Speed Of Light is a fun new Donkey Kong-style action platformer staring none other than Iron Maiden’s superb skeletal mascot – Eddie!

Released to promote the new Iron Maiden album and Speed of Light music video release (which is one of the best music videos we’ve seen in a long time), the gameplay is a fairly simple, but fun take on the classic Donkey Kong formula.  You guide Eddie up to the top of increasingly high tower blocks, dodging items hurled at you, then picking up and hurling items to kill the enemy and rescue the girl.

The charming retro pixel art animation and classic arcade gameplay offer up a fun and addictive outing for the Maiden mascot.  The Speed of Light song and music video are also pretty damn awesome – we’d love to see some of the other games featured in the music video released too!

Note:  2nd & 3rd GIFs are from the Speed of Light Game, the rest are taken from the Speed of Light Music video.

Play The Speed Of Light Arcade Game, Free (Browser)