Infamous series

I need more blogs to follow, but unsure where to even begin. So, if you reblog/post any of these things

bioshock infinite
infamous (second son, first light, etc)
final fantasy
assassin’s creed
kingdom hearts
(and mostly video games in general; I’m willing to learn more!)

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ALRIGHT I’m looking for more people to follow and talk to, so go ahead and like and/or reblog this if you post/reblog anything about the following and I’ll check out your blog!

  • Otherkin/fictionkin (specifically monsterkin and/or any kin from Undertale, but anything works and I’m okay with doubles!)
  • Space
  • Anything to do with witchcraft (especially if you post DIY spells and such)
  • Pastel, grunge, punk, and/or Gothic aesthetics/clothing/e.c.t
  • Life is Strange
  • Homestuck
  • Star Wars
  • Anything relating to the games in the inFAMOUS series 
  • Poetry/narrative writing and/or writing tips
  • Photography and/or photography tips
  • Maggot Boy
  • Art of any kind (especially pixel art)
  • Horror or anything of a generally macabre nature

yeah in regards to that, Shirobako was weird in that everyone was just totally a-ok with moe/fanservice stuff and it was never really critiqued apart from a mention of that really bad racing anime adaption, and even then the fact that they were like “they added unnecessary fanservice” was just like… well 3rd Aerial Girls Squad had fanservice too but everyone praises it so highly

like by far the weirdest bit of dissonance this creates is when everyone jokes about “Jiggly Jiggly Heaven,” the director’s infamously terrible first original series, everyone always talks about the bad writing and the melty animation and the 3 recap episodes and not…. the fact that this man made a cartoon casted with bikini-clad girls with breasts the size of medicine balls