Eye Opening: This White Man Spends 45 Seconds Imagining What It Would Be Like To Be A Black Man In America

The story of Hope

In May - June 2016, a vet friend and I volunteered at an amazing animal sanctuary in Namibia called N/a’an ku se. They do a lot of conservation, rehabilitation, rescuing and research with various animals. They attempt to release as many of these animals back in the wild when it is possible to do so. One animal that rarely gets released is the chacma baboon. These are considered pests in Namibia and are often shot. Many mother baboons have been killed, leaving behind orphan babies. Whenever a good samaritan discovers an orphaned baby baboon, the sanctuary takes them in and provides them with the best life they can. As volunteers, we bottle fed them, had them sleep alongside us in our beds, fed them fresh food, took them for walks around the reserve and watched them flourish into adults. Unfortunately, they cannot be released back into the wild because they are too friendly with humans which would make them extremely likely to be shot and killed by farmers. After volunteering there, I continued to follow the N/a’an ku se facebook page and have been keeping up with the story of one baboon in particular:

Major Bombshell: WikiLeaks Has Revealed That Tim Kaine Used Campaign Resources To Put Together A ‘Survivor’ Audition Tape

Hillary Clinton has pulled firmly ahead of Donald Trump in the past few weeks, and the last thing her campaign wants right now is a scandal that could jeopardize that lead. But unfortunately for Ms. Clinton, it looks like her staff is about to enter into major crisis mode, because WikiLeaks just revealed that VP nominee Tim Kaine used campaign resources to make an audition tape for the hit reality show Survivor.

Uh-oh. Could this be the October surprise that every candidate fears?

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Wolves can shape the ecosystem and physical geography of the land they live on. When wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park in ‘95 after a 70-year absence, trees grew faster, animal populations increased, and rivers even changed their behavior because new vegetation helped reduce erosion. Source Source 2 Source 3


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