Industrial Design


Cuckoo Blocks by Guido Zimmermann

“Cuckoo Blocks” are Zimmermann’s answer to the traditional cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest in Germany. They present a contemporary view of urban living and compelling architecture. The hull is new, but the soul, a clockwork with a cuckoo, is still an old one.

Two aspects have a special significance here: buildings with a striking history and architectural value, as well as living in social flashpoints. Both are connected to the blocky, massive concrete construction.

Dear friends,

This is a photo I recently took in Lisbon, Portugal - the city where I just moved to. If you happen to live here I would be happy to meet you, so all messages are welcome!

In the meantime you can follow my journey through architecture and interior design, coffee, sunlight, good food and beautiful plants. Find me on Instagram ->  ♡  ♡  ♡


The Art of Alex Chinneck

Uniting the disciplines of art, architecture, theatre and engineering, the work of British sculptor Alex Chinneck is monumental in ambition and impact, producing contextually responsive interventions that animate the place in which they stand.

Identified from the top:

  • Open to the Public
  • From the Knees of my Nose to the Belly of my Toes
  • A pound of Flesh for 50p
  • Take my Lightning but Don’t Steal my Thunder
  • Birth, Death and a Midlife Crisis 

Artist: Cem Tezcan

Title: Commodore 1702 Monitor

“This piece is the last of the Commodore 64 retro computer components that I modeled lately.

I never own this one, so I modeled by looking to the photos I found over the net.

Hope you like it.”



The Mushroom Stool by Ookkuu

These Mushroom called stools are a beautiful and simple combination of white ash wood and a colorful upholstery. The stackable and minimalistic stool is available in multiple sizes and colors, offering a comfortable seat for everyone. Ookkuu, the Japanese producers, have a strong dedication to high quality, Japanese craftsmanship.


Nebl Planter by Studio Rem and Gejst

The Nebl planter is inspired by the peaceful and calm feeling, that  can come from foggy days with their grey quietness. Nebel is the German word for fog, making the inspiration also the explanatory name. Michael rem, the German designer of Studio Rem created this planter in cooperation with Gejst as the producing company. the planter consists of just two parts, a ceramic base for the plant and a Mouthblown, frosted glass wit two different sized openings, giving the opportunity to place the glass either high or low on the base.


Paraboloid Chair by Hamanishi Design

The name giving element of this chair is its hyperbolic paraboloid curve in the back.The Yokohama, Japan based Hamanishi Design studio created this chair, that is made of bend wood, accompanied by a contrasting colorful rope. The diagonal tightened up rope forms a soft back supporting paraboloid, making this a minimalistic, yet  very interesting piece of furniture. It has been awarded with a German Design Award 2018.