Home -- Chapter 1: A Minor in History Put to Good Use (Finally)

Fandom: Something Rotten! 
Summary: A series of one-shots about Nick and Will, two young playwrights and actors in love and trying to make it in London. Featuring Nigel as a teenager, Will’s loving family, and Nick’s best friend/right hand man, Bea. Chapter 1: Will finally gets to validate his history minor and pizza. 
Pairing: Nick/Will
On Ao3

“I’ll only be gone a few hours. All I ask is you stay with Nigel – maybe make dinner if you’re feeling especially kind.”

Will sighed and leaned against the counter. Nick wasn’t waiting for an agreement. He grabbed his keys and jacket and casted a pleading look to Will.

“Does he really need a babysitter?” Will asked.

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Imagine being Bones’ new intern.

Bones had opened up an internship on the Enterprise. He was a little short on medical staff and there was still a few weeks left until the ship was due at the next Starbase. Anyone who so wished could put their name down for basic medical training, which would be given by Bones in his free moments, and would be able to help the doctor out in case any emergencies happened before the ship was able to restock its medical officers.

You, a linguist, decided to sign up. You knew it was strange, but there was not much else you could do aboard the ship lately. You had memorised every language in the Starfleet database and there was no opportunity to learn another unless the crew happened upon a planet totally different to what the Federation had ever encountered. You knew the chances of that, and they were slim indeed, so you had nothing to lose.

Bones was surprised, to say the least. He had looked you up and down, almost smirking, certain there had been some misunderstanding.

“A linguist?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Signing up for medical training?”

“Yes, sir.”

“May I ask why?”

“I’m a little bored, to be honest.”

“Oh, really? Don’t you… I don’t know, have work to do or something?”

“Um, not much, actually. I’m the only ensign in the linguistics department so most of the others handle the important stuff. By the time a task is banal enough to get passed down to me it’s… you know, banal.”

He considered, still looking you over in silence. You didn’t take this to be a very good sign.

“I studied first year anatomy at the Academy so I’m not a total novice. In theory anyway. I’ve kept all my old notes…”

He sighed, like he thought you were wasting his time.

“Please, sir. I just want to feel useful for once.”

“Well, I guess we can find you something to do.”

“Gee, that’s great. Thanks!” You almost jumped up and down, but thought this would not improve his impression of you. “I won’t let you down.”

“You can start by memorising these,” said Bones, piling a stack of about 20 PADDs in front of you. “Medical Handbook, Volume 1.”

“Oh, OK. Which one’s Volume 1?”

He cracked a smile.

“The whole lot,” he said, walking away slyly.

You were left gaping after him and instantly regretting your decision. However, gritting your teeth and straightening your shoulders, you were determined to prove you could do it. You grabbed the PADD on top of the pile and began to read. 

Plans have caused Digger to say in Metropolis a lot longer than he expected. So he’s gotten a new identity under the alias Adam Smith, a rich entertainer constantly hotel-hopping to cover several places in Metropolis, figuring that his wooden boomerangs will explain it all. He figured he might get a PO box in case of emergencies.

That’s when he got the invite, and he saw that as an opportunity, trying to map out the place, maybe actually properly go inside the building, to steal. Digger actually cleaned himself pretty decently, buying himself a rented tux with the proper attire, and, feeling cocky, went inside without his boomerangs.

And also went straight into the free drinks.

Important iPhone feature in case of an emergency!

Hi guys,

I came across a really handy and important feature on my phone that I wanted to share with all of you.

Imagine this - you unfortunately get involved in a pretty serious accident. The ambulance arrives and wants to inform your parents/friends/partner, and checks your phone. Except it’s fully locked for everyone except yourself because of your fingerprint feature, or your password, or both. They cannot access your ICE numbers. And that sucks for both you and them.

But your iPhone recently got a new feature called the Health app. Yeah, that annoying little app with the pink heart on it that you’d love to delete because it takes up space.

DON’T. This thing actually comes in handy. Hear me out.

Open your health app. Now, if you look in the lower right corner, you’ll see “Medical ID”. Click it. Now you can fill in everything medical about yourself, including your conditions, your meds, your blood type even. And yes. You can add phone numbers of your choice that the emergency peeps can call if something bad happens to you!

And the best thing is? This screen is fully accessible, even if your phone is locked. They have to slide to your passcode screen, hit “EMERGENCY” and then click “MEDICAL ID” in the lower left corner.

Please spread the word!!

Puerto Rico RN

• There is no streetlights whatsoever, so cops are directing traffic all over the island ( and yes, they already ran one over)
• Hospitals are urging citizens to only use emergency rooms for strictly necessary cases ( jaysuusss)

• There is a vast number of people that are unable to communicate with their loved ones

• It’s already been 24 hours, and they estimate this will go on for the next few days

• A lot of people, especially those in rural areas ( like me) have no water


After 36 hours, my house finally has electricity, BUT

• People who’s electricity and water had already been reestablished are stating that it’s gone again

• A total of 3 police officers who have been directing traffic, since there are no streetlights or traffic lights, have been run over, and another two were in a car accident ( and one of them has died)

• A citizen has died from gas inhalation due to being in close proximity to a power generator

• When the lights went out, the train station ( Tren Urbano) immediately stopped working! A 73 year old man was stuck in an elevator for a whole night before they got him out!

• The Governor has declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY, has called in the national guard for assistance.

• Gas stations are reporting that they have run out of gas!

• Schools and Universities have stopped giving classes, local businesses are forced to close

• They expect this all to be over by Monday, but they’re not sure! The governor said to be prepared, but the thing is, WE ARE NOT PREPARED TO FACE SOMETHING LIKE THIS OR ANYTHING LIKE THIS.

What The Signs Would Do In An Emergency
  • Aries:Nowhere to be found because they're taking action
  • Taurus:Patiently wait for assistance while crying
  • Gemini:Think it was a joke and then start freaking out
  • Cancer:In the corner crying
  • Leo:Trying to calm Cancer down to the best of his/her ability
  • Virgo:Telling everyone they're pansies and taking control
  • Libra:Telling everyone to calm down while freaking out themselves
  • Scorpio:Following Taurus around
  • Sagittarius:Really interested in what's going on//not freaking out completely
  • Capricorn:Coming up with a logical solution//the only one not freaking out
  • Aquarius:Calmly helping Taurus
  • Pisces:Also with Cancer

If you have small children and plan on taking them somewhere that is crowded, this is a necessity! Easy way for people to know how to get a hold of you the fastest.

if you buy thor a cup of coffee (and ask him nicely), he’ll recharge your cell phone for you.


Attention please!! 

I am in need of assistance!

Today I just got laid off. Because I didn’t meet the monthly quota for sales for 4 months, I was let go.

I am now in debt.

That includes phone bills (both my data and cell service and the monthly installment for the device itself), entertainment services, and other things. I cannot even afford to buy any more clothes or food or personal items.

With that being said, I am taking commissions. They are only $5 (up to shoulders) because of my lack of artistic ability, that is all I can do.

If you cannot buy a commission, a signal boost will help plenty.

If you can also donae, which is welcomed, but not needed, every penny counts.

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Very sad but interesting post mortem last night, young otherwise healthy dog found agonal and cyanotic by owners passed away shortly after. Death was a result of gastric dilation and volvus in the thoracic cavity, secondary to herniation through the diaphragm - likely congenital. Stomach was enormously distended with gas and filled virtually the entire thoracic cavity, the stomach itself had flipped cranially and rotated 90°