❤ ❤ ❤  Incubus Kuro
But he’s too lazy to visit you in your dreams~ ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌  
He’s really picky when it comes to humans (or for the most part, just REALLY lazy to do incubus stuffs on them), but once he takes a liking, he doesn’t let go~   ♡

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Imagine you were in a relationship with an incubus before you met Loki and you somehow managed to escape him. You and Loki steadily date for a while before he invites you to a ball where in a big grand performance, the incubus shows up saying “Miss me, cuz I missed you.” He kidnaps you and Loki vows to get you back.

Loki eventually does find you but you are back under the control of the incubus. Can he break you free?

James is an incubus and he’s been in love with Q, but thinks himself too much of a monster to say anything. When he’s injured he ‘feeds’ off of Q while he’s asleep to heal himself. Q is exhausted the next day. NSFW possibly. Maybe Q knows about James, maybe he doesn’t. It’s up to you. – anon

Hope you enjoy, my dear. Jen.

Q let out a vague moaning sound, blood pulsing in his temples: something felt weird, wrong. Like a hangover without the dry mouth, and a strange stinging in his throat that meant that – oddly – Q could work out precisely what had happened instantly. The symptoms all added up. A lot of pamphlets and posters and adverts warned about the incubus, the secret monsters that drank your blood and stole your soul, the dangerous infected nightmares that existed on preying on the lives of others, yada yada yada…

… and Q just couldn’t give a flying fuck. The media enjoyed lambasting all incubi, but they weren’t intrinsically evil and most were known to be responsible about not transferring blood nor polluting those they fed off.

The only thing that annoyed Q was that Bond hadn’t asked him first.

“I don’t mind,” he said immediately, as a preface. Bond stared at him, looking unusually panicked. “Genuinely, I don’t. It’s not an issue, I know you take care of yourself, and I trust that you’ve not been stupid about the quantity you’ve taken, and that you haven’t introduced any alternate blood types.”

Bond nodded. Speaking was apparently a little beyond him.

“But for the love of god, you could have warned me first.”

“I wasn’t really… in a talking mood, shall we say,” Bond managed, slowly. “As in… I was dying, in quite a major way.”

“I didn’t know dying could be minor.”

Bond shrugged. “Incubus. Dying can be any number of things, quite often minor as it happens. Sometimes needing a top-up, sometimes a more substantial drain.”

Q’s eyes narrowed. “How substantial?”

“No contact sports and I’d advise upping your calorie intake for a few days, but otherwise fine.”

“What a pity,” Q smirked. “I get to eat more and do less. Now, moving on from here – I’m right in saying you’ll be keen on my blood? Craving-wise?”

Bond, once again, looked extremely uncomfortable. “Well. Yes.”

Q sighed. “That’s annoying. So are you planning on making this a regular thing, and does this finally mean we can sleep together?”

“What do you mean, 'finally’? This was never discussed!”

“Not for lack of trying,” Q pointed out. “I’ve been coming onto you for what feels like most of my life. I’m not very good at flirting. But either way…”

Bond was kissing him before Q could even vaguely finish his sentence, and smirked against Bond’s lips, satisfied in (finally!) having success.