Inceptiversary 2016 – Inception 30 Day Challenge

DAY30: A letter to the fandom.

Dearest Fandom of Inception,

I got to meet you pretty late. It was the end of November 2015, and I was having a Really Bad Time™. I had been having a Really Bad Time™ for half a year.

I wanted to show Inception to a friend of mine who I knew would have loved it, so I re-watched it with them. It was the umpteenth re-watch for me and I don’t know what was different that time, but I got curious and a couple months later I started reading fanfictions and drawing the characters (especially Arthur and Eames). So I started getting involved with you guys in the fandom… and I also started getting better.

Six years ago you created an amazing community and you have cared for it ever since with painstaking dedication and love. I can’t vouch for the Inception fandom of six years ago, but I can talk about what it is now. And, now, it is breathtaking. I’ve never experienced something this engaging. This community is full of great people bursting with ideas and passion. You are a welcoming and enthusiastic and extraordinarily tight-knit group of fellas that gave me a place to unwind and have fun; I’ve never felt more accepted in my life. I’m amazed and humbled by it all.

I got to personally meet some truly wonderful people that humour me on a daily basis listening to my ramblings and gifting me with ramblings of their own. @randombitsofstars and @tweed-and-paisley, I’m talking about you two lovely darlings. Thank you for being your awesome selves.

I cannot thank all of you enough, and I am truly grateful that you guys are in my life now. Happy Inceptiversary, my friends.

– Dom

Inception 30-day challenge

Day 28: A letter to your favourite character

 Eames, mysterious Eames, you are my favourite character in the film.

With your charm and your insight that got the job done. 

With your flirtatious needling of Arthur and your eclectic vintage style. 

With your warmth and good humour. 

With your refusal to take Cobb’s bullshit and your deadly competence when things go south because of it. 

And of course, with your devastating gorgeousness. 

 But Eames, it is the you who lives inside my head that I really love. 

The Eames who commits totally to Arthur, who carries a torch for him, just waiting to be given a chance. 

The Eames who once you get the chance is terrified of losing him. 

The Eames who sees straight into Arthur’s sometimes prickly, defensive and uncertain heart, and understands all his complications and contradictions. 

The Eames who is an artist who expresses his emotions with candour and not a little pain. 

The warm, open-hearted man who is brilliant at what he does, and very talented at loving Arthur.

You are the Eames who won’t stop talking to me.
Safe House - earlgreytea68 - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
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Eames glanced at him in surprise. “Don’t tell me you’re in favor of gun control.”

“Of course I’m in favor of gun control! There should definitely be control on who has guns! You and I, for instance, should never be able to walk into the nearest Walmart and pick up guns! Look at us! We’re dangerous criminals! And we’re just going to buy ourselves guns!”

“And a few packets of crisps,” remarked Eames, as he swung them into the parking lot of the Walmart they’d been passing. “I’m famished.”

Inception 30 Day Challenge

Day Thirty: A letter to fandom. 

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I feel like I fit in here, and everyone is so supportive and kind. We are a family and I am so so lucky to be a part of this beautiful fandom.

Thank you for including me, laughing with me, crying with me, and being there for me. 

Happy inceptiversary, everyone.

 Here’s to a million more.