Larry Bell has exploited the transparency and reflectivity of glass to great effect since the beginning of his career, when he inserted a square piece of glass into a painting and titled it Ghost Box (1962). For the Whitney Biennial, he has installed Pacific Red II, a work consisting of six laminated glass cubes, on the Museum’s fifth-floor outdoor galleries.

I would like to appeal to the fandom here in tumblr and raise attention that someone is harrassing Studio Mir and blackmailing them to make Klance canon or they wont take the leaks down.

This person is 15 as I’ve seen in one of the tweets in this account which they specifically made to talk to a studio mir artist and confirm Klance. I reported this account for harrasment but its all i can do and im in one army. I’m very worried that our show is at stake and there are people who might lose their jobs. So please message this account or report it, anything to make them stop :(

I dont want the show, the very core of our fandom, to be delayed, cancelled, etc… because of dense, opportunistic harrasers like this. I’m a Klance shipper and I love Klance but this anti is INSANE to go this far. Not only do they give Klance shippers a bad name, they are also making the situation worse.


MERCY No.1 / Tondo 32x32.  HYPNOSIS No.1 / Tondo 32x32. 

Stev’nn Hall at work in his studio (Hamilton, Canada).

Rousse dit aussi La Toilette (1889). Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French, 1864-1901). Oil on cardboard. Musée d'Orsay.

The woman fills the centre of the composition and is shown close up, offering the spectator a view of a sculptural back. The wicker chairs around her suggest that the scene took place in the artist’s studio, rue Caulaincourt. The neglect of the academic pose, the accelerated perspective, the framing of the scene, and the high viewpoint bring to mind works by Degas whom Lautrec deeply admired.