Casa Forest | Daluz Gonzalez Architekten

Daluz Gonzalez Architekten design this dream home, a house that would perfectly convey the owners’ passion for nature and art. The result is a one of a kind residence that is both distinctly modern and looks at home at the edge of the thick forest. Designed as a compact structure with geometric volumes and an earth-colored exterior, Casa Forest establishes a harmonious relationship with its natural environment. Concrete, wood, and polished surfaces are used throughout, along with built-in furniture made of oak. The interior is minimalist and airy, accentuating the structure of the house and its interconnected spaces which are reminiscent of a nest.


This gorgeous ultra portable grill is the fire hammock you always wanted

Utilizing metal mesh to hold your coals or wood, and a star of thin metal grating, the Grillo quickly sets up almost like an umbrella unfolds. Its minimalist design is beautiful and sleek, free of any obvious safety features because frankly if you need to know to be careful next to what is basically a fire hammock you’ve got deeper issues.

30m2 Apartment by Proxy

“Small apartment in Skopje, Macedonia with only 35m2 space.”

Proxy is a multidisciplinary creative studio committed to developing contemporary, innovative and exceptional designs in the field of architecture, visualizations and product design. Sophistication, open minds and talent are the key elements that drives this studio to make remarkable things happen. Their team is a mix of architects, CG artists and designers prepared to deliver a full range of services and meet the most daring and unconventional tasks. 


An Apartment in Rome | Quincoces-dragò + Partners

A combination of different disciplines come together to design this classical and modern apartment. The home has a white colour palette that remains comfortable but gives each room a gallery feel. There are may art works and design pieces throughout the home.


22m2 Apartment | A Little Design

Taiwanese studio A Little Design has renovated a 22-metre-square micro apartment to serve every need of its occupant. A bath, floor-to-ceiling storage and space for exercise are included in the compact flat, located in Taipei City, where property prices are driving young buyers into smaller homes. he team – led by architect Szu-Min Wang – entirely painted and tiled the petite apartment in white, with light oak wood for floors, stairs and shelving. A thin, white steel handrail along the stairs adds a point of visual interest.