All quotes are direct quotations from The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi. They are taken from his writings and statements during the years he spent working as an attorney in South Africa before he went back to India in 1915 to fight for independence.

I am very disappointed to see this… So he believed in peace and also in discrimination…. I didn’t even know the apartheid was like that. At this rate, not only whites discriminate black people, sometimes other races do the same thing… And the craziest thing is that Gandhi was almost as black as Africans!

Just remember, that black people are wonderful creatures! 

And don’t let them brainwash you! 



Tales of Patan | A visual ode to the handwoven textile of Patola made in Patan, Western India

Outfits | Gaurang Shah

Concept and Styling | Who Wore What When

Photography | Karan Nevatia

Models | Naomi Janumala and Poulomi Das