The border fence between Texas and Mexico has been blocking thousands of shifty foreigners from taking American jobs since Bush put it there in 2008. Regardless of what you think of the policy, no doubt the people who live in sight of the fence are happy that it’s keeping Mexico’s violent drug war from spilling over into their backyard. Or at least they would be, if they weren’t on the wrong freaking side of it. See, the problem is that, at some points, the fence is built over a mile inland from the actual border – in some parts actually cutting through residential property.

Due to a treaty that prevents building in certain areas near the border, the USA figured they had a bit of buffer room around where they actually built the fence, so some Americans got to watch in horror as their country built a huge “KEEP OUT” wall that left them on the outside, like the dick in every horror movie who locks the door while one guy is still outside getting swarmed by zombies. So, every day, Americans living in America have to cross the American border fence to enter America.

And even that doesn’t really convey the insanity of it; one farmer complains that he has to cross the border every time he travels between his field and his barn. At one point, it even cuts through the middle of a college campus in Texas. So students have to allow time to clear border security while running from one lecture to another.

The 5 Stupidest Things Ever Done With Borders


Photograph of Rudra Pratap Singh, Maharajah of Panna in a three-quarter length portrait. He faces the viewer and wears a turban featuring a diamond decoration in the centre and pearls suspended from it on either side. He also wears a long cloak adorned with pearl decorations. A sword hangs from his waist upon which he rests his left hand. To his right stands a table with a book on and upon which he rests his right arm.

Provenance: From an album of photographs presented to Queen Victoria by Dr John William Tyler, 15th January 1887

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