Desk 02 by Artifox

In times of making everything wireless and online, with a minimalistic approach, there are things we don’t need any more when it comes to a desk. But things have been coming up that we hope for, like a neat way of holding the energy cord. Artifox has created the modern and minimalistic Desk 02, that has everything you need and nothing more.


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 4.4.17

live edge floating desk by 32belowdesigns

this gorgeous, rustic wood slab desk has a raw, live edge — love the way it’s paired with the industrial pipe wall attachments. you get to choose from four wood options: cherry, walnut, maple, and ash.



A stunning all steel and brass roll top desk , all American made by The General Fireproofing Co, from Youngstown Ohio. Late 1920′s . Original simil leather top in amazingly good shape. Main drawer locks all three side drawers. Superb quality, made to last a few centuries at least and withstand the weight of an elephant too !!!

Item No: E4239

Measurements: 45″ wide x 34″ deep x 42″ high.

List Price: $ 5900

Please contact LBNO for further information or trade consideration.

504.581.3733 / t / e


As you can tell, I rearranged my room again. It’s like an addiction lol. And I plan on moving it around tonight. I’m slowly making my room the exact way I want it to be. I’m going more industrial than geometric now. I also my nightstand. It was a clock table (the clock is now the clock over the bookcase) and now it’s a normal night stand. I also added some books to my bookcase…Also hoping to get a headboard soon.


Louise a desk and stool set by Guilhem Huynh

Guilhem Huhn is a French cabinetmaker and designer. His latest creation is the Louise Set. A desk and a stool, that gently plays with the combinations of Walnut wood, concrete and leather. The goal was to use the contrast of the materials to inspire for creativity, while fitting together harmoniously and bring back the joy of writing into a digital world.


Today’s brief:

| Table + Plywood |

Image 1: This plywood desk is 2400mm wide x 600mm deep and 730mm tall and all cut from a single 1220mm x 2440mm sheet of plywood.

This uses the flexibility of plywood to lock the legs in. The legs are inserted into the two top pieces and pinched together so the clips can be inserted. These clips hold the two halves of the leg square and under tension created from the fixed slots in the top two pieces.

Image 2: The legs and clips are cut out from the underside piece of plywood. This second sheet adds a stiffness to the desk too.

With a sheet of 15mm CD structural plywood costing less than $50 and only a small amount of time on a CNC machine, this could be a very cheap but effective desk.

Image 3: Storage and shipping for the table is compact because the legs can be packed in the holes they were cut from. This large table assembles in seconds and doesn’t require any mechanical fasteners or tools.


Alhazen Lamp by Saif Faisal

The Alhazen desk lamp is based on a concept work Saif Faisal did two years ago. Now with the help of the Godrej Design Lab it became reality. The lamp is inspired and made to emphazise the beauty of wood. The sword like LED strip in the acrylic tube is mounted in an aluminium housing, that can be rotated 360° to give the light a certain direction.

Dear Future Hotel Guests,

Welcome to this fine establishment. I do hope you enjoy your time here. 
A few things to consider before heading up to your room. 
This hotel is staffed with real, live, humans! Homo sapien sapiens! Observe them as they work diligently to serve you with timeliness and grace! Please do not tap on the counter or raise your voice, these things do irritate them in their natural habitats and will cause them to run away! 
That being said, they’re not super humans! None of us are relatives of Clark Kent, Natasha Romanova, or Bruce Banner. Please keep that in mind when becoming irritated about extra towels taking 10 minutes to arrive to your room, or when the room isn’t ready yet because the housekeepers (also human) are working as fast as they can to finish the room for you. 
That being said, this zoo facility, is fully stocked to suit your needs. In moderation. If every room is occupied; I do not have enough towels for each room to have 4 extra. The same goes for roll away beds, air mattresses, pillows, duvets, and ice buckets. 
Please do not pet the staff, but it is admissible and encouraged to feed and tip us. 
Thank you, enjoy your stay. 

-Front Desk Human


Alchemist, a desk collection concept by JungHoon Lee

JungHoon Lee, an industrial designer from Munich Germany has created a concept for a collection of desk items inspired by the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

The shapes of the inspirational chemists items are clearly recognizable with a strong focus on a minimalistic approach. The collection consists of a Clock, Lamp, letter opener, speaker box, pencil sharpener, clip tray and a set of ball pens.