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    shit. no, he wasn’t here for that. he was there for the drunk people.
     and their money. it’s so much easier to take that from them in their
     drunk state than it already is when they’re sober.   but he can’t just
     watch when someone’s getting harassed. especially not when their
     opponent is about six inches taller than them.  &  he knows it’s not
     his business & he probably shouldn’t get involved but he just can’t
     help it.  so  he pulls on that guy’s upper arm  and  tries to yank him
     away from the other.

                    hey, i think you were just told to fuck off, man               

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     ‘ you look so different in this light ‘ he said softly, voice tired but not so much
     as his deep brown eyes scanned the other’s features with care. rhett didn’t
     recollect having seen the other like this before, or at least, having ever paid
     so much attention. this was definitely new to him. he laid on the bed, eyes
     feeling heavy from the lack of sleep, still wearing  last night’s attire  as he
     rested his head over one of his palms while he used the other one to play
     with the other’s hair softly. ‘ aren't you tired?? i should go and let you sleep
    don’t you think??