Indian Ink

In Indian Mythology, a powerful and evil demon was given a boon. And his askance, as he considered women feeble, weak creatures was that only a female could kill him. He believed this would guarantee his immortality. Imagine his surprise then, when the Goddess Kali appeared, a necklace of demon heads like his around her neck, her power far overshadowing his, and he no match for her incredible strength, defeating him in record time. What I am trying to tell you is, they have always underestimated us, no matter what form we take. What I am also saying is, we should channel our inner Goddesses and make them rue the day they made that mistake.
—  Nikita Gill, Ma Kali

I don’t give a crap about this electronic dull music contests for europeans with bad taste in music, where every song seems plastic, meaningless and disposable to say the least, but for the first time I’m impressed to see a contestant that is actually truly genuine, that couldn’t care less about what people say and, against all odds, is already winning for playing a character out of the conventional patterns - himself