Saw another great bike on Instagram and asked for pics.  I find it amazing what the Indonesian shops are producing out of such “humble” bikes. Deus have made some nice trackers out of GL200’s but this garage built cafe racer by Rio of Twenix Motorcycles is the best I’ve seen. What do you reckon?

“My name is Rionasta I live in Indonesia, my workshop is in my garage, and I have build couple of bike.
fyi, the bike is Honda GL 200, in here we call it Honda Tiger. The gas tank & body of the bike is fully made by hand, using iron and hammer. :) because it’s not easy to find special tools for custom in here :( The owner call his bike DOLORES, it’s mean pain,  when he get this bike, he has lose his Father. His Father said "your bike would be amazing, and I’ll see from the sky” before he left. the Number 7 mean Lucky Number Seven, because he always get luck with that number. :) Regards, Rionasta Achiel twenixmotorcycle"
Search for “RIONASTA” on Instagram

Some more quality work by Studio Motor on this little two stroke Cafe Racer.

I’ve ridden on the Avon tyres they’ve used at the back and they are totally not suited to a bike that is meant to go around corners at any type of speed. Easy enough to change to something more modern that would suit the look of the bike more and make it handle a hell of a lot better.


Saw a sweet little Honda on Instagram and asked Yandra for some pics He’s done well, real well…

“This Honda was my first motorcycle, and there is a lot of story behind every scratch and dent. Up to some point, I hate the look of it but I don’t want to sell it either. So then I decide to customized and give it a new look. This streettracker-look motorcycle use the original engine and frame from a 2001 Honda GL200, or also known as Honda Tiger in Indonesia.  The only changes on the frame, was cutting the rear end frame and make a loop. I use an old Honda S90Z gas tank found at the local flea market. Custom made rear fender, front fender, seat and mufler. Lights, wheels and tires are aftermarket product. This motorcycle still needs a few more detail work, but for now, "Jack” is ready to hit the road.. Thanks Yandra.“

Got an email from Tagore last week with pics of his second build. I’m not a fan of Yamaha Scorpios but this thing looks like a lot of fun to ride and has some great lines.

Hi Rex. This is my second bike. My first bike was a KZ200 which you featured in your web. We (BESI n me) wanted to work on a Scorpio but didn’t want to make it “look"  like a Scorpio like everybody else here. I want your honest opinion - what you think? Peace. Regards

Tagore Check out their Facebook page for another great build that I will hopefully feature soon.

Saw this bike on Instagram and posted a message that I’d like a few more pictures. Wasn’t long later that my inbox got a message with some pics attached. Over to Ben from Zero Drag Customs in Indonesia.

The bike I started with was a 1996 Honda GL Max II. I bought the bike for about $1,000USD from a local Indonesian mechanic. I had always liked the look of the Ecosse Heretic so I used it as my inspiration. I wanted to create a bike that was fun and functional, but with more of a street tracker style.

The frame was extended about 15cm. Motor has been stroked to 230cc. Upgraded to upside down forks and bigger wheels and tires. Custom tank, ZD signature gas cap, and fenders. Custom battery housing. The handle bars & controls are from a Yamaha Byson. Rear hub from Kawasaki Ninja 150. Upgraded to front and rear disc brakes. I hate drum brakes……..I repeat…..I hate drum brakes. I always wonder why guys don’t upgrade to disc brakes when customizing their bikes. Also the custom exhaust gives off a nice throaty rumble. Not bad for a little 230cc single banger. Hope you like my build.

Here is a “before” photo…

Check them out on Facebook at , Instagram by searching @bigbennyb  or their website

Lovely custom Honda CL350 by Studio Motor from Indonesia. Looks like a shiny version of the Wrench Monkees Club Black. I like it, do you?

  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR Custom Bike
  • Painting & Airbrush by KOMET STUDIO
  • Front Wheel TK JAPAN 18X3.00 + Firestone Deluxe Champion 18X4.00
  • Rear Wheel TK Japan 18X3.50 Inch + Firestone Deluxe Champion 18X4.50
  • Front Fork Telescopic 45 mm
  • Swing Arm Honda CBR250
  • Rear Shock Aftermarket HD
  • Headlight & Sign Lamp Aftermarket
  • Chain by TK Japan
  • Exhaust System Custom by JET HOT