Indira Varma


What was it like working with Pedro Pascal? Pedro and I got on really, really well. Our relationship in the show is really intimate and intense. We’re experimenters, sexually experimenting. We swing all ways. But there was a real trust between the two of us, a simpatico, and it was really lovely to have a laugh and play with him. I felt safe. It was great. - Indira Varma 



So, I’ve already talked a bit (spoilers in the link) about how I was afraid of the way they would portray Ellaria before this season started: primarily in a sexual role. As expected, D&D definitely are capitalizing on two hot characters from a sexually liberal society by basically throwing them in as many orgies as they can (which isn’t stellar as far as characterization is concerned). But then, I’m really glad that we got this little snippet too!!!!

This is Ellaria telling Oberyn to call her if he needs help. It’s so important to note that usually the context of such a scene would be the more powerful character telling a perceived weaker one that they’ll be right outside the door with their sword drawn. The way Oberyn nods to her – not to give her permission to leave as is usual, but in assurance that it is okay to leave him alone. Think about how many times a person in authority asks to speak with a character ALONE, and then someone gives them a comforting hug and says, “I’ll be right here if you need me,” or “I’m just a word away,” before they leave. That is essentially exactly what Ellaria does. Consider the power dynamics in play here. 

What a wonderful subversion and a nice little “fuck you” to Westerosi gender norms. The fact that a bastard from Dorne behaves in a way implying she could be more useful against Lord Tywin, effectively the leader of their world, speaks volumes of how Dorne treats their women.

Please give me more character development and less unnecessary sex scenes with Martells!!!


Vivienne is Indira Varma, indeed.