✨🔌 Cyborg Adjustments for TH-1🔌✨ 

Pretty sure this will happen in the future… Cyborgs will walk among us someday. What do you think? Had fun doing this one- went with a very rough loose approach and added a little glow on the hair. Interpretation Reference from the Sarah Connor Chronicles👌👌


This took exactly three months longer than expected. Any sane person would have reconsidered before dumping a quarter of a year into making a parody short about a minor character in a stage play. .

If you’ve read the hilarious wild ride that was Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I’m sure you too were caught off guard by the ridiculousness that is the trolley lady sequence. Under her kindly facade, she is in fact some sort of ageless homunculus that threatens school children with her arm spikes. Yikes.

You might also notice that the animation on Albus and Scorpius vastly outpaces the crap I usually churn out. That’s because Styxtwig kindly offered her animated talents in the pursuit of this madness. 

It’s been a surreal, almost dadaist expenditure of effort. Hopefully, you’ll get a chuckle out of it!