you are all the colours in one by universed featuring a grey bedding ❤ liked on Polyvore

MANGO black cocktail dress / DKNY nightgown / Nike sneaker / Velcro wallet, £9.54 / Incase tech accessory, £20 / Forever 21 snap hair clip, £0.95 / Alicia Adams Alpaca black bedding, £635 / Crate and Barrel grey bedding, £38 / Alöe glass container, £22 / Succulent Mix in a 12" Grey Rectangular Handmade Concrete Planter…, £54 / Apple Store, £825

you’re waiting for me
to tell you
that your mother 
did not endure
23 hours of labor
for you to burn yourself
to the ground,

but I will not.

Just let me remind you

you do not owe

Save yourself
and do this for yourself.

—  Michelle K., Incase You Needed a Reminder.