Prompt: warm

Inali’s people don’t have colors normally. When things like fever or illness come up, if they have a connection to a ward they tend to flush their colors. Color is a poison to them. If they ever show a color it’s not a good sign.

illieous 1/17/15

I guess he has a name now. Inali Noe

His skin is nearly white, and all of his clothing nearly black, save a few detailed patterns that scatter across it. His people all look like him and to them color is a poison  So yes, a rainbow would pretty much critical him. But lucky for him he’s a shadow healer and as long as he’s in the colored world he tends to stay in the shadows, but his shadow is like no other, no instead its an intricate display of moving patterns. One day I’ll get brave and draw that properly. BUT TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY. -runs off-