Hi I just want you to know that the first time Holmes and Watson ever worked on a case together Holmes was afraid if he told Watson too much about his process that Watson was going to think he was ordinary, and Watson replied “I shall never do that” (and he was right) and then Holmes blushed and decided to fish for another compliment from his new friend and Watson went on complimenting him like that for the rest of their lives knowing all along how it made Holmes feel.

how long has enj been working up the courage to speak his crush, only to go mute at the unexpected touch of a broad but gentle hand on his shoulder?

it was a well known fact that dancing wasn’t a career choice that lasted

Jungkook could spin- he could spin tales, he could spin wheels, and oh how he could spin on his toes; he’d pirouette forever if he could, away from his parents with tight faces and thinly veiled disappointment, away from a degree that held no place in his heart, but not away from Kim Taehyung. Kim Taehyung with a smile that warmed his core and spilt his secrets, with lightly calloused touches, softened by tears, that shot tremors up his skin, with a pair of lips that ate away his “I’m okays” and “I’ll be fines”. Maybe it was time to hang up his shoes.

So @kyller-biis and I spent last night to this morning making people based off fruit
They are our children
And this isn’t even half of them
(The design for lime was by Cam, I highly suggest you check their blog out!! They’re a pretty neat dude)

From calvenklain’s insta story 5/19/17