Circles and Outlines | Atelier Cph

Graphic art and photography enthusiasts will be thrilled by the latest collections from Copenhagen-based studio Atelier Cph called Circles and Outlined. As its name suggests, the Circles poster series was inspired by circles in various sizes. Using hand painted textilSe and cut out lines, they created a set of stark minimal art. In Outlined, the artists took hand-painted fabric cutouts and combined them with digital shapes, then connected them with thin lines. Striking black and white colors are softened with warm neutrals. Danish photographer Jonas Danholt then shot the arranged pieces with a Hasselblad camera to show paint, texture, and structure in a new, digital way.


Today’s brief:

| Concrete + Desk Caddy |

Image 1: Cast concrete desk caddy can be fully planted or left open for supplies.

Excuse the quick photoshop of plants, I certainly wasn’t going to model them.

Image 2: The desk caddy is small enough to have more than one on a desk/bench/table so they can be configured in many ways.

Image 3: Top view.

The front two faces have more draft on them than the back two. There are several ways to model this but I prefer to keep the top edges the same thickness opposed to having the edges square but the top face uneven. It’s less noticeable on a desk if it’s out of square rather than uneven.


Hure Conference Table with a Polished Concrete Top by Vintage Industrial Furniture


Mavic Pro | DJI

Every time DJI releases a new drone they set the bar on what’s possible a little higher. The improvement this time is a welcome one; the DJI Mavic Pro drone fits in a backpack. Folding down to the size of a water bottle to make it easily transportable is obviously a huge deal, but it’s not the only selling point this drone has. Flight at up to 40mph for almost half an hour (27 mins). A 4K camera stabilized by a 3-axis mechanical gimbal. 24 high-performance computing cores and 4 vision sensors. OcuSync transmission technology with Full HD video streaming at up to 4.3 miles. Even the autonomous controls are better, allowing the Mavic Pro to hover, track, trace, profile and spotlight you or other subjects while still capturing crystal clear video and stills.


A closer look at Vuhl 05 | Vuhl

Lotus, KTM and Caterham aren’t the only ones making open cockpit rides you can slide into anymore. Mexico is getting in on the game with their first supercar, the Vuhl 05. The brainchild of two industrial designer brothers with a father who spent over three decades in the racing scene, Vuhl—the name stands for “vehicles of ultra-lightweight and high performance”—is producing one hell of a road-legal lightweight supercar in the Vuhl 05. 152 mph. 285 bhp. 310 lb/ft of torque. All that is packed into a car that weighs just over 1,500 pounds and involves parts and designs from Mexico, America, Britain, Canada and Italy. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.


30m2 Apartment by Proxy

“Small apartment in Skopje, Macedonia with only 35m2 space.”

Proxy is a multidisciplinary creative studio committed to developing contemporary, innovative and exceptional designs in the field of architecture, visualizations and product design. Sophistication, open minds and talent are the key elements that drives this studio to make remarkable things happen. Their team is a mix of architects, CG artists and designers prepared to deliver a full range of services and meet the most daring and unconventional tasks. 


Story Pod | AKB

The Story Pod has a pure, simple form with the abstract, compact black volume, as users move around the box, the rhythm of its vertical slats changes. During the day, two of the walls pivot open like the covers of a book, welcoming people inside or to gather around the front. Visitors can take or leave something to read, or lounge quietly on the built-in seating. At night, when the doors are locked, recessed, energy efficient LED lights, powered by concealed, self-sustaining solar panels on the roof, glow through the lattice work like a lantern, providing ambience for night markets or community events.