full name: Nikita Vakhtangovich Lytkin 

born: 24th March 1993 in Irkutsk, Russia (aged 24)

height: between 5′5-6ft 

Nationality: Russian

Nikita Lytkin is one half of the Academy maniacs, whom are a duo of some of the most extreme copycat criminals. inspired by serial killers Alexander Pichuskin, Konstantin Shumkov & the infamously graphic Dnepropetrovsk maniacs (who many find too gruesome to handle, including myself), the Academy manics claimed 15 victims. 6 of those victims were killed and the rest survived their attacks. 


i hadn’t really posted much information on Caril Ann Fugate before, so i shall give an update, since she accompanied Charles Starkweather on his murder spree from late 1957 to 1958.

Caril Ann Fugate is pictured here in photos taken of her through the years; from arrest to life after conviction.

she was only 14 years old at the time of Charles’ murder spree and therefore is the youngest female in history to have been tried for murder in the first degree. despite her conviction, she still somewhat maintained her innocence, because of how young she was at the time, whilst Charles Starkweather was an adult. however, there was evidence pointing to the fact that she didn’t try to run away from him - until the police came. Charles also called Caril the most trigger-happy person he’d ever met.

Caril was released for being classed as a model prisoner, after serving 17 years. she is currently a 74 year old widow (born 31st July 1943 in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA) 

“The birds are leaving, leaves are flying that way aaaand that means we should follow. Here flies a kiss– Hey! I want my kiss!”

FINALLY. I always opened this old old sketchbook of mine with this three years old sketch and I was always sad I don’t have time or will or whatever another stupid reason why I can’t finish it. And thus I sat my butt, changed the sketch and finished the thing! Yes! <3