Cuando te dispones a iniciar una jornada laboral, es importante tener orden a tu alrededor. No soy yo, psicológicamente está comprobado que mientras nuestra área de trabajo esté más ordenada, mejor fluirán nuestras ideas. No tienes que deshacerte de todo lo que se encuentra en tu zona de trabajo, lo importante es tener las herramientas para organizar tus objetos. Groovemade lanzó Desk Collection para precisamente mantener ese orden. Incluye un soporte para el monitor (¿sabías que tu monitor debe estar más alto para no representar un daño para tu postura?), una bandeja para el teclado (con espacio de almacenamiento), tapete para el mouse con cojín para la muñeca, lámpara, macetas, lapicero, y hasta un dock para cargar tu celular.



When you are about to start a working day, it is important to maintain the order around. It’s not me, it’s psychologically proven that while our work area is more neat, better is the flow of our ideas. You don’t have to get rid of everything that is in your work area, it is important to have the tools to organize your items. Groovemade created Desk Collection, precisely to maintain that order. Includes a stand for the monitor (did you know that your monitor should be higher for not harming your position?), a keyboard tray (with storage space), a mouse mat with wrist pad, lamp, pots, pens, and even a dock for charging your cell phone.

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Wiktoria Lenart   |

“Modular office furniture for creative people.”

Industrial design student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. Focused on Industrial Design, Work Place and Tool Design.

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Anna Lotova   |

“We have to change our behaviours, plan and think of work with a different mindset: no matter where an office is situated, it has to have a space it can call its own, identifiable, alterable, on a human scale, with its own history and objects, an enjoyable environment. OXYMORON desk is a result of interaction between two contradictory materials that enhance each other and gain a new meaning. Two layers of foam with an alcantara cloth are placed between plywood sheets to form a toolbox to store documents, objects and technical devices.”

Anna Lotova graduated in 2012 at the Saint-Petersburg University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Russia). In her projects she is looking for light-hearten, hidden humor in every materials that she works with.

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