Fanart for an indie game called OneShot. The characters are very charming, and the story is innovative to say the least!

You play God is a world with a dying sun, traveling with Niko who carries the new “sun“ in the form of a light bulb to a great tower. What happens when you get there is up to you

PS. “You only have one shot!“

Akash Reveal Trailer

We are so excited to announce our first foray into visual novels–Akash: Path of the Five! More details to come… but in the meantime, please enjoy the trailer and let us know what you think! 

We’ll be at PAX South this weekend (1/27-1/29) in booth #10234 demoing artwork from Akash and handing out pins featuring the boys, so come stop by and see us! On Saturday, the voice of Caspian, @prozdvoices will be joining us at our booth from 2-4:30. We hope to see you there! 

Several side projects creeped into my mind during the past few months (years?), and after getting most of them done, it’s time for me to continue working on this.

Back then I had only a vague idea where to take this game, but it was mostly me experimenting with platformer elements and whatnot. I’ll be taking this more seriously from now on, and I’ve even started writing a storyline for it.

Here’s the new stuff:

I’ve started detailing the characters. Protagonist is Laius, and even though he’ll be able to equip different stuff in the game, his canon outfit is the tunic shown in the above gif. I’ve even gotten fanart of him! Thanks @southcx and @blog-of-horribleness!

That’s Clover following him in the gif up there, another important character in the story. (I need to make official art ASAP)

It’s safe to say that there’s a clear direction now and progress will be frequent.

I have also made a flexible cutscene system and will abuse it by making circumstance specific dialogue and events. I’ll be showing that off soon.

Here’s another gif showing the inventory system in a new forest/hill area.

Thanks for taking your time to read this and expect progress soon!

This is a pretty warm looking place for a game called Frost…

Don’t worry, Frost isn’t dead! I’ve been chugging along, but pretty much all of the work for the past few months has been bug fixes or late game things I don’t want to spoil.

Frost’s release is likely going to be February-March next year. The game will be finished before that (heck it’s pretty much finished now), but I want enough time to polish and make some neat promotional materials.

Honestly I’m pretty excited about Frost, and I hope you are too!

PS. My next post won’t be Frost related; I’m waiting to hear back from a job application and I’m too nervous to focus on this, so I’m making a quick game in a week.

Is. Leave. Possible.

Alex from Oxenfree. Fanart.

I haven’t mentioned how much I love this game here but– I’d gift one to my friend just to get them to play it. I love it that much.

Please do not repost without permission :))