doodles + biker au midousuji who’s the front man 2 some underground indie black metal band aka he just screams and does gross stuff on stage and onoda thinks hes the most beautiful creature in the whole world :^)

Name: Jessica
Age: 19
From: England

Vegan, feminist, literature nerd, music lover, wannabe optimist, open minded and wanting to learn.

Likes: Animals, literature/reading/writing, music, nature, food, tea/coffee, drinking, my bed, tv, movies, going out with friends, being a teenager. 

Music; All genres, but currently indie/alternative/pop/rock/metal - but all kinds. (Favourite artists at the moment include: lana del rey, marina & the diamonds, the 1975, halsey, miley cyrus, the smiths, enter shikari)

TV: The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul, Orange is The New Black, Netflix - and any british rubbish that they air on freeview here.

Books: Classics - currently reading anything and everything by Virginia Woolf, The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite reads. I love books from all time eras and would love recommendations. Modern writing is also good, I just feel like I’m outgrowing YA novels, though :(

What I’m looking for in a penpal: My age range (17-23), any gender, open-minded, willing to write emails first and maybe snail mail once we get to know each other. Someone that shares interests with me, or interests that would interest me. I want to share recommendations for music and books! Someone to become friends with.

instagram: jessynoir



Sumo Cyco - Brave (Official Music Video)