#Crowdfunding: Tuskegee Heirs by Greg Burnham

“Amazing fan art from Art of Mervin! Less than 48 hours left . Let’s go out with a bang!!” (via)

From the minds of illustrator Marcus Williams (Hero Cats, Super Natural and D.M.C) and children’s book author Greg Burnham (Broken Glass and Grandpa’s Shoes) comes the “Tuskegee Heirs: Flames of Destiny” series. 

Tuskegee Heirs is a futuristic sci-fi adventure that follows a squadron of young, gifted aviators who are forced to become Earth’s last line of defense against a menacing race of artificially intelligent villains bent on destroying civilization.

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Hey ‘Star Wars’ Fans, There’s An African-Inspired Futuristic Space Opera In The Works

After launching an African graphic novel series grounded in ancient mythology earlier this year, author and illustrator Paul Louise-Julie now has his sights set on a faraway galaxy.

The New Jersey-based, French-Caribbean artist behind The Pack will soon begin work on Yohancé, a futuristic “space opera” inspired by and aesthetically derived from ancient African cultures. The mini-series–comprised of several acts–will tell the story of an interstellar thief known as Yohancé–aka “The Monkey.”

Louise-Julie, a huge Star Wars fan, says he’s been enamored with the “space opera”–a subgenre of science-fiction that by definition “emphasizes space warfare, melodramatic adventure, set mainly or entirely in outer space, and often chivalric romance”–since he was a child.

Like Star Wars, Yohancé is set in a far-off galaxy, though Louise-Julie says everything in this galaxy is integrally rooted in his research of ancient African cultures, like his hero’s Central African Fang Mask-inspired head gear for instance. That same research is the backbone of his Pack graphic novel, which Louise-Julie says is part of his larger goal of “creating a new mythology for the Black Diaspora.” [+]

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Release Date: 20 April 2016 | 48 Page Graphic Novel

R.R.P £9.99 | ISBN: 978-1-910775-06-6
Art & Colours by Clare Forrest
with text by Fiona Gordon

Clare Forrest’s Mighty Women of Science is a playful and enlightening look at some well known- and some not so well known- women who have and continue to change the world of science. From A for Astronaut (Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space) to Z for Zoologist (the award winning Biruté Gladikas), Mighty Women of Science is an all ages book in full colour.

As this book is still in production, reviews will follow later


Jonesy #1 (2016)  //  BOOM! - BOOM! Box

“Jonesy is a self-described "cool dork” who spends her time making zines nobody reads, watching anime, and listening to riot grrrl bands and 1D simultaneously. But she has a secret nobody knows. She has the power to make people fall in love! Anyone. With anything. 

She’s a cupid in plaid. With a Tumblr. There’s only one catch—it doesn’t work on herself. She’s gonna have to find love the old-fashioned way, and in the meantime, figure out how to distract herself from the real emotions she inevitably has to face when her powers go wrong…“

Story: Sam Humphries, art: Rose Boyle  

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Niobe: She is Life

NIOBE: She is Life is a coming of age tale of love, betrayal, and ultimate sacrifice. Niobe Ayutami is an orphaned wild elf teenager and also the would-be savior of the vast and volatile fantasy world of Asunda. She is running from a past where the Devil himself would see her damned… toward an epic future that patiently waits for her to bind nations against the hordes of hell. The weight of prophecy is heavy upon her shoulders and the wolf is close on her heels.

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Wallow  //  Bravest Warriors

Wallow is one of the main characters of the web series Bravest Warriors, and is one of the four members of the team. He is voiced by Ian Jones-Quartey.

His glove contains a computer A.I. named Pixel (voiced by Maria Bamford) who gets jealous easily. His sticker pet is a falcon that forms an axe. It can also form a bazooka and a guitar. He has a wide range of companions such as Impossibear and Catbug. 

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Here are two preview pages from my @starrytellers​ anthology short-comic, about two alien ladies and a motorcycle ride. If that has piqued your interest then it would be awesome if you could check out the Starrytellers Kickstarter; there are about 4 days left and we are over the halfway mark, but we need your help to reach the final goal! (Signal boosts are much appreciated too!)

Thanks guys <3


Hey Team! I am really excited to be able to share with you all the short story I did for the @valor-anthology this past year. My story is based on the fairytale East of the Sun and West of the Moon. This book was so much fun and amazing to work on. It was run by some truly amazing people, and has so much talent packed into the book. I am honored to be among them. You can still get copies on this anthology here! Or at any convention I am attending while they last. 

Phoenix Flair

What does a Magical Girl do after she retires? Stay out of fights, stay out of trouble, and stay off the radar of your former employers– at least, that’s how Anala Karpe tries to do it. But trying to be an ordinary teenager can be tough when you’re a 6’ 4" girl with a bad temper and a sharp tongue, and it gets even harder when Couriers keep trying to drag you back into a job you rather leave far, far in the past.

Phoenix Flair is a Magical Girl story– though not in the way one might expect– as well as a subverted Magical Girl story– though not in the way one might expect. It’s a story about strange girls trying to support one another, and a story about teenagers trying to be adults. It’s a story about idolization, and a story about broken pedestals. It’s a story about hating the kid you used to be, and a story about trying to help the kids who love the kid you used to be.

It’s a comic about pretty colors and kids making weird faces.

Phoenix Flair currently updates Mondays and Thursdays, and is supported by readers like you reblogging pages and spreading the word. We’ve been able to come this far without any missed updates for the first 6 months Phoenix Flair has been online, and it’s my sincere wish to continue to do so.

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Phoenix Flair might be the new webcomic you or a friend might be interested in reading and supporting– so why not give it a try?


Shaft: Imitation of Life (2016)   //  Dynamite Comics

“ After a high profile case that put him in the headlines, private detective John Shaft is looking for something low profile and easy that will keep him out of the spotlight and out of danger. Shaft takes a missing person case that proves to be more difficult than he initially thought.

At the same time, he is hired to be a consultant on a low budget film that may or may not be based on his life, and proves to be as dangerous as any job he’s ever had. But when there’s danger all about, John Shaft is the cat that won’t cop out — even if it means squaring off against sadistic gangsters that want him dead. ”

Story: David F. Walker , art: Dietrich Smith 

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