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Hello and thank you for all your hard work for the fandom, I really love your blog <3 I noticed a small thing re-reading kuroshitsuji and paying attention to the 2CT: every time Yana draws our!Ciel, his hair is parted on the right (from our point of view) (above his left eye, from his point of view), and every time she draws real!Ciel, his hair is parted on the left (above his right eye). Maybe you already pointed this out, but I just found out now!

Hello, thanks for your kind words<3

Yes, iirc the hair parting thing and the analysis of Kelvin’s flashback scene (ch31/32) was my very first post on the old black butler forum back in 2014! (≧▽≦)

And the pictures below were my very first crappy edits I attached to said post:

Omg, these edits bring back memories, I miss the old BB forum! xD

Anyway, the hair parting difference is 80% consistent throughout the series (it’s 100% consistent in Kelvin’s flashback though), so I’m pretty sure it’s not a mistake on Yana’s part but another little yet important detail hinting at the fact that the Phantomhives had two children, i.e. that our!Ciel had a twin :)

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Can I request Cheiloproclitic with JongKey please~

Cheiloproclitic – Being attracted to someone’s lips.

L I P S | Jongkey | G

“Jonghyun, do you want to fail?”

Jonghyun’s mind processed first how Kibum’s lips moved differently. Before, Kibum’s lips would often curve into the same words. B, they folded together and were pulled back into his mouth; U, they opened, revealing the redness of his mouth; S is all tongue; on T he closes his mouth a little and his tongue flicks to the roof of his mouth; I is the release, mouth now wide enough for Jonghyun to see all of Kibum’s white teeth; with C and K he raises his tongue and the sound emerges from the back of his throat; E is a sounded, direct exhale; and his lips near each other slowly on T. Eventually, they meet one another, his pink lips closing as the word formulates in the air.

There are other words Jonghyun can see, having stared at Kibum’s mouth and his lips so much–combined with the fact that Kibum is simply repeating the basic English conversation about a bus ticket they had learned in English class earlier that day.

Kibum’s mouth opens so wide on “have,” on “leave” the sound is wet yet airy,  and with “when” the exhale of his breath is soft and the click of his tongue at the end is suggestive of something more. Of whatever’s waiting at that questioned time.

Jonghyun likes “you” the best. Kibum’s lips purse together into a pink and round button with a single hole in the middle. And the sound is low and melodic, just one syllable without any thuds and clamors at the end. It is only a exhale, given sound like the way the clouds give earth rain. Naturally, healthily, beautifully.

Korean is different on Kibum’s lips. Not that the language makes his words or voice or tone or mouth any less beautiful, but he has to move differently because of the nuances of the language.

When a sentence in English is completed, the mouth slowly closes. First the tongue rises to encumber future noise, and then the lips meet each other. With Korean, the mouth tends to stay open, letting the final syllable ring through the air like a proud bell.

Jonghyun only realizes Kibum is speaking in Korean to him when those lips stay open for a beat too long.

“Huh?” he asks, blinking and raising his head from his hand.

Kibum sighs and leans back in his chair. “You do want to fail this class, don’t you?”

“Of course I don’t!” Jonghyun whines. A dozen pairs of eyes turn angrily to him and he clamps his mouth shut, lowering his voice. “It’s just hard for me to focus.”

“Whatever,” replies Kibum indignantly. “It doesn’t matter if you pass or fail. I still get my tutoring hours.”

“Hey, I’m your friend. You should care if I fail.”

“Whatever,” Kibum says. “I’m tired. Come on, I’ll drive you home.”

“Sure,” Jonghyun exhales, holding back his disappointment that he won’t be able to watch Kibum speak anymore.

It sucks enough in English class that Kibum’s basically become the unofficial teacher’s assistant, meaning he spends the entire class period helping out other students rather than sitting right next to Jonghyun like he should be. So Jonghyun can stare at his lips. Like he does in every single other class.

Jonghyun likes to say Kibum is the reason he’s a C+ student. Regardless of the fact that he’s been a C+ student his whole life and he only met Kibum in 8th grade.

He follows Kibum to the parking lot, eyes at first trained on his friend’s shoes and then slowly traveling upward to his ass. Jonghyun thinks It’s a nice ass, as Kibum dances five days a week. He should add the caveat that, aside from pornographic videos, Kibum’s (clothed) ass is the only one he’s stared diligently at.

They jump into Kibum’s car and Kibum starts the engine.

“So,” Jonghyun begins expectantly.

Kibum snorts. “So?”

Jonghyun doesn’t know what he was thinking. He only lives about a minute away from the school by car, so he’s only got a minute.

“What words are on the next English quiz?”

“A bunch,” Kibum says with a shrug. His eyes are trained on the road ahead. “The list is on the website.”

“Yeah but do you know any of them? Like, off the top of your head.”

“Umm. I guess.” He taps his fingers against the steering wheel, thinking. “There’s airport, airplane, luggage, ticket, bus stop, bus, taxi, fare, seat, aisle…”

Jonghyun bites down on his lip, holding back against the whimper rising in his throat. The base of his spine is tingling, little sparks rising to his skin and spreading his body as Kibum’s voice curves around foreign sounds, as his lips are tucked inward, pushed again, pursed into a little pink circle, stretched thin over pronounced syllables. Even from the side, it’s a beautiful sight.

Jonghyun doesn’t realize they’ve arrived at his house until the car has stopped moving and Kibum turns to face him. “We’re here,” he states in Korean.

And Jonghyun doesn’t hear that. He sees Kibum’s lips move, his mouth hanging open as that final sound hits Jonghyun’s ear drums but doesn’t register in his mind. The only thing he is thinking of are Kibum’s lips, and that he wants them.

“Can you translate something for me?” he asks, his voice shivering with uncertainty and need.

One corner of Kibum’s lips twitches. “What?”

Jonghyun runs his tongue over his lips. “Kiss.”


K is when his mouth opens slightly to make room for the sound; I his lips open more; S they come closer but it his teeth that touch; S the letter is given voice through the push of his air between his teeth. He lips stay open at the end, teeth separating just slightly as the word escapes.

Jonghyun’s heart is pressing his rib cage with every desperate thud. The sparks have turned to an electricity that roars through his fans as though thunder had struck him in the chest. “Me.”

Kibum doesn’t hesitate. M his lips come together and contract inward, on E they release. Again, he doesn’t close them even though the word has been said. The sentence finished. He leaves his thick, pink lips open and Jonghyun stares at them.

He doesn’t know what to do past this point, but, fortunately, Kibum does.

He leans forward and in a clear and slow voice asks in English, “Can I kiss…” His lips curve into the familiar circle, and the sound is low and seductive but curves just slightly upward at the end. “You?”

Jonghyun nods numbly. “Yeah.”

He leans toward Kibum and their lips meet softly. For as good as Kibum’s lips look to Jonghyun, they feel so much better against his own.

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NEVERLAND Wakayama Concert 05/27/2017 ~Report translation~ 

Tegoshi explains about his scandals

“I have two things that I want to tell you guys. 

The first one is about the tickets. It is true that my parents and people that I am thankful for come see NEWS concerts. However, they actually pay their own money to come see it. For instance, my parents joined the fan club with their own name and get the tickets through the same process as you guys do. So, please know that Johnny’s absolutely does not give out free tickets.

The second thing is about the guy who has been rumored. First of all, I discovered about this guy’s name and his face for the first time, and I do not have any relationship with him at all. It was seven years ago, so maybe when I was 22 or 23? At that time, I took the picture with him without thinking much, and that has caused some accusations. But whatever that has been rumored and is going around is not true. 

I am going to be yelled at by the agency later on for saying these things on my own. But I am a selfish guy (for not listening to the agency), and I wanted to clear this up for everyone. I am sorry.

That being said, just because I said these things on my own, that does not mean other Johnny’s members are the same. Just because they are not speaking with their own words about their scandals, that does not mean the scandals are true. They have their own reasons for not being able to say it. 

I am sorry for making you guys feel uncomfortable during the first half of the concert. But let’s have fun for the second half!“ 

At the end of the concert, he commented:

“To be honest, I have never felt this scared to stand on a stage before. But I love all of you so much. As long as my body exists, I will do this job. So please continue being a part of NEWS.” 

Thank you, Tegoshi, for always showing us your love for us through your justified beliefs and exact actions. You are my idol who I look up to and respect as a person that is so brave and doesn’t fear to stand up for things he loves. 

He very well knew that by speaking us about his issue, he would get into a huge trouble afterwards. But he could care less about it because he felt the need to tell us with his own words. This shows how much he cherishes his fans, as well as his job and NEWS itself. 

@ktlsyrtis This is so true. I mean, im totally pumped if jem goes off to do other projects bc *fuck yeah* but like, remember all the times people have fucked off for ages and then come back?? (hanssen and ric come to mind) so like, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over. And if it *is* over then like, bernie wolfe was an actual blessing and i am indefinitely grateful for the time we’ve had with her. That bitch is gonna be in my heart f o r e v e r.

By the way

can  I thank Bones for freeing a whole row of seats and then some more

but still having Bakugou sit right next to Kami and Sero

thank you for so openly supporting my squad you blessed anime studio

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Yes it's me, Thomas Jerome Newton.

Well hello! X3 Might I add I am quite the fan! And also I have just been watching your magical beast hunter cousin. Didn’t mean to make like Nathan Brice and expose you. <3 But hello Mr Newton! Here have a hot you!

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