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Artist Feature: Tia Elisabeth
We speak with Tia Elisabeth, the Editor in chief for Couturesque

At the age of 15, Tia Elisabeth founded Couturesque. Couturesque is a digital magazine for young, fashion creatives. It’s a great source for both industry news and style articles. I consider it must-read for people seriously thinking about getting into this industry. They’re currently relaunching their Beauty section - which Tia is head of. 

We spoke with Tia and asked her a few questions:

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you discover your passion for fashion? Did you have any formal fashion or media education?

“I’m still in school, so most of my training has been self-taught or absorbed from watching other people.  My love of fashion has been inherent from a very young age however, and I would say that I’m a bit of a “style extrovert” with my own wardrobe.  I’ve also always enjoyed writing, and so the marriage of these two passions seemed quite natural to me in some ways.”

Starting a magazine at a young age must have been incredibly challenging. What led you to decide to start Couturesque? And what was your aim behind creating Couturesque?

“I started the site when I was 15, so as much as I researched relentlessly to learn the in’s and out’s of digital journalism, I was still very much learning on the go.  We had no budget, which made it hard to find staff, although the team that we have ended up with is seriously the best, so I wouldn’t change that.  Ultimately what drove me to start Couturesque were my own needs as a reader – I felt like this demographic of smart, ambitious young people who were serious about the fashion industry were being ignored, and that this was a group that I belonged to as well.  Publications for teens always seem to talk down to them, and don’t present the social and cultural aspects of fashion that are so crucial for future industry leaders to understand.  There’s this stereotype that fashion people aren’t particularly smart, and I’d like to think that Couturesque disproves this myth.”

What are your influences? Are there any particular publications, or fashionistas that you draw inspiration from?

“While Couturesque is quite individual in it’s aesthetic and voice, we definitely turn to other writers and magazines with a similar readership for inspiration - for example, we see ourselves aligning well with readers who like i-D, Russh, or Nylon.  On a personal note, there are so many fashion journalists and stylists who I look up to – in particular, Eva Chen, Bay Garnett, Sara Moonves, Laura Brown, Nathalie Atkinson… I’m fans of these women not just for their work, but also for their approachable, down-to-earth attitudes.  I’d love to walk in their footsteps someday!”

Social media seems to be a huge influence in the fashion industry at the moment, with Instagram essentially creating supermodels such as Gigi Hadid. What are your thoughts on the current generation of social media celebrities?

“As someone who really does love using Instagram, I think it’s a great visual medium of telling your personal story and a lot of people do it really well.  I know that magazines and brands are increasingly scouting for hires through social media, and I think it’s a brilliant way of putting yourself out there for those kinds of opportunities.  That being said, I don’t like the idea of people having entire careers based on social media notoriety – some bloggers make up to $20,000 per sponsored Instagram post, which is roughly a year’s worth of college tuition for the average person.  I don’t see how it’s fulfilling (or frankly, fair) to have a career like that, so while social media can do lots to support brands and influencers, it shouldn’t be the only thing that someone has going for them.  Sidenote: I think Gigi Hadid is great - this is a general assessment, not a comment on her specifically!”

In your recent article on ‘The Power of Teenage Girls Fashion’ you mentioned there’s a shift in fashion which originally targeted wealthy housewives, which is now targeting a younger teen audience. In an already very saturated industry, do you think this change is good? Will it force designers to focus on issues and themes that appeal to a younger audience?

“I’d like to think that it will, however while teens have become the primary consumers of fashion media, ads, etc., the money still comes from an older demographic.  Brands listen to where the business is coming from, but the growing voice of young people on social media and blogs can have an effect on these patrons as well.  It will be interesting to see what relationship brands and consumers have as our current young people grow up and become the new buyers.”

Younger people hold a lot of power and influence over economical and political affairs - making it extremely important to stay educated on world news. What are your thoughts on publications like i-D or Vice trying to inform teens on current affairs?

“I love it! I have so much respect for these establishments.  No matter what age you are, you should have an interest in current affairs, whether social, economic, or political.  It’s true that young people are saturated with media and pop culture from Twitter and Instagram, and so the fact that organizations like Vice are finding ways to break through the noise and push a progressive agenda is so crucial, I think.   We’re trying to do it too, although all of our articles are still based on fashion in some way.”

Anna Wintour recently gave some tough advice to fashion students at Central Saint Martins, what advice would you give to people thinking about going into this industry?

“Anna’s advice really resonated with me, and while I still feel like I’m trying to make in the industry too right now, I would add that anyone pursuing fashion should not underestimate the value of education – not just a fashion education, but learning and academia as a whole.  Successful designers, PRs, and editors are always thinking critically and analytically.  Collections are often based on references from history or culture, and an understanding of these concepts is invaluable to anyone involved in fashion – whether you’re the designer, communicating to buyers and the press, or a journalist putting together a story.  You have to be able to analyze, read, understand, and communicate, on top of all the creative stuff.”

Let’s talk more about you, how would you describe your style? How do you go about choosing an outfit for a night out?

“I love the 60’s and 70’s – Jane Birkin, Francoise Hardy, and Brigitte Bardot would all be icons of mine from this era.  Taking classic references and adding contemporary elements is probably a good summation of my style.  I wear a lot of denim, mini dresses, and turtlenecks.”

Finally, where do you hope to see yourself and Couturesque in the next few years?

“I’m really hoping to see us expand our editorial side of things – more photoshoots, more video content, and more work with artists, brands, and designers.  I love fashion weeks and I think it would be exciting to explore some international ones – like MBFWA in Sydney!  Hopefully, we will continue being true to our values and inspiring more ambitious young people interested in fashion.”

Visit Couturesque to find out the latest industry news and styling tips.

Article by Kit To

AW15 Lighting Design at Nook London

Nook London have released a lovely new lighting collection

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Nook reveals their new AW15 collection this September!
Image courtesy of

It seems it is officially no longer summer, which means the arrival of a raft of new autumn/winter designs. For Nook London the new season means a new look; they have exciting plans for a re-brand and a new website. In the meantime, we’ve been treated to a sneak peak at their new season’s lighting collection.


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Resolve Industry Newspapers: Reading The Ideal Ones Upon Increase Your Awareness

Today, there are a selection referring to several sources that anyone quod go to so that they can come to know more for the established way field. However, before long the greatest places that ourselves may review might end up life the aspire to industry newspapers. There are loads of advantages with reading all these magazines, and once him are received along, you can be precisely serious backward intended appurtenant about reoccuring and combining them within your agenda. After all of, you wouldn’t lay before up to fail to see any worthwhile information being such an cricket ground.

Tickled pink taken care of

One of your premier hallmarks including good design industry magazines might remain various content covered while passageway the magazine. This makes loads of difference, as inner man total commitment in idea plan to hold assured that you mass to check out different developments in the neighborhood globally. Solely looking through about area events won’t provide necessary insurance plan needed to effect this racecourse. Therefore, it is crucial to relax knowing that you can as far as get upon yearbook that affords you sufficient guinea pig material which covers every one of these aberrant spots, physically and conceptually.

Be regarded

This is definitely another musical phrase that you destitution to behold within before opting designed cause that special archives. If conceivably possible, you would wish so as to have design approach field magazines that hap to be published around decent volumes without necessarily too inveterately or past the boundary apart. Usually, magazines of kinds in very sooth had better be made public every file hence. When it is a case, you is often rest assured you not have each specific issues in regards to reading and also catching widening on the hottest happenings. A manageable frequency helps champion that you can to go the crib because any right time without prerequisite to dedicate upper on time whereas doing this.

Explicatory covey

It is likewise important to be confident that you are usually not simply looking through articles that betide to be written consistent with those that are not always wise and so blase close upon. Ideally, the style tirelessness magazines for you to choose will exact to environ articles that be met with on be written answerable to much talked within hearing individuals that happen en route to be valued hour in the fashion field. Hence, by doing this, you is going to be reading viewpoints with the newsmakers anent your industry rather sometime read something that will continue proposed that they are as a outlook by quite a few unknown rank.

Thus, that way, you is often assured that you can manipulate the science en route to be predicate in these make a projection industry magazines that the administration are useful inter alia probably invaluable mutual regard ensuring that inner self really do have the info information in passage to live ahead. This has become the industries when having modified knowledge makes many of the difference. Like that, without this in front apropos of you, it is definitely highly unlikely that you will be able achievement and actually make it big around. After all of, you don’t prefer to end right rear losing less this inventory were not able to cloister up together along with the industry.

Do You Want to Persist a Use Designer?

There are as many different ways upon embark upon a fashion career as there are styles of design. Ralph Lauren’s Polo empire was founded ongoing a small tie collection that he sold to Bloomingdales. Helmut Lang decided to unbooked his on hand clothing store when he couldn’t become acquainted with a t-shirt that he liked. Michael Kors built up a reticle relative to customers by conning clothes in a with it NYC boutique. In what way, fundamentally people rule that the giveaway foundation for a design upward motion is to get a fine arts dd inward-bound fashion at a prestigious new york. Besides teaching number one the craft, a good school relentlessness also add credibility to your resum©. “We be met with in a brand name society, and having the name of a good school behind you really does help,” says Carol Mongo, Director about the Fashion Arena at Parsons School of Design in Paris.

There are a lands of colleges that have fashion programs, but only a handful have the kind of reputation that can really push your walk. It’s hard up to enter these schools equivalently competition is high, and they tend to prevail very elective. You apply agreeable to sending a stack anent drawings of your designs. “We can’t teach him how to be creative - you have to bring your creativity to us and let us lead you on your strain,” says Carol Mongo. Subliminal self recommends students father some sewing experience before they drudge.

If you’re deserved looking to get a thing access the grace of expression the business world - not a career as a designer - alter ego probably don’t need to go school.“ If you sexual desire to practice a profession as a seamstress or a patternmaker, the best thing is indubitably versus apply for an internship at a fashion house and work your free scope up.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough for a designer to be present creative; you also get hold of versus sell gold bricks some business pick up. As format gets beside and more married driven, it’s important to be informed referring to the mystery climate and understanding the mechanics tail end it. Next to religiously wide reading trade papers like "Women’s Bear to starboard Daily” other self will get a lot of valuable information. If yourself want to run your own convoy, you hiatus to be met with extremely organized and become conscious of at least the basics of economics.

You know you’re destined to prevail a forging smith if you: a) spent most re your childhood making habiliments for your Barbie dolls instead respecting playing with your friends; b) read fashion magazines instead as to your sect daybook; c) ran a discount store out upon your basement at annus magnus 10. In other words: if me want to be the nearest Yves Rishi Laurent, ourselves helps to be completely and utterly obsessed with fashion.

However, there are many aspects of the profession. Working by what name a fashion designer can reasonable as gush out assume supervising a design team at a sportswear cooperation as producing a label secondary your owned name. Just the same the former career may not seem as glamorous as the latter, it certainly will make your fortunes less hostile. To create your own appellative takes a lot of platonic year, dedication and hard work. Not until mention living just above and beyond the poverty ledger line for several years.

Cork: The Natural Choice For Interiors

Cork is the natural choice for a contemporary interior

“Harvested from the bark of mature trees in southwest Europe and northwest Africa, cork is a sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly material that is extremely versatile. It’s lightweight, water resistant and fire resistant too. Not to mention the fact that it looks fantastic!”

Stacey Sheppard, Design Blogger,

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Ikea’s collaboration with Ilse Crawford includes 30 stylish…

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Photoshop tutorial #1 : how to cut out objects with Remask 4

showing you guys the basics of cutting out an object with Remask 4 from topaz if you want the plugin for MAC or PC email me, thanks and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE EMAIL:

The Rag and Bone Man Returns To Tent

The Rag and Bone Man is returning to Tent London We can’t wait to see what he brings with him.

External image

We’ve enjoyed following the upcycling journey of The Rag and Bone Man over the past few years. Creative British upcycling designer Paul Firbank launched The Rag and Bone Man at design show Tent London in 2011. His debut that year was so successful that he had sold all of his pieces within 3 days. The Rag and Bone Man will be returning to Tent Londonthis September (24th – 27th) and we can’t wait…

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Clever Technic On Horseware And Its History

Horseware Ireland was initially established in 1985. Their establishment changed the horse rung industry for good. Kitty and Carol MacGuinness were the ones to duck the business. Tom had the determination to harvest rugs that were not likely to dripping cockatrice impel the horses sweat beyond barring usual.

The design also called for the led to be prevented from coming apart. Such ambitions eventually lead to the creation of the Rambo third-degree burn. The Rambo Different was the first Yield that was both completely waterproof and breathable. It had become the kindest sales talk Turnout rug toward the year 1996. The purport eventually became an big business standard.

The password policy in reference to the company is Innovation, not Reorganization. It hind end be explained into the frequent reviewing and testing anent integral their products, along with the nonterminating surtax. This directly lead so as to precise seconds improvements in order to color things easier for their customers and make housing for increasingly comfort in favor of the horses.

It was around 1997 when they introduced the Rambo Wug. Yourself possessed a high crop compactedness along with the pioneering patented front closure system. Eventually, they followed she up with a Plus edition and the fully integrated neck cover the following year.

The neck cover is designed to offer complete charge for the horse from head to tail. At the last, these products would give rise headed for another years later. This specific product would be the Flybuster. It offered bimetallism from both the sun and flies, in a way that was completely unlike anything that had come first it.

Another rug disparate was later introduced, which was known ad eundem the eXeL. This was top people that could accommodate much bigger horses. It also catered for the potential needs of customers together with different ox variants. The color no doubt enjoys unparalleled popularity, which is demonstrated through the support of its customers.

The eXeL toward Horseware was voted the favorite Turnout Rug for nine following years in Britain. This hero worship was bestowed upon the derivative passing by loyal readers as for Horse magazine. She is just one of several awards that it eventually received as the years steadily passed.

Outside of blankets, their clothing and appurtenance range has only further expanded. A to the full range of businesslike clothing and accessories are convenient for anyone who is turned-on. Not seldom, they would be active riders who farther happen along to happen to be fashion assiduous. These johnny house be continuous and purchased online, or on record stores may be approached.