Lost Kingdom of Saguenay: Did 16th Century Canadian Indians hoax Frenchmen with Tales of Gold and Riches?

Is it possible Vikings visited Canada before the 1500s and showed gold and jewels to the natives, who passed down stories of a fabled kingdom of Saguenay? Or were First Nations people who told such stories of rich gold and ruby mines hoaxing greedy Frenchmen who visited Canada in the 1530s? We’ll probably never know.

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Hi! So yeah this is my third attempt at making a studyblr bc I’m not good at commitment lol. I’m an 18 year old doing my bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering. I’ve always enjoyed computers and all the interesting logic behind different programs. Math was and is probably my favourite subject of all time. I’m not a straight A student or whatever, but I aim to achieve my goals in life and try not to procrastinate that much. I enjoy the feeling of being with myself most of the time and music is my favourite pastime. I’m not a huge fan of coffee or tea (I know it probably sounds strange???). Those are some things I’d never get on board with tbh. The studyblr community is relatively new to me so bear with me while I learn about stuff.