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do you think future hearts will suck? i didnt liked somethings gotta give....

I don’t think it will suck and people need to stop judging an album by a single or before listening to it, like people hated Nothing Personal when it was out saying it was too “poppy”, it “wasn’t all time low”, ATL felt bad about it and even released a shirt that said: “Nothing Personal is unicorn poop” or something like that, and now years later, I saw in a lot of posts and now it seems it’s everyone’s favorite record, so fans need to stop criticizing everything, because it influences the band a lot and let’s hope it’s a good and unique record like every other ATL’s

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Δεν ξερω τι ειναι χειρότερο…το γεγονός οτι η προσωπική μου ζωη μπορει κάλλιστα να ταυτιστεί με αυτη της Ματίνας Μανταρινακη ή το οτι το inbox μου στο tumblr μπορει κάλλιστα να ταυτιστεί μαζι της;
—  μια ζωη σε διλημμα…