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Gemstone captive bead rings, captive bead rings with wire-wrapped charms, infinity hoops for ear and nostril piercings, opal belly rings, cartilage earrings with charms, unique industrial bars, cute plugs for stretched ears, supplies to make your own belly rings, extra beads, chokers, intimate jewelry, & more!

I feel super uncomfortable asking like this but I really need help. I really need money to pay for dental surgery I am having in a few weeks. I don’t have insurance, and I thought I had saved up enough but it’s costing $1000 more than I can afford. I’d cancel it, but I really cannot put it off anymore. I have the money for the down payment and then I have 3 months to pay the bill in full after the appointment, so I’m trying to work as much as I can! Even if you can’t buy, it makes me really happy if you take a look at all my hard work (and I could use a little happiness atm lol). I’m trying to post new things every day ^_^

Thank you for your support!! It means so much to me. Thank you thank you thank you <3

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In terms of Belgian mining industry, this Charbonnage FT was a rather modest coal mine, which was operated for rather a short period of time. In this region coal was already mined from 1755. The French-Belgian company that exploited the mine was established in 1865. It was mined in countless galleries, mostly dug at relatively low depths. Coal was brought up from 1875 to 1935. In 1920, twelve miners died as a result of a gas explosion at the bottom of the mine. From this moment on the activity of the mine started to decline, until in 1929 only one last seat was still exploited. Finally, the mine closed permanently in 1935. At the beginning of the 21st century, the headframes were demolished and only the old buildings remained. Today, after almost 85 years of dilapidation, they are in a particularly bad state. The regional government has taken the necessary steps in recent years to sanatize the site, which is suffering from heavy pollution. Those works will begin soon…

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