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“well, you’re five minute late so that must mean this date went a little better, huh?” chase said with a wide grin when he saw her approach the bar. he knew how her nights would play out. her mother was trying to set her up with everyone in their little social circle which was easier said than done. after every date she would always come to the part to rant about whoever she was set up with and how horrible he was. after every horrible date he had really tried his hardest to make sure that she felt much better by the time she left the bar and headed home. “i hope this one didn’t brag about his boat like the last one did.” his smile widened as he went to go fix her up a drink. this was honestly the highlight of his night. sure he had to serve other costumers but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t give her his full attention. she deserved it after how horrible some of the dates she went on were, it was really the least he could do was just show her some real attention. sure, maybe he did have a little crush on her and maybe apart of him didn’t want her to like any of these guys that her mother set her up on, but he knew that it would never work out between the two of them. they were from two different worlds and he knew that her family wouldn’t approve of the two of them. hell, he didn’t even know if she looked at him as anymore than a friend. “so tell me all about mister tall, dark and handsome.” he said with a chuckle as he leaned against the bar. 

okay so here’s the thing with all girl indie rp blogs. i’m about to rant a little. 
i’ve been roleplaying for quiet some time now. 5 years at least. had a few blogs here and there, always ended up leaving. why, you ask ?? because of the fact that all of my muses were females. i’ve tried roleplaying as guys so many times before ( never felt comfortable while doing so ) and have always recieved so much attention as soon as a male starter was posted. to get replies to my girls ?? fuck, i need to repost at least twice or simply hope there will be a good soul online who doesn’t actually mind replying to female starters ( bless you all who do, btw, you know who you are !! ) but damn !! why do girls get no damn attention ?? it makes me so sad. and here’s another thing; i hate doing long ass developed bios for my girls because i know barely anyone reads them. although i know exactly what i’d like them to be and their past and everything, i just don’t want to do them because they get ignored anyways and it freaking sucks. ugh. i’m almost a hundred percent positive i’m speaking on behalf of most all girl rp blogs on here. 

FEMALES DESERVE MORE ATTENTION. i’m sorry, but they do.

                               Blind Date Muse Shuffle!

  Alright, I made a post about this last night and then I thought, why not give this a shot? Basically, I was once involved in something where you could sign up and were put on a list for an “arranged marriage” thread. So you were put on a list and in the end you were randomly matched up with someone and you “had to” do a thread with them where your characters were involved in an arranged marriage. It was actually pretty fun, so I figured, why not do the same with a BLIND DATE?

   So basically you´ll reblog this post with your character’s name in the tags ( if you´re a multimuse you can specify a character or just leave it open and pick one later ) and whether you prefer m/f, f/f or m/m ( if you don´t put anything in the tags I´ll assume you´re alright with either of these things ) and this post will be going around until

    Wednesday, May 24th

  ( Or longer in case not enough people have signed up. ) Once you´ve reblogged this post you will be put on A LIST and then I´ll be using a random generator to match people up. You´re the free to go into each other´s IMs and inboxes to work out a thread! :)

OK SO what about a plot where muse a is a waitress or something and she’s working a shift one night and like this group of super hot cops come in and she has to be their waitress and she’s trying to not act weird but she can’t help it and they notice it and are teasing her about it, but muse b is doing it a lot more than the other too and like maybe the diner requires her to wear skates and maybe she like stumbles and ends up spilling like soda, water, etc. on muse b’s crotch and she’s like ‘omigod omigod omigod’ and he just thinks it’s cute and funny and so he leaves her his number on a napkin and maybe she panics and doesn’t text him because she thinks he’s intimidating AND THEN MAYBE THE NIGHT DAY SHE LIKE LOST A BET OR SOMETHING AND HER FRIENDS MAKE HER GO SKINNY DIPPING IN THE LAKE EVEN THOUGH IT’S TRESPASSING AND THEN THE POLICE COME AND HER FRIENDS DITCH HER AND OH SHIT IT’S MUSE B AND SHE LIKE COMES OUT OF THE WATER TO SEE HIM STANDING ON THE DOCK AND HE’S LIKE ‘why didn’t you text me?’

   hey,  rpc!  got a power ranger blog,  a ranger featured on your mutli,  or a ranger verse for another character?  then go ahead and give this post a reblog!  we accept rangers from any series / film within the franchise,  ocs in the power rangers universe,  and,  again,  we will feature non-ranger muses with ranger verses!  if your character is any of the these things,  REBLOG THIS POST and TAG IT WITH YOUR CANON CHARACTER’S NAME / OC / VERSE,  and you’ll be added to the masterlist here.  have a morphinominal day!


  ❝  the things that are most important aren’t written in books.

     you have to learn them by experiencing them yourself.  ❞

                                  ind.   sel.   priv.   sakura haruno  /  uchiha.

                                                 from naruto shippuden.   canon divergent.

                                                 adored by dre.   art credit.   promo credit.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, am I still the fairest of them all? I’ve got beauty, I’ve got grace, I’ve got smarts and I’m not afraid to kick anyone in the ass. Sometimes I’m good, other times I’m nice but I’ll always be chillin like a villain because I’m rotten to the core. I’m the girl you want on your side when you’ve got a fashion emergency, who else will tell you that red definitely doesn’t go with pink? || Evie Grimhilde, semi- private, multi-verse.  EST July 2016.