In the Making is a photo project that highlights the stories and opinions of LGBTQ and allied Harvard students and alumni. The phrases included in these photographs were chosen by each student, and the photographs reveal some of the remaining work in the LGBTQ Movement, helping shift the conversation away from marriage and towards other issues pertinent to the community. 

But this project goes beyond Harvard. Whether you are LGBTQ or an ally, we challenge you to share your own photo on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram, to highlight another issue or declare your support. Click here to accept the challenge.”

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Sculpture Boot Camp: An Intro to Making Everything..and More

Summer 2014

We had guts. We had heart. We had a hunger for 3D investigation! We got super serious about building things, and under the guidance of artist Keith Mendak, worked hard to become whizzes at basically every sculpture technique that exists.


Today SPECTRUM, my school’s gay/straight alliance, did a New Year’s project. Inspired by the folks over at #InTheMaking, we accepted their challenge to talk about the things that are the other strides yet to be made for LGBTQ+ legal and social equality.


Because “pan-” means “all genders,” not animals and kitchenware. PS: there are more than two genders.

Because exploring my gender expression should lead to respectful conversations, not pointed questions like, “Do you want to become a shim?” or “Are you going to come home from college with a penis?”

I’m a camp counselor for little girls. I told my coworker I’m queer, and now there’s a running joke I’m a pedophile. NOT FUNNY AT ALL.

I don’t want those straight people holding hands in public. Think of the children! –said no one ever. Double standards, bro

Not only gays can be fabulous!


Artistic Elements: Creating Art Using Earth, Wind, Water and Fire

Summer 2014

We got in touch with our roots, man. Like our cave-painting ancestors, we used nature as our source of inspiration. But we didn’t just observe the natural world, we got our hands dirty! We grew crystals, made plaster impressions in Central Park, built supernatural cement landscapes, and sand-cast candles. Using organic materials, we created our own version of nature that was NO passive muse.


The Surreal World: Altered Perceptions, Unreal Objects, and Dreamlike Materials

Summer 2015

Stop being polite and start getting SURREAL. In this course, we were on a quest to unlock the door to our subconscious selves. Through dream journaling, poetry, automatic drawing, and uncanny sculptures, we explored how to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. We transcended the way we’ve been told things are “supposed” to look, using subconscious associations to create our own new world.


Teen Art Shows

Spring 2015

When you take an In the Making class your work is shown in the annual Teen Art Show and you the get best bragging rights ever. You get to say to your friends, “Hey, I have piece showing at MoMA, come by the opening tonight.” And your friends will come and see tons of crazy-cool teens with their work and your piece will be there. You will feel awesome, your friends will buy you pizza, and your mom might cry.

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Mrs. 3wunder hat ein neues Handy - da muss eine neue Hülle her! :-) #leathercraft #handstitching #stitchingpony #inthemaking #workinprogress