New in the store and online: The extra special Porteños Saddle Shoe by Industry of All Nations!

Made by hand in Buenos Aires by one of the only original high-end shoemakers left in the city, this is an all vegetable tanned sadddle leather classic loafer. It comes in saddle, brown, black. Be on the look out for Valet Magazine’s upcoming feature on this classic shoe. 

the new york times just posted an article about bernie sanders isn’t a ‘real’ socialist, condemning him for not wanting to nationalize all industry and thus calling him inauthentic. here we see the importance of mediating form with content. here the form proves the content false. the new york times is effectively using politics of authenticity to critique him for not being more radical against capitalism in order to defend a capitalist structure to which they are parasites. the new york times has effectively appealed to a pathos that contradicts their allegiance to capitalism in order to defend this allegiance. the new york times is the reflection of the ironic nihilism of today, using empty pronouncements of authenticity to justify the abandonment of that which they defend as betrayed with inauthenticity.

Scrooges aside, everybody celebrates the holidays in their own way– some by organizing a massive, comprehensive game plan on how to shop every store in the tri-state area from top to bottom; some by baking until every surface, animate or in-, is covered in cookies; some by bustin’ out the legendary sequined, pom-pom’d, and otherwize bedazzled holiday sweater that is the envy of all who behold it. You, on the other hand, are a bit more subtle. You make some thoughtful gift purchases for the folks on your list, arrive at parties with a bottle of something nice in hand, and tend to rock these awesome organic green selvage jeans from Industry of All Nations for just that little extra bit of seasonal flair. A stylish nod to the color palette of this time of year, the jeans are dip-dyed using plant pigments and (get this) insect resin, so they’re also probably the healthiest thing you’ll be putting near your body all winter. Hey man, all those cookies have got to go somewhere. Get them here.