Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning. 
- Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie

February - Quotes about stars / the moon / the night sky

Requested @iktara

I have actually done this quote before and it had pixie dust all around it, you can see it here. It was long enough ago that I felt like I could letter the quote again. 

I’ve actually received so many requests this month of quotes that I have previously lettered, so if there’s a quote about this months theme that you have not yet seen on @letterit then please send it in :)

Indian ink brush lettering


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Doubt thou the stars are fire, Doubt that the sun doth move, Doubt truth to be a liar, But never doubt I love 
- Hamlet (Act 2, Scene 2), William Shakespeare

January - Love Quotes

Requested by the super adorable @dilkishehnaai 

I don’t know how it’s possible for me to letter love quotes without getting in a bit of Shakespeare. Also I got some really cute little dishes from Daiso. I don’t know how I walked out of there without getting some brush pens. Took some serious self control. 

Brush lettering with Indian ink, watercolour illustrations.


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Inktober day 1, a Mahō Shōjo

This Inktober I was thinking of doing some requests throughout the month! I really feel like drawing spooky stuff, mythological creatures/characters, animals, witches, and magical girls. So some requests within those guidelines would be really much appreciated! Hit me your ideas as notes, I just might end up drawing your ideas. 

Travel Type #3

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step - Lao Tzu

Found some spare time to do more of my travel type. Keen to scan and edit this one and hopefully have a fully finished set by the end of this month. 

Brush lettering with Indian ink


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