Indiana transgender man Alan Belmont named high school prom king

  • Alan Belmont, 17, of North Central High School in Indiana made school history when he was announced as prom king, WTHR reports.
  • “They announced my name, and the crowd cheered so loud and it warmed my heart so much,” Belmont told WTHR. “The whole night was full of people cheering me on so seeing that they voted for something so big was incredible.”
  • Belmont celebrated the night with his girlfriend, Anastacia Cohen. The high school junior came out one year ago during his sophomore year.
  • Video online of Belmont’s coronation shows the audience greeting the new prom king with cheers and screams. Read more (4/25/17)
Listen I know the "ass backwards farm town" trope is popular but

Jack Morrison was born in Bloomington, Indiana, which is literally one of the most progressive, artsy, queer towns in all of the Midwest, let alone Indiana, even back in 2007. So every time you talk about his family/friends/“small” town, in the approx year of 2050-ish being homophobic, small, or uncultured, you’re just falling into a trope that’s hilariously inaccurate.

Like keep doing you if you’re aware of that and just want to work in that trope, but do so with the awareness that it’s not at ALL accurate.

(Don’t worry Blizzard fucked up too- Bloomington is a large urbanized college town, I haven’t seen a farm for miles until you’re way out of city limits. )

Strolling by the water at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore in Indiana is a serene experience. The sun sparkles on the water and the breeze blows your troubles off your shoulders. Whether you enjoy scouting for rare species of birds or flying kites on the sandy beach, the national lakeshore’s 15,000 acres will continually enchant you. Even seeing the Chicago skyline 35 miles away across Lake Michigan makes it seem like the rest of the world is far away. Photo by National Park Service.

Central Indiana gothic

- no matter where you are, you can hear the sounds of race cars zooming by every year during the indy 500
- “I’m from carmel,” they say. you back away slowly
- your dreams are haunted by the voices of courtney cole and monica peck the sisters of savings from hare chevrolet. you have never gone a day without hearing them
- somehow a mike pence must go sign ended up in your front yard. you’re not sure how it got there, but you’re not going to move it
- every time you refer to I-69, someone, somewhere, snickers
- every time it rains, chuck lofton and randy ollis get stronger
- a performer announces that they’ve got a show in indianapolis. you wonder what they want from you
- you have never understood the purdue vs IU rivalry, but damned if you wouldn’t kill for one or the other
- things haven’t been the same since tony dungy left. everyone knows it but no one talks about it