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Hey! Can I request number 12?

Sure. I’m assuming you’re referring to the most recent prompt list I reblogged, so here you go

12. Take my jacket, it’s cold outside

“What’s a pretty young thing like you doing in a place like this?”

“I work here,” Ciel deadpanned. The dilute sound of glasses clinking together was lost to the scratchy sound system playing some unwholly twangy country song over the muted TVs. Balancing the tray carefully on his hip, Ciel collected the empty pitchers and the bottles from the table as the gruff figure loomed behind him.

“Well when do you get off? Why don’t you let me buy you a drink?”

“I don’t drink,” Ciel scoffed, “at least not in some cheap hole in the wall like this place.” The bar wasn’t even that bad, but it was his father’s establishment, and Ciel enjoyed dragging him any chance he got, even if Vincent wasn’t around to hear it.

“I’ll take you someplace nice.”

“Look, I’m not going anywhere with you. Tonight or ever. So piss off.” Ciel sighed and quickly turned back to the bar before the man could say anything else. This had been happening more and more recently; older men who had probably never had a gay experience in their life outside of a college frat house in the late 80’s were all of a sudden hitting on Ciel, wanting to buy him drinks or take him out back and show him a good time. Fucking losers.

Ciel sighed again and unloaded the empty bottles into the recycling and dumped the pitchers in the sink in back.

“Sebastian,” Ciel poked his head out through the swinging door to the kitchen. The lean dark-haired bartender looked up from the limes he had been slicing, pushing a lock of hair behind his ear with the heel of his palm.

“What’s up?”

“I’m going out for a cigarette. Will you and Bard be okay for a minute?”

“Yeah, we should be.” Sebastian glanced around the bar. “We seem to be slowing down some.”

“Okay, cool,” Ciel said, zipping up his hoodie, “just call me if you need a hand.”

“Wait,” Sebastian set down his knife and turned to look at Ciel.


“Don’t you have a coat?”

“Oh, nah. I’ll be fine in this,” Ciel explained, scooping his lighter and pack of Camels up from the shelf under the bar where everyone laid their keys and phones and other odds and ends.

“Take my jacket, it’s cold outside,” Sebastian offered. “It’s on the hook in the back.”

Ciel hesitated for a moment. “Okay,” he said, “thanks.”

He nearly drowned in the long sleeves and high collar of Sebastian’s fancy pea coat, but it kept him exceptionally warm as he huddled against the back of the bar and smoked his cigarette. When he tucked his face down into the collar to avoid a frigid breeze, he could smell Sebastian in it. His cologne, his shampoo, whatever it was was warm and inviting, comforting. Ciel didn’t really know Sebastian all that well; he had only been working at the bar for a couple weeks and had barely exchanged any words with him outside of drink orders and good nights. He felt bad that this expensive coat was going to reek of tobacco and smoke upon its return.

Little did he know that Sebastian welcomed it, anticipated any hint of Ciel that would be left in his jacket. He had been desperate for an excuse to talk to him, to broker some interaction with the young man, but his boss had almost strictly forbade it.

“He’s a Phantomhive,” Grell had explained, tossing her bright red hair this way and that. “You fuck him, his dad fires both of us, and we’ll be lucky to end up working the drive-thru at Burger King afterwards.”

So Sebastian had kept his distance, despite his desires. The boy was so cute as we wove between tables, precariously balancing full glasses and pitchers on his tray, narrowly avoiding collisions with out pushed chairs and groping hands. He was even cuter when he snapped, demeanor cold and harsh as he bitched out a patron that had been too handsy or some privileged soccer mom complaining about sticky coasters and overzealous sports fan shouting at the TVs.

“It’s a fucking sports bar,” he sneered. “In a college town. What did you expect? If you can’t handle rubbing elbows with average blue-collar people then get the hell out.” Sebastian had to hide his smile behind his water glass as the woman stared in disbelief for several moments before shutting up and sipping her drink, abashed at being called out by such a pretty young thing in a place like this.

When Ciel came back in to the bar from outside, the tip of his nose and his fingers slightly pinker than the rest of him, Sebastian decided that he would hold back no longer. Fuck Vincent Phantomhive. He had no control over his son’s life, nor Sebastian’s. Maybe Ciel would turn him down, refuse to have a drink with him and instead tell his father to fire him, but it was worth the risk. Sebastian would never know what could have been unless he asked.

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I honestly think that Barry is comforting Iris because becky cooper's nightmare ass ruined her wedding dress. She looks like she is wearing a white dress in those stills.

She is wearing a white dress, and a mutual said the same in that Barry will be comforting her because Iris will be worried that this might happen on their actual wedding day and Barry will be reassuring her. 

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are you writing anymore for nygmobblepot soon? I really like your writing and I'd love to read more <3

Yes! I’m actually opening a new ao3 account soon only cause I don’t like my username on there right now and I want to start fresh. I have some old writings on mine that I’m not proud of, even if I’ve deleted most of them. I’m actually planning a canon-compliant ish 15 or so chapter nygmobblepot fic. I’m also writing a riddlergordon piece with my friend Kelly, idk if that interests you or not <3

Lovely calm asks to enjoy a nice up of tea to ☕

1: Golden mornings or peachy sunsets?

2: Sugar cones or waffle cones?

3: Do you wear scarves often? do you have a favorite?

4: How long do you lay in bed before you finally get up?

5: Is there a food you’ve never had but always wanted to try?

6: What does your umbrella look like?

7: Do you listen to ASMR?

8: Rain storms or a light drizzle?

9: What’s a little thing in life that you love? 

10: Favorite color aesthetic?

11: Wobbly lines or using a ruler?

12:  Bright colorful living room or neutral cozy living room?

13: Do you have any candles? what scents are they?

14: Have you ever rode a horse?

15: Do you have glasses? 

16: What’s a language you’d like to speak?

17: What’s your favorite season and favorite month in that season?

18: Do you have a favorite pair of socks?

19: Favorite Ghibli and/or disney movie

20: Disney, Dreamworks, or Pixar?

21: What snacks do you usually get at the theater?

22: What’s an underrated video game/ movie/ show you love and think it needs more recognition?

23: Would you fill your house with plants if you had a green thumb?

24; All plants are great but do you have a favorite?

25: Do you have a favorite type of art style? (eg: soft looking, no to little color, sketches, crisp and clean, minimalist, pixel art etc.)

26: What would you do if someone gave you flowers? 

27: Do you like nicknames? 

28: Do you still watch shows you watched when you were a kid? even from time to time?

29: Do you still like old memes? (tell the truth)

30: Favorite Halloween costume you dressed up as? (if you don’t celebrate halloween have you ever cosplayed or would you like to? who did you cosplay as?) 

31:  Are you a fashionable person? 

32: Do you like watching holiday movies? 

33:  Cookies or brownies?

34: Do you blow in the cold air just to see your breath?

35: Do you find the crickets chirping outside your window relaxing? 

36: Do you like cobblestone streets? 

37:  How often do you doodle? 

38: When was the last time you blew bubbles?

39: What’s your favorite random piece of decor in your house and room?

40: Do you bite your fingernails off or clip them more often?

41: Any birthmarks?

42: Thoughts on freckles?

43: First video game you ever played?

44: what type of bird do you hear most often outside your door?

45: Do you use gifs/ memes a lot when replying to people?

46: Thoughts on spring? 

47: Ideal temperature outside?

48: Cloudy, partly cloudy, or clear skies?

49: How often do you hear airplanes outside?

50: Do you enjoy windy days?

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Did you see the pics of Barry w/ Becky? I feel like it haaaad to be Becky Cooper now. And like they're "catching up" after all these years. I need her to be super annoyed & jealous that WA are engaged & to be instantly shut down if she tries to flirt w/ Barry. Lol.

I do think it’s Becky Cooper! I really hope she makes a joke about them lol, like “are you still in love with Iris?” and he’s like “were actually engaged, ha!” LOL. My head canon is that she broke up with him because she noticed he always put Iris above her needs. 

I 100% believe that’s Becky Cooper, and Barry meets her at Jitters to supposedly “catch up”, but he’s actually trying to get information out of her

Great theory! 

Forbidden Love Sentence Starters
as requested by anon. Feel free to change pronouns or anything else !
  • “We can’t be together…”
  • “What would everyone say if they saw us together right now?”
  • “I have to go home, or my parents will ask questions…”
  • “I wish this wasn’t so hard.”
  • “Don’t freak out, but…I’m engaged to someone. But you’re the one I love!”
  • “Let’s go out in disguises.”
  • “I’m sick of having to throw rocks at your window every night.”
  • “I love you…but I can’t be seen with you.”
  • “No matter how hard we try, this will never work out for us!”
  • “Did you hear the rumors?”
  • “I know you want us to go out and hold hands, and kiss in front of everybody, but it’s more complicated than that.”
  • “Are you ashamed of me?”
  • “I don’t want you to get hurt more because of me. Let’s break up.”
  • “Run away with me.”
  • “I can’t believe I’m saying this…I really, really shouldn’t be, but…I’m in love with you.”
  • “His/her/their hands were all over you! I can’t keep hiding like this!”
  • “No one understands us.”
  • “I might have told someone about us.”
  • “It’s a human thing…wanting what you can’t have.”
  • “I think the only reason you like me is because you’re not supposed to.”
  • “I know you’ll get in trouble for it, but…please stay with me tonight.”
  • “Flirting was bad enough, but now flowers and chocolates are just too far.”
  • “Someone found out about us.”
  • “I’ll tell them soon, I promise. But right now, you need to get in the closet.”
  • “Did I just hear a camera click?”
  • “Whenever you’re with him/her/them, I go crazy.”
  • “I’m supposed to get married tomorrow…”

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Wait where are people seeing the thing about Becky cooper? Also do you remember what episode of the first season Barry says that in a funny voice?

The metahuman, aka Hazard’s real name is Becky. We don’t know her last name, but we all think it’s Becky Cooper from the stills in which we see Barry having coffee with her. And the episode is 1x15! 

Send 💬 and my muse will say what they really think about yours.

No holding back!

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mmkay quick question how are jimin stans still alive? cos i swear if jk flashed his abs the way jimin does i would actually physically stop breathing and die...

Trust me

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Those westallen stills!!! They're so precious!! Thank you for posting them!! ❤️

Aren’t they? Barry looks all confident while Iris looks worried. Excited to see what’s up! Iris looks like she’s a wedding dress (look at the bottom) and we do they know they go to a church next episode! And you’re welcome! 

halloween sentence starters

Feel free to change pronouns or anything else !

at a party

  • “I love the decorations.”
  • “There are so many sexy kitties in here.”
  • “Am I the only one in costume?”
  • “I’m not sure if this room is full of strangers or if I just can’t recognize anyone because of the costumes.”
  • “Do I hear ‘Monster Mash’ playing?”
  • “Come on, let’s dance. Even the skeletons are doing it.”
  • “Did someone spike the punch?”
  • “I hate costume parties…”

at a haunted house

  • “This stuff’s for babies.”
  • “Hey, can we…go home? Not that I’m scared.”
  • “BOO!”
  • “Wait, are you actually scared?”
  • “FuCK NO–”
  • “That makeup is so realistic.”
  • “I paid $40 so I better die.”


  • “You should hang out with me later. I’m gonna marathon a bunch of movies.”
  • “[text] Hey, it’s me. I heard banging noises and I’m terrified. Please save me.”
  • “Halloween?? With friends?? What friends?”
  • “[text] I just heard some weird noises. [text] No I’m being serious. [text] I need you ri”
  • “I’m probably just going to stay up all night so the ghosts don’t kill me.”
  • “I’ll just be chilling with the monsters under my bed.”
  • “Maybe I’ll summon a demon so I have someone to hang out with.”
  • “Do ghosts like Netflix?”

with kids

  • “Don’t eat all your candy at once!”
  • “Aw~ I love your costume.”
  • “And who are you?”
  • “Look, man. You can’t give toothbrushes to kids on Halloween.”
  • “Trick or treat!”
  • “Let me check those before you eat them.”
  • “UGH, why am I stuck with a bunch of babies?”
  • “I wish it was socially acceptable for me to trick or treat on my own, but it’s not, so.”

with friends

  • “We should egg his/her/their house.”
  • “Help me with my costume!”
  • “Are you just going to wear a T-shirt that says ‘costume’ on it?”
  • “Should we be drinking this much?”
  • “The ouija board says you’re a little shit.”
  • “Let’s tell ghost stories.”
  • “Time to join the skeleton war, bitches.”

as a flirt

  • “You look so hot in that.”
  • “After being freaks, are we gonna get freaky?”
  • “[jumps into __’s arms out of fear]”
  • “Your outfit is scary…take it off.”
  • “I came in here expecting a trick, but you’re a real treat.”
  • “If I was in a scary movie, I’d want to be trapped with you.”
  • “You–uh–spooked…my heart.”
  • “I’d let you haunt me all night long.”


  • “Let’s carve a pumpkin!”
  • “I’d be a witch in another life.”
  • “I wonder if I still have that ouija board…”
  • “Do you believe in ghosts?”
  • “What costume are you wearing?”
  • “Let’s pull a prank.”
  • “I hate Halloween.”
  • “Can you tell me why you have an actual skeleton in your closet?”

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For the little head canons, Tom finding your Tumblr?? thanks love :)


  • you’d be sitting in the living room one evening on the couch with tom, your legs outstretched and strewn across his lap and one of his arms resting across your legs 
  • you’d both be mindlessly scrolling through social media (as he normally does) with netflix running in the background 
  • as he refreshes his twitter notifications, one particular one would catch his eye 
  • and there’d be a link attached 
  • he wouldn’t even say anything to you
  • but he’d look over at you to make sure you weren’t paying attention to him
  • he’d tap on the link and he’d have to cover his mouth with his hand to keep from laughing
  • the link went to a tumblr page, clearly a fan account for him, a rather old selfie of you occupying the screen
  • captioned: “when is tom holland gonna wife me up??”
  • he snorted, trying to conceal his laugh 
  • you’d notice his arm was moved from your legs and that he was now covering his face
  • “what’s so funny over there, holland?”
  • “nothing, darling, just a funny tweet a fan sent me” 
  • and you’d go back about your instagram scrolling
  • meanwhile he’d click on your icon to go your full tumblr page 
  • he’d read every single post 
  • he also screenshotted a lot of them too 
  • then tom came across a smut post that you had reblogged and captioned on it, “FUCK ME, THOMAS STANLEY HOLLAND” 
  • and he’d just lose it
  • he hasn’t laughed this hard in a long time 
  • it would gain your attention pretty quickly
  • “oh my gosh, tom, what is so funny??”
  • homeboy is laughing so hard he can’t talk, he’d just toss his phone towards you 
  • he’s literally this: 
  • when your eyes landed on what was occupying the screen, recognizing the layout of the blog your face turned RED 
  • he’s still laughing
  • you swipe out of the page quickly, not wanting him to see anymore
  • when he regains his composure, he looks at you very seriously
  • and he just starts reciting little comments he found on your blog 
  • “when is tom holland gonna wife me up” 
  • “i’d really like to sit on tom holland’s fa-” 
  • “Darling you said it, not me” 
  • you’d just groan, your cheeks still flushed with embarrassment and hide your face in your hands
  • he’d giggle and make his way closer to you till he was practically laying on you
  • “i think it’s adorable” 
  • “i think you’re annoying, i’m deleting that tomorrow”