What are the major themes you pursue in your work?
I am currently investigating an ambiguous, constructed, and animated space that utilizes open, abstracted imagery in order to bypass or delay immediate recognition and access a state of suspended wonder. Central to this is the creation of painting as palimpsest through process, negation, and reinterpretation in the service of exploring the tension between the explicable and inexplicable, whether it be celestial, spiritual, the natural world, or other.

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Sketchbook #30 Part 2!!

Did a lot of traveling during this part of my sketchbook. First took a bus from Atlanta to Savannah, then a couple days later drove down to Jacksonville so that I could take a plane back to Atlanta to get on a plane to Boston.

 Lets just say I’m probably not gonna fly on a certain airline ever again.

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Studio Challenge #4: Lived In

“Lived In.” We’ve all heard the term but what does it mean? Charmingly homey? Comfortably untidy? A cluttered mess? Beautiful but shabby? The tacky abode of a compulsive collector? The latest challenge is to show, in 1-3 pictures, your take on what lived in can mean. Do you have the clutter to take the Lived In Challenge?  Read more and join the fun in the challenge thread.

There is a participation trinket (and a bonus gift not shown here) for everyone who enters the challenge. 

                       Repurposed Coffee can utensil holder with 6 swatches

One winner will be chosen to take the Studio title of Artist in Residence until the next Challenge winner is announced. 

straight4thecastle asked:

Hi! What does a cleanup artist do? Im asking cause I'm really interested in the making of cartoons, and on ehayes87's account she said you were a cleanup artist for Rick and morty. Thanks! ☺️✌

Oh! Thank you @ehayes87! :)
Well, specifically on Rick and Morty, my job as a design cleanup artist consisted more of just cleaning up designs. Carlos Ortega the character design lead, would give me rough sketches of characters and I would clean them up in Photoshop meaning laying the black final line on top of the sketch. He would also have me turn the characters, so if I got a ¾ front view, I’d have to provide any other view they would need for animation and clean those views up as well. Studios like Cartoon Network don’t have cleanup artists do this. This is actually a character designer’s job. He would also have me do special poses of characters that are already designed so I would take the main cast a lot and pose them according to the storyboard so animation knows what they would look like on model in that pose. This would also be a character design job, not a cleanup artist job. I was very lucky I got to do all this because I’m pretty new at starting out as an artist in this industry! When we weren’t union, they also let me clean up some storyboards and design some props and effects! :)

I hope this answer was clear! Usually cleanup artists at bigger studios use illustrator for nice vector lines. Rick and Morty wanted a more messy line so we used Photoshop!


Matter in Medium
Pop-up Group Show

August 29, 2015
Throop Studio
1500 N Throop St
Chicago, IL 60642

Curator: Jade Hull

Featured Artists:
Devin Aadland
Jenn Elise Fagan
Jade Hull
Angelique Humcke
Rudy Lorejo
Maria Mola
Esvan Rivera
Amanda Rush
Jon B. Taala

Kirby had just left her art studio, a finished painting tucked safely under her arm. A leather cross bag hung across her small frame that contained her supplies. She momentarily took her gaze from the sidewalk to dig around for her keys to lock up. Just as she heard the satisfying click of her keys hitting each other as her fingers ran over them, Kirby turned to find another lingering just outside of the building. “Could I help you,” she said, flickering her eyes to the other before turning the key. “I’m trying to head out for the day.”

i ws tagged by asking-ask and themadqueenrose so…..

Name: Jamie
Nickname: James (i AM RYAN HAYWOOD) and Pika
Star sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5'4"
Sexual orientation: Asexual
Romantic orientation: Panromantic
Favorite color: Blueeee
Current time: 3:56 pm
Average amount of sleep: 3-7 hours
Lucky numbers: 5 and 123
Last thing I googled: where to get stray beads in okami
Favorite fictional character: Kirby, Bayonetta, and Garnet
Favorite famous person(s): Dan Avidan, Jack Pattillo, Ryan Haywood, and Markiplier
Favorite books: Hero of Olympus Series
Favorite band: N I N J A   S E X   P A R T Y
Dream trip: Japan or RT studios
Dream job: Engineer, Artist, or working at RT
Current outfit: My Jack Achieve Shirt and grey shorts

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