Vintage Industrial Finds From Lovelitter

New Post! Some lovely new vintage industrial finds from Lovelitter Which is your favourite?

Vintage brand Lovelitter have a keen eye for well-loved furniture with an industrial edge. The eclectic collection changes constantly, updated with new finds and rescued treasures. From vintage machinist stools to sturdy statement storage, we’ve chosen some of our favourite items from the current Lovelitter collection – and they’re perfect for channeling a vintage industrial look in any home.


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Things that inspire us:

Blossom by Andreas Bergsaker

“To bloom with blossom. Two mirrors and one lamp each attached to a handle which is placed in a wooden tray with slightly elevated edges to keep small accessories and things ready for use. The lamp shaped in the same design as the mirror holders is fixed to the tray, but the mirrors can easily be lifted up and used separately, or angled in the wanted position by a flexible joint. One mirror is normal, the other is magnifying. Inspired by flowers growing up and raising from the soil, facing the new day and stretching for the sun to bloom for everyone. Like ways the user may find Blossom to be an inspirational object to start blooming and blossoming whenever needed!”

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Dear Future Hotel Guests,

Welcome to this fine establishment. I do hope you enjoy your time here. 
A few things to consider before heading up to your room. 
This hotel is staffed with real, live, humans! Homo sapien sapiens! Observe them as they work diligently to serve you with timeliness and grace! Please do not tap on the counter or raise your voice, these things do irritate them in their natural habitats and will cause them to run away! 
That being said, they’re not super humans! None of us are relatives of Clark Kent, Natasha Romanova, or Bruce Banner. Please keep that in mind when becoming irritated about extra towels taking 10 minutes to arrive to your room, or when the room isn’t ready yet because the housekeepers (also human) are working as fast as they can to finish the room for you. 
That being said, this zoo facility, is fully stocked to suit your needs. In moderation. If every room is occupied; I do not have enough towels for each room to have 4 extra. The same goes for roll away beds, air mattresses, pillows, duvets, and ice buckets. 
Please do not pet the staff, but it is admissible and encouraged to feed and tip us. 
Thank you, enjoy your stay. 

-Front Desk Human

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