Incubus Succubus

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siggy, while i believe it is okay for you not to want to depict an asexual sex demon, i don't see how it is flawed in any way. (and tbh you don't really need to justify yourself for not wanting to do something but yeah) it's just some variation where sex is like food to them, they need it to survive but don't especially seek it. or maybe they feed off romantic energy? like they're more into kissing and cuddling, that kinda stuff

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Adramelech Delphinium Elatum Mandrake a.k.a. “Adem” fights with his younger brother, Dante Mandrake, over this new succubus, Krys’tal. Also, there is a picture of Noir Lovelock in the back. It is a strange “love triangle” however, it is plus one. Krys’tal doesn’t care one bit because two men, the incubi, are busy fighting over her, the succubus. This was a piece I drew for my art class which is about 18 x 24 in.


Vampire: Someone offers you a chance at immortality. Do you

take it, and why or why not?

Werewolf: If you had to spend your life with just one person,

who would it be?

Witch: If you could change one thing about the world, what

would it be?

Ghost: Do you have any regrets?

Frankenstein: Is someone telling you how to live your life,

or are you an independent person?

Mummy: If you were to fall into an eternal sleep, do you think

anyone would miss you?

Zombie: Do you miss anyone right now?

Fairy: If you could get away with anything, what would you


Nymph:W hat are you like when you’re by yourself?

Mermaid: How far would you go to keep the one you love?

Shapeshifter: What would you change about yourself?

Banshee: If you knew one of your loved ones/best friends had

only one day left to live, how would you spend that last day with them?

Siren: If you could make anyone do anything, what would you

make them do?

Genie: If you had one wish that would come true and couldn’t

be reversed, what would you ask for?

Fury: What is a word/phrase that you dread to hear?

Incubus: What would someone have to do to get in your pants?

Succubus: What’s one thing you can’t live without?

Imagine being a succubus/incubus that preys upon mortals within your favorite nightclub in modern-day Midgard. One night, you walk among the masses for a meal ticket (and good lay). You spy hot a raven-haired young gentleman dressed in tight leather pants and a green vest with long black sleeves. He smiles at you, and wants to dance with you. You smirk confidently, knowing your glamour is charming the man into your grasp. The two of you dance the night away, and he beckons you back to his place, begging, to which you eagerly accept his pleas.

Later, once the two of you arrive at his apartment, once you step into his bedroom, the door swings shut and locks itself quickly. This isn’t your magic! You look back at this mysterious man in confusion and with a flash of green light, you realize you aren’t dealing with a mortal. It turns out you just tried to woo the infamous Loki, God of Mischief, and he’s about to teach you a long and harsh lesson about trying to seduce and feast upon a God!