1000 Followers Gift

Thank you to all  who follow and support me…I appreciate you!

Special Notes:

  • Mango Sims (Vero), HughLunatic, and Anye are still active in the Sims Community.  Before converting their meshes do ask permission and/or follow their TOU.
  • All files are labeled and in folders by Designers.
  • Blankets & pillows were tested in game and are “playable”.

This set includes the following TS2 To TS4 content:

*Mango Sims’ Duo & HughLunatic’s Jonesi’s Single Bed Blankets.

Also, playable LeeHee Curio (three) Bed Pillows (requested anonymously)

Recolors for all blankets and Pillows

Cassandre’s Butterfly Blankets & DOTY 2010 Round Pillows.  Plus Gucci Purse (shown in main picture).

Sims In Paris Jasmine’s Living 6 Curtains Single & Double; Single Curtain by HughLunatic,

LeeHee’s Simple Deco Desk & Industrial Chair (creator unknown),

Exotic Element’s Traditional Living Chair,

*Mango Sims’ Orange Coussin,

……and Various Deco Custom Content.

LeeHee:  Cabinets/Tables, Many Flowers, Flowers in White Vase, Earphone, Radio, Deco Clock, Deco Box, Deco Books, Open book, Deco Radio, Envelope and Curio Painting Recolors.

Anye:  Bucket with Candles, Globe, and Book & Magazine.

Nemestnaya:  Birdcage, Lilies in Cup, Jar, and Pot.

Thanks to all of the Creators! 


Vintage Industrial Finds From Lovelitter

New Post! Some lovely new vintage industrial finds from Lovelitter Which is your favourite?

Vintage brand Lovelitter have a keen eye for well-loved furniture with an industrial edge. The eclectic collection changes constantly, updated with new finds and rescued treasures. From vintage machinist stools to sturdy statement storage, we’ve chosen some of our favourite items from the current Lovelitter collection – and they’re perfect for channeling a vintage industrial look in any home.


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Vintage Steam Punk Industrial Re-purposed World Globe Swivel Desk / Floor Lamp
I made this amazing One Of A Kind table or floor lamp. I call it my “What’s this world coming to?”, it’s an Industrial Steam Punk re-purposed world globe into lamp.
This project started out as a Vintage World Globe on the original stand. It’s a great piece on it’s own but was very dated for my…