amir khusrau has always fascinated me with his incomparable mastery of persian and hindavi, his wit, his humor, his sufism and the intensity of his love and devotion for nizamuddin reflected in so many of his verses.

no one can compose poetry as khusrau did, playing effortlessly with persian, hindavi, turkish and arabic languages. 

imo, whenever a singer renders one of khusrau’s poems, all lauds are directed towards them and khusrau’s words are never appreciated enough.

here i have painstakingly curated a playlist of some of my favorite renditions of khusrau’s works. the playlists includes ghazals, qawwalis, folk songs, khayals, kaafis and taranas, in both hindavi/brij bhasha and farsi(persian), rendered by an assortment of singers from abida parveen and ghulam ali to fareed ayyaz and humira channa.

the tracks included in the playlist are: aaj rang hae/ chaap tilak cheeni/ abrami bar doman/ amma mere bawa ko bhejo ri/ ambwa talay/ kagwa too urr gaya/ bakhubi hum cho me/ aaj toona main aisa/ dilam dar ashiqui/ kahe ko byahi bides/ khabram raseeda/ tori surat ke/ eidgaahe ma ghareeban/ nami danam/ haray haray baans kata more/ kirpa karo maharaj/ sakal ban phool rahi/ teri re main toh charanan/ guftam ke roshan/ goondho ri maalan/ zihaal-e-miskeen/ sajan yeh mat janyio/ aye chehra-e-zeba/ moh se bolo na/ ae ri sakhi/ man kunto maula/ bahut kathin hai dagar

this playlist is dedicated to all hijras, khawaaja siras, aravanis and narnbans fighting for survival all over south asia. your courage inspires me.

[clich here to listen to the playlist]