Voice of the Workingman to Be Poet Laureate

The Library of Congress will announce on Wednesday that Philip Levine, best known for his big-hearted, Whitmanesque poems about working-class Detroit, is to be the next poet laureate, succeeding W. S. Merwin.

He was selected from a long list of nominees by James Billington, the librarian of Congress, who said on Monday, “I find him an extraordinary discovery because he introduced me to a whole new world I hadn’t connected to in poetry before.”

“He’s the laureate, if you like, of the industrial heartland,” Mr. Billington added. “It’s a very, very American voice. I don’t know that in other countries you get poetry of that quality about the ordinary workingman.” Referring to Mr. Levine’s ironic and self-effacing nature, he said: “This wasn’t really a factor in the choice, but he doesn’t seem to have that element of posing that I suppose we all suffer from to one degree or another. He has that well under control.“


football meme → [3/3] rivalries: revierderby

“separated by a mere 20 miles, the two big-hitters from western germany’s former industrial heartland have been battling for local supremacy since 1925. and more than 90 years on, their encounters generate more heat and invective than ever. yellow and black in opposition to royal blue; the city of dortmund against gelsenkirchen; ballspielverein borussia dortmund versus schalke 04. no other derby in germany electrifies and polarises as much the clash of the ruhr powerhouses in the revierderby.”