Callie knew that she never should have done it. She should have stopped doing drugs the moment she got pregnant. She had tried, really hard, to stop, but it hadn’t worked out. She hadn’t been able to stop. And now they were driving home from the hospital. There was an empty baby seat in the backseat. There should have been a baby in there. “I’m sorry- I shouldn’t-” But she couldn’t even finish her sentence. She felt horrible about what had happened and she just wanted to cry all day. “I’m really sorry,” she whispered, wiping her cheeks dry with the soaked sleeve of her sweater.

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Brayden grimaced and groaned as he heard crying from the next room, a sigh passing his lips as he sat up in bed, running a rough hand over his tired face. “I’m coming, baby girl.” He grumbled as he moved down the hall into his daughter’s room, her crying coming to a stop when she heard his voice, but, started back almost as soon as he picked her up. “What’s the matter, huh? Are you hungry?” He asked, cradling the child as he moved down the stairs and into the kitchen. He quickly made Londyn a bottle, the infant rejecting it with a loud cry of a protest. He picked up the phone and dialed the number he had memorized. 

“Hey… I know it’s late, but, can you help me? Londyn woke up crying and I can’t get her to stop… Is she sick?”

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isaac hated these days- the ones where he was invited (read: OBLIGATED) to teach an art lesson to some of the locals. he should never have accepted the job at this shop, he just wanted the discount on supplies. anyways, he was running HORRIBLY late- (only ten minutes, but he’s really antsy about times), and with his arms occupied with a huge cardboard box of tools for today, and his art bag, slung over his shoulder and positively bursting with sketches and tubes of paint and dirty brushes, he was more than a little preoccupied. which explained very clearly, as he sprinted into the small store, why he collided with some poor stranger, and his box and bag went flying in an explosion of paper. 
“h-holy f-fuck, i am s-so s-sorry, l-let m-me h-help you up-” isaac scrambled back to his feet. “s-shit, i m-made a m-mess… i-i’m s-so sorry.”


                                                      learn from me, if not by my precepts, at least by my example, how dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge, & how much happier that man is who believes his native town to be his world, than he who aspires to become greater than his nature will allow. ( mary shelley. ) | penned by wesley.

Jensen couldn’t handle himself anymore, nor compose himself when they entered the bedroom. This wasn’t happy sex or romantic love making that was going to happen. He knew they were both angry at each other, and they needed to get it out. He loosened the tie around his own neck, both of them dressed up for a dinner party with a bunch of business people. All through out the night the other had been putting on a silent attitude to him, and he was worried it was picked up upon and off putting to the people that could help his father and his business.

“You’re a little brat, you know that?” He growled on their lips, before turning them around to fall front first on the bed. “You deserve this.” He said, pulling their bottoms down or whatever he had to do to make their rear bare. His hand gripped one of the round cheeks before letting his hand come down in a smack. “You think putting on a attitude is cute?

           ‘ which part of you’re my student, don’t you understand ?? you can’t just show up to my apartment unannounced and how did you get my address in the first place ?? ’ the brunette prevented them from trying to come in, pushing her hands against their chest. ‘ in case you don’t know the law, i could be fired or lose my license if ANYTHING were to come across someone important that you were even standing outside of my door. i need you to go home. that kiss.. it was never supposed to happen and you KNOW this.