  & kidnapped by audrey,  and of course the infamous series of events 2x10.


while this is a line dating all the way back to the pilot,  it still holds immense significance to noah’s character  & the arc that he has had throughout the show.  though in some ways he has developed past this,  he remains consistently rooted in what could be called a lack of grief but is more centered around his inability to process the multiple occurrences of trauma.  starting from the very beginning,  we know that noah is an avid fan of  &  seemingly has been for a long time.  in addition to this,  he has an intense fascination with the history of lakewood, particularly infamous murderer brandon james.  all of this contributes to an overall theme of desensitization.  this can be shown in all of the characters within the show due simply to their generation  & how modern society tends to handle things,  it is especially prominent with noah because of his interests.  watching,  reading,  & analyzing so many cases of the macabre has aided in making it difficult to fully grasp the carnage of reality.  he knows that he is not living in a film,  but still makes references to it as seen in his countless monologue,  plus his quip to emma back in the first season about how he enjoys an indie horror flick but in real life things are merely just terrifying.  he can separate real life from fiction but chooses to blend the two together,  thus making trauma seem not as bad. ( please note that this is completely unrelated to what he uses as coping mechanisms.  )   noah’s love for all things horror is an essential component of his character.  he is the meta mouthpiece of the show.  but in the end,  it contributes to a negative impact on his post-traumatic mental health.

GENUINE GRIEF was experienced for the very first time when riley was killed.  it is something that he was not familiar with. he felt nothing when nina died because he disliked her &  due to the reasons stated above.  he did not know rachael personally & while he did feel awful for audrey,  he had no reason to grieve.  but he did know riley &thus had been growing closer to her,  the two pursuing each other romantically at the time she was slaughtered.  he could have loved her & likewise.  they continue to be defined by what could have been.  he innocently called her that one night just wanting to converse but ended up being a witness to her demise.  her last words were to him  & he was the only one to hear her take her last breaths as she bled out atop the police station roof.  he screamed her name until his throat was raw.  when he &  audrey arrive at the station later,  he witnesses her body bag being wheeled away.  death is suddenly very real for him ———  not something that happens TO OTHERS or something that happens in fiction.  (   death has become personal.  )   his initial reaction is anger  &  he yells at a passing officer for negligence.  this momentary flash of anger fades away as fast as it has come & he collapses,  asking who would do this to her.  he states that he needs to know.  the next time we see him,  audrey is visiting his workplace  & finds her best friend sitting on the couch in a state of numbness.  he has not slept at all  & spent the evening in the dark ALONE,  reading the brief text messages he had shared with riley.  he still maintains a dry sense of humor during this scene but it is overshadowed by his grief.  there is a moment where he is joking with audrey but  ( once the punchline is hit,  his sadness bluntly comes back. )    noah tells her that he is not ready to face reality yet  & therefore will not be attending the town hall event.  he is later drinking on the job but is filled with a spark of passion  & excitement when emma shows them evidence relating to brandon james. the two girls sneak off without him but he follows them.  his behavior throughout the episode is his NORMAL PERSONALITY. we see his numb grief again during the next episode at riley’s memorial.  that is the last mention we have of riley marra from noah for the rest of the series, (  save for a brief comment during his opening monologue of the season two premiere. )

in my opinion,  the next thing is honestly the most interesting of them all.  in the sixth episode of the second season, audrey chloroforms & kidnaps noah when she realizes that he has his suspicions pinned upon her.  first  &  foremost,  ( while noah did not suffer as much as the others did the previous season,  he is still a trauma survivor.  so yes,  what audrey did was awful. )   but,  this is not about the mechanics  & motivations behind what happened-   this is about noah’s reaction.  when she reveals the truth to him,  he is clearly in shock & still not quite in the right mind just yet.  they learn that the killer is at the fairgrounds  &  his focus is now placed on that.  at the end of the episode,  we see him in his bedroom preparing to do a podcast.  audrey shows up  & he is a bit cold towards her for obvious good reason.  but he does not bring up what happened.  throughout the remaining episodes of the season,  he never once does.  even when he & audrey are fighting later,  what occurred is presumably forgotten by both parties.  they talk of the confession  & the recording but not of what prompted it in the first place.  i strongly don’t think that noah ever fully PROCESSED THIS nor did he really necessarily want to.  despite her occasional misdeeds & the fact that his perception of her has likely shifted,  audrey is still his best friend.  so he locked away what happened  & buried the key somewhere deep inside of him.

regarding the events of the tenth episode,  noah is forced to go through multiple accounts OF SUFFERING.  he is stabbed &  almost bleeds out,  he is buried alive with oxygen deprived, & his girlfriend is murdered having had no chance to save her.  when emma & audrey release him from the coffin,  his mind is not on his wounds or what he has just went through at all.  he is fully focused on zoe.  this isn’t generally odd,  but with noah it makes utmost sense that he would ignore what had just happened to him ———  to harshly push it aside.  he discovers zoe is dead &  stands over her corpse in shock.  the last time we see him is when he is wheeled away at the end,  once again witnessing a body bag.  i could go into more detail about this specific occurrence,  but this is once again about THE AFTERMATH.  noah reacts instantly ———  to zoe.  he is GRIEVING the girl he loved,  which is once again perfectly normal.  but he never once mentions what happened to him.  in the finale,  we see a noah foster that is moving forward with his life. he knows how to move forward from riley  & zoe.   ( he knows how to move forward from the deaths of others.  )

what NOAH FOSTER does not know how to do is move forward from his own personal trauma.  acknowledgment of the chloroforming incident & the non-zoe related events of the tenth episode are not probable.  they are locked away somewhere ———  with that key buried even deeper following the overall second season.  noah can grieve the girl that was drowned but does not know how to grieve the part of him that died in his own coffin that day.  at the beginning of this season,  we saw a boy that wore his trauma with PRIDE.  now,  he is more keen to bury it.


Vince Gilligan Is Making A HBO Show About Cult Leader Jim Jones And The Jonestown Massacre

Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Badand Better Call Saul, is working with HBO on a series about infamous cult leader Jim Jones and his group, the Peoples Temple, called Raven.

Jim Jones was a fascinating figure and the moral complexity of the story — particularly how the cult’s initial intention was to create a socialist utopia which celebrated racial equality and eschewed the aggression of racial-intolerant America — makes it perfect fodder for Vince Gilligan’s type of television.

Casual And Competitive Segregation

A lot of games these days have casual and competitive modes to appeal to both sides of gamers, often with changes in rules to fit each side better. But from a social standpoint, it’s not a perfectly good idea. It segregates players into 2 groups, sometimes leading to disdain for the opposite side. The most notable example of this is the Smash Bros community. The games have novels of rule sets used in competitive play. The more changes a game has from 1 side to the other, the stronger the divide. It simply makes the transition more difficult and discouraging, creating more in group vs out group bias. No community has a more infamous divide than this series. There’s even a famous joke about casuals hating ‘tourneyfags’. “No items, Fox only, Final Destination”

When games have more similar rules between the 2 sides, there’s simply less divide. Traditional fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat use the game’s default rules for competitive play, leading to much less hate. Both sides can understand why they like how they play more easily. Several other games fit my suggested correlation too, including COD (significant rule changes, lots of hate) and Counter-Strike (small rule changes, less hate)

Communities would be much more cohesive if there was only 1 set of rules for competitive and casual play. Competitive players have high demands for how fun a game is for them. They need to be fun for them to dump excessive hours into the game for them to enjoy getting good. Otherwise, they’ll just quit. Imagine if Smash Bros didn’t have the ability to disable items. Competitive play would have been an even bigger joke that it was during its 1st 11 years. It wouldn’t attract nor retain anyone

This would also hurt the casual side because less potential new players would hear about the game. Esports is growing in popularity at an alarming rate. It’s great marketing to help bring in new players. More people will simply learn about it and some will be curious enough to try it. The more who express interest in the game publicly, the more new players will conform to try it too. Twitch’s and Youtube’s stream/video recommendation systems are powerful marketing tools

Making a game fit for casual play while still appealing to the competitive side would be really easy. All it takes is making the game simple to learn. It’s more daunting to try and get into a game with more mechanics. Just look at fighting games that aren’t Smash Bros. Even Street Fighter is difficult and it’s the most basic of traditional FGs. Counter-Strike is famous for being 1 of the biggest esports and it’s surprisingly simple to learn. It’s an FPS, which is a genre everyone’s familiar with. The most important things in these games are aiming, moving, and shooting. The only things beyond them for this game are buying weapons, controlling recoil, planting bombs, and defusing them, basically. Meanwhile COD has a plethora of class customization and mechanics in comparison. In the former, players can just jump into a game and see what happens, whereas in COD, players have to choose their classes, customize them later, and then see what happens with limited access to the tools they could use. The game requires them to play the game for hours to simply unlock access to every mechanic. Worse players will unlock them slowing because they won’t progress as fast

CSGO doesn’t perfectly use the same rules for both competitive and casual mode. Competitive isn’t even played using hostage nor death match modes. Then there are little changes like autobought armor and defuse kits, 50% kill rewards, no friendly fire, no player collisions, and up to 10 players per team. These things are great for players who want to jump in and out of without worry of stress. Casual modes don’t even have strong quit penalties. Reversing these changes would make the game deeper and more exciting for competitive players. It’s really a matter of subjectivity towards rules. Making game mechanics and rules that appeal to both sides with minimal changes between them is really easy

The infamous manga series DEATHNOTE is being adapted into a live action movie for Netflix! Death Note tells the story of a boy named Light Yagami who comes across a strange notebook with deadly powers: when the journal’s owner writes down someone’s name in its pages, that person dies…
and the director, Adam Wingard, has confirmed that the movie will be rated R (if not higher). The movie began filming in June and it is set to be released sometime in 2017.
I didn’t read the manga myself, but I know about it from friends and it always seemed interesting to me. So when I heard it was being adapted into a movie I was really excited but I was disappointed when I realized that Nat Wolff has been cast as the protagonist of the story, Light Yagami, who is Japanese. This would’ve been perfect for a Japanese actor. Whitewashing is a serious problem in Hollywood nowadays and studios rarely benefit from it since fans get so angry about it that they boycott the movies (example: the upcoming Doctor Strange movie). POC need more representation in Hollywood movies and I really hope that we see it happen soon :(

Old-Fashioned That Way...

Originally posted by bio--shocked

This one-shot is for my dear sister ~ ~ I just recently got into the Infamous series, but it’s amazing! Hope you guys like my take on dearest Delsin!

“This is stupid.”

Betty couldn’t help but smile, turning away from her office work to see Delsin Rowe still sitting there with his eyes locked on that tiny black box in his hand. He had taken up a seat on one of the work tables, perched just on the edge so his sneakers dangled inches from the ground.

Delsin wasn’t like most in the village, and his appearance did little to hide the fact. The twenty-four year old wore dark clothes, and a military-styled vest with several colorful pins clipped around his shoulders and collar. He topped the look off with the same red beanie he kept to cover his dark locks everyday. On the back of his jacket was his signature two headed bird, wings sprawled out to make a star shape, one half white and the other red.

At the moment, Delsin had a fiercely concentrated look on his face as he stroked the box with his hand. It was mostly black in color, but - according to Delsin - there had been an incident involving hot dogs and a couple of paint buckets so the box was also pink, blue and orange. But mostly black.

“It’s not stupid Delsin,” Betty smiled, the corner of her eyes crinkling into crow’s feet as she came to the young man’s side. “It’s a tradition.”

Delsin looked up, evidently unamused. “Then it’s a stupid tradition.”

The wise old woman could merely chuckle, looking up at Delsin and all his frustration. When he had appeared at the cannery doors saying that he needed advice on something personal, Betty had been keen enough to know that this would happen. She patted his arm, her gaze falling thoughtfully on the box between his fingertips, “It seems stupid now but it’s only polite. You’ll feel all the better if you do.”

Delsin moved his mouth a bit before sticking the small box back into his vest pocket. “What if he says her dad says no? What am I supposed to do then?”

Betty’s smile turned into a frown. She put both hands on her hips, giving him a firm look. “Do you love this girl?”

Delsin blinked, looking back at Betty almost timidly. Of course he loved you, (Y/n). Maybe he wasn’t the best at showing it all the time, and maybe he teased a bit more than he should have. But after all you two had been through together in Seattle, Delsin knew he cared about you more than anything.

When you two had first met, Delsin was just getting used to his new found gifts, ready to take on the world single-handedly. You had lived in Seattle your whole life, but never expected to befriend the Conduit that every D.U.P. officer was on high alert for. You did what you could, offering Delsin and his friends food and shelter whenever they needed it, despite the looming figure of Augustine always nagging at the back of your mind. Despite not having powers, you had risked everything to help Delsin save Seattle and there had been a moment - a horrible moment - where he had thought you had been hurt, or worst. All because of him. It was then that Delsin came to the realization that you had been more than a friend or ally, but as someone he genuinely cared about.

You were the someone he could vent to whenever Reggie got on his last nerves. You were the someone he had come to first that fateful day when Reggie had made the ultimate sacrifice for his younger brother. You were that incredible someone who knew all the crazy things about Delsin but never left his side, sometimes waiting up all night on him, just so he knew you were there.

So when Seattle was free and Augustine safely tucked away to whatever hole they chose to shove her into, Delsin offered to show you his home, the world he had come from, and the people you had aided in saving. Together, the two of you healed the Akomish people Augustine had hurt - Delsin with his powers and you at his side.

“Yeah… yeah I do.”

Dragging him by the arm, Betty pulled him off the table and onto the floor. “Then go over there and stop worrying. Whatever happens will be for the best.”

“Thanks Betty,” Delsin managed a smile before running for the cannery door, leaving a trail of smoke behind him before he zapped himself right into the outside world.

Shaking her head ever so slightly, Betty laughed softly to herself before turning back to the paperwork in front of her. He would be fine.

You stood there, waiting in front of the study door in a state of silent agony. Your eyes bore into the wooden barrier, not seeing anything more than you had the last ten times you had stopped pacing. No audible sounds could be heard from inside the study either, drawing out your anxiety to the point where you couldn’t figure out why your hands were shaking.

Rubbing your palms to your eyes, you forced yourself to take three deep breaths. “You’re alright, (Y/N)… Everything’s fine.” But as the minutes drew out, you became less and less certain that everything was indeed “fine”.

Delsin had appeared out of the blue, right back on your doorstep, like he had all those months ago the first time you two had met. You had gotten used to your boyfriend’s random appearances, but today you knew it was different because he asked to do something you hadn’t seen coming, not in a million years - Delsin said he wanted to meet your dad.

Of course, you two had gotten pretty serious and you often brought up the fact that it would be nice if your father could meet Delsin. But every time you mentioned the issue, Delsin either changed the subject or covered it up with a clever joke. Neither of which ever suggested to you that he would actually go out of his way to meet your parent willingly.

What was the heck was he up to?

You could only wait painfully as your boyfriend and father sat alone in that room talking about who knows what. On the drive over to your dad’s house, you had tried to interrogate Delsin on what his intentions were, but all the man would do is smile out of the window and say, “Is it wrong that I want to talk to your old man?” He would then hang his arm out of the car, smoke trailing from his fingertips and wriggling through the wind.

Sometimes he could be so irritating.

You spun around the moment the door of the study opened. Your father’s face was expressionless as he strode past you. And knowing well enough that your parent wouldn’t give any answers, you turned your attention on Delsin who emerged from the room seconds after. “What happened?”

Delsin gave you a blank look, “What happened when?” He smiled at your stunned silence before walking right out the front door. “Come on, let’s get something to eat.”

“Oh no no!” You had to run but you put yourself right between Delsin and the passenger door, leaving the front door slightly ajar. Delsin had the nerve to smile as you glared up at him, “You’re going to tell me what that was all about!”

Delsin laughed openly, holding out both arms to his side, as if surprised by your demands. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, (y/n).” He said your name in such a way that should’ve made your heart do somersaults, but you were too upset to let that happen.

“You know very well what I’m talking about!” You pointed back up at your father’s house, “I’ve tried asking you about meeting my dad ten times! And every time you find some cheeky way to get out of it. Then out of nowhere, you suddenly want to meet him and make me drive all the way out here just to say you’re hungry!”

That playful light returned to Delsin’s eyes and he gestured up and down himself, “Well I’m a growing boy. We get hungry, you know?”

Before you could rant on anymore, Delsin reached forward and grabbed you by the waist, pulling the two of you close together so suddenly that you almost fell into him. Delsin’s gaze never broke from yours, that is, until he pulled you into a kiss that left you - in a word - breathless.

When he finally did let you up for air, you could only look up at him, fumbling for words. “Del… that was… I mean…”

“Oh I know,” he replied somewhat smugly. But he smiled again and held up something you hadn’t seen him bring out from his jacket. “Can you hold this for me?” It was a tiny black box, splattered with pink, orange and blue paint. The box didn’t look like much on the exterior but your heart started pounding your chest at the sight of it.


“Alright.” Still confused, you carefully took the box into your hands. Delsin finally released his hold on your waist, stepping back to let you study his paint-covered gift. It was maybe two inches wide and the same length across, almost perfectly cube-shaped besides the rounded corners. A bit of the paint on it was still wet, rubbing blue smudges onto the pads of your fingertips and just beneath your fingertips. But you were dating an artist so you were used to paint splatters by now.

You frowned when you lifted the box’s lid, “There’s nothing inside.”

“Well there was…”

You looked up and felt a gasp rip itself from you. Delsin was bent on one knee, beanie off, with his handsome smile across his lips from ear to ear. He looked different without his cap on, dark locks falling around his face freely. But he was still Delsin, your Delsin, grinning up at you.

“…but, uh,” Delsin turned his smile down at something in his hand. The band was thin but clean silver, cradling the diamond stone you knew must have cost him a fortune to save up for. It was tiny, tiny and perfect. Delsin looked up to meet eyes with you again, this time offering the ring to you. His free hand found one of yours, gently pulling you closer to him. “I took it out to ask you something…I hope you don’t mind.”

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mutuals maybe a little help?? 

bleubladed  asked:

Flicks his ear as she passes

     A small “ow !” escapes him as a hand immediately reaches up to the ear that fell victim to Seri’s infamous motherly ear flicks and he glares in her direction, eyes narrowing, and yet he says nothing, not even out of irritation. His face scrunches up a little though, it’s the only sign of annoyance that he allows to pass his calm demeanour before he turns away, fingers going back to drifting gracefully over lettered keys.

animefanramblings  asked:

Yo so, I've been wanting to at least get into Gundam for a bit now, but i've been hesitant because there's so many Gundam things, so I was wondering which Gundam series you recommend I start with. Thanks a bunch~

Well, there are several continuities, with the Universal Century being the core one. If you want to get into that one, start with the original series, but watch the three compilation movies, they have less filler and not as much of the infamous “quality” visuals that series has. If you’d like to start with one of the alternate continuities instead to dip your toes into the water, so to speak, then I recommend Gundam 00, it’s fairly recent and is just solid all round.

There’s also G Gundam, which is really off-the-wall and barely resembles the rest of the franchise at all in terms of tone, but it’s entertaining as hell.