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Thursday is BOMB Film Night in Brooklyn! We’re taking over the beautiful Roulette with acclaimed filmmakers Josh & Benny Safdie to screen and discuss Daddy Longlegs. There will be drink specials, classic indie cinema, and lots of good people. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, September 3, 7:00pm
Roulette, 509 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

$5 advance tickets  |  $10 at the door  |  Free drink for BOMB subscribers


Demi (2015) Trailer. Directed by Caris Rianne.

Exploring the discrimination against bisexuality, Demi focuses on Dianna, a young girl who feels stuck and left behind by her friendship group of ballet dancers and boyfriend who is away at university. When she meets the new girl at college Demi, she begins to form feelings for her that are about to change not only her life but the others around her.


Presenting the first trailer for the Love’s Labour’s Lost movie! At boarding school, four boys make a vow that they struggle to keep in this new adaptation of Shakespeare’s bawdy comedy. Coming 2016.


Coming Home - 2015 - First Trailer

Reuniting by chance on a train journey to their friends wedding, a young ex-couple reflect back on their lives between leaving school and stumbling into “adulthood” and how their break-up affected their subsequent relationships.

Starring: Eleanor Brown, Darrel Draper, Hannah Bury, Louise Marguerite, Marian Elizabeth, Christopher Walthorne, Max C. Klein, Eleesha-Marie Britten, Denis Sowah with Jayde Manning and Matthew Harvey

Written and Directed by Caris Rianne

Music by Lauren McGeough


Dear White People (2014) - dir. Justin Simien

Satire is one of the toughest genres to tackle across any medium. Simien, as a first-time feature writer/director, proves up to the challenge. Dear White People is razor sharp, provocative in the right ways, and you can’t do much besides applaud the effort. Sure, the ending is a bit much, which is unfortunate since the film’s finale packs a sucker punch with each stereotype tossed on screen, and is cut a little short with the tongue-in-cheek. The film offers itself as a mirror, and it uses its four main characters - all walking contradictions - beautifully.

But why four? It may seem an odd complaint, but the film is held back in much the same way it’s propelled forward. Simien seems unsure of himself, cramming all of his ideas into one film, when it could have been so much better had he just worked one idea to completion. You can feel halfway through that Simien is too loyal to his leads, really only able to offer interesting character arcs for two (Lionel and Sam) while the other two get lost in the fray. It’s a bold film, but without one central character to latch onto, the film ends up being a beautiful collection of ideas, with moments of taut irony, forced into a structure that allows for too much downtime.


red lighter films is officially official !!! we’re super excited to share what we’re working on with everyone !

red lighter is a film production studio and collective with a focus on intersectional media and film as a tool for change ! read more about our mission here

this space will serve as a forum for updates on our upcoming films and a place for discussion surrounding our projects and other issues relating to feminism and activism in film ! read more about what we’re working on here

keep an eye on this page or like us on facebook to keep up with behind the scenes of our current films and all kinds of other cool things we have planned for the coming months !!! there’s a lot we’re working on

and if you are a fellow filmmaker / director / writer / actor / make up artist / specialist of any kind please don’t hesitate to get involved ! we are on the lookout for amazing people in our community to collaborate with. send us an email at


chloe & hobbes


Demi (2015) needs your help! Caris Rianne’s LGBT film focusing on bisexuality needs crowd funding to be completed and sent to film festivals around the world. 
If you aren’t able to donate, that’s cool! We understand. All we ask is that you share the Demi trailer and the campaign, watch the trailer, talk about the trailer, dream about the trailer, Inception people with the trailer if you must! Stick around, if you can’t donate you can still support us by sharing our film updates on your Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and if you’re really hipster…fax machine? Hopefully you’ll be able to share the film with us on a cinema screen one day.” 
Donate here if you want to support this amazing film, if you can’t please reblog this post so that other people can get to know the project! Thank you x


Behind the scenes of Demi the LGBT film made by Rianne Pictures

The independent film was made on low budget and requires crowd funding in order to complete post production and afford submission fees to film festivals around the world.

What can you do?

Watch the trailer here and Donate to the Indiegogo campaign here