Important iPhone feature in case of an emergency!

Hi guys,

I came across a really handy and important feature on my phone that I wanted to share with all of you.

Imagine this - you unfortunately get involved in a pretty serious accident. The ambulance arrives and wants to inform your parents/friends/partner, and checks your phone. Except it’s fully locked for everyone except yourself because of your fingerprint feature, or your password, or both. They cannot access your ICE numbers. And that sucks for both you and them.

But your iPhone recently got a new feature called the Health app. Yeah, that annoying little app with the pink heart on it that you’d love to delete because it takes up space.

DON’T. This thing actually comes in handy. Hear me out.

Open your health app. Now, if you look in the lower right corner, you’ll see “Medical ID”. Click it. Now you can fill in everything medical about yourself, including your conditions, your meds, your blood type even. And yes. You can add phone numbers of your choice that the emergency peeps can call if something bad happens to you!

And the best thing is? This screen is fully accessible, even if your phone is locked. They have to slide to your passcode screen, hit “EMERGENCY” and then click “MEDICAL ID” in the lower left corner.

Please spread the word!!
Help Two Engaged and Gay Transgirls Afford a life Together
Hey there! We're two recently engaged transgirls that live eighteen-hundred miles apart and would like to fix that, asap...

Not gonna lie, we’re straight up devestated. It looks like the $1000 donation is, well, no longer there, putting us right back where we were. Unsuccessful and relying on the kindness of others for the future we want. Just please, keep donating if you can, and thank you. ??

Omg!!!! We’re fully funded! Thank you all so so so so much we couldn’t have ever imagined that all this, all our dreams would be comming true so so soon!! We’re just, we can’t even express how happy or excited we are and it’s just amazing and thank you all so much!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙

Note: any extra donations will also be appreciated and will also go towards savings

Hey Guys, I would not be doing this unless I absolutely had to, but I’m asking for donations. Every little bit helps, and if you can’t afford to, just reblogging helps. Thank you so much everyone.More info under the cut:

Hey guys! I recently got engaged to the love of my life, Eliza. However, we live eighteen hundred miles apart, and since we’re both autistic transgirls, fixing this won’t exactly be cheap.The goal is to have 2000$ saved up before I move out; we want to have an emergency fund we can dip into in case of unemployment, my old, old car having trouble, and medical costs. I currently have just 400$ (I visited just the cutest girl back in June, and ended up buying an Amount of gifts for her. Don’t ask :3c) saved up, and am only earning about ~50$ a week. Driving to Oregon will take around ~300$ in gas, so that still leaves us 1500$ short!

This should have been easy—I was earning 300$ with each paycheck—but my workplace drastically cut down my hours (I’ve gone from 26 hours a week to 12) because of a single customer complaint, me being autistic, and gay, and while they cannot fire me, at the rate I am currently earning money it will take another 10 months to have enough.

We absolutely cannot wait that long.

So, we are asking for donations (Every little bit helps!) . Not only can you help two cute gay girls get together, but Eliza has promised to post a full poem to magic-greenhouse for every fifteen dollars we get.

You can view more of her work at toughestgem

If YouCaring isn’t working for you, you can also send donations through PayPal!

Anything helps!


(ps: even if you can’t donate, reblogs are super appreciated.)

(pps: 💙!)

Quick Update:
Hey guys, thanks for what we do have towards our goal already but I have bad news. My work cut my hours even more (despite me doing everything in my power to be a better employee) . I’m down to working just one day a week, for a max of about 6, hours a week, which at $8/hr is just $48 a week, but really only a $76.8 paycheck, or $153.6 a month. Which brings my yearly income to a mere $1,843.2 . This won’t even be enough to cover my bills and insurance for ¼ of a year, not to mention food, housing, and medication . Earning this little over such a long period of time simply wont allow us to bridge the gap (also in oregon the minimum wage is much higher, more places are hiring, so even even more reason to get there ASAP). I’m trying to find a second job, but please just, if you can spare anything please help. Thank you💙



As many of you know, I work with Anjellicle Cats, a 501c3 not-for-profit organization based in NYC. Hiccup had some complications after his amputation surgery (of his back leg) and we need help covering his hospitalization costs. On Friday, poor lil’ Hiccup began to have seizures, which they believe were related to an antibiotic reaction. He’s now in the care of a specialty neurologist and his prognosis is good, but we have taken on SO MANY emergency cases lately, we really need help with this. He’s spending one more night in the hospital and hopefully that will be all, and then he will be back with me! 

More of Hiccup’s story is on the chip-in page. Thank you so, so much. Even if you can’t donate, please do reblog. We really need all the help we can get. Kitten season has begun, and unfortunately, Hiccup is the beginning of many emergency kitten cases we will take on. Hospitalization is one of our greatest costs and we can only keep taking on these kinds of cases with thanks to our generous donors. 

Sticker writing on Hiccup’s pix are courtesy of the wonderful Sara M. Lyons. 

What The Signs Would Do In An Emergency
  • Aries:Nowhere to be found because they're taking action
  • Taurus:Patiently wait for assistance while crying
  • Gemini:Think it was a joke and then start freaking out
  • Cancer:In the corner crying
  • Leo:Trying to calm Cancer down to the best of his/her ability
  • Virgo:Telling everyone they're pansies and taking control
  • Libra:Telling everyone to calm down while freaking out themselves
  • Scorpio:Following Taurus around
  • Sagittarius:Really interested in what's going on//not freaking out completely
  • Capricorn:Coming up with a logical solution//the only one not freaking out
  • Aquarius:Calmly helping Taurus
  • Pisces:Also with Cancer

If you have small children and plan on taking them somewhere that is crowded, this is a necessity! Easy way for people to know how to get a hold of you the fastest.

if you buy thor a cup of coffee (and ask him nicely), he’ll recharge your cell phone for you.

Where did the money go? An NPR and Propublica investigation has raised troubling questions about what happened to the hundreds of millions of dollars raised by the American Red Cross for earthquake relief in Haiti.

Goats and Soda posed a few questions to NPR correspondent Laura Sullivan about her work on this investigation:

What made you decide to look into the American Red Cross’s earthquake recovery spending in Haiti?

I spent a lot of time last fall with Justin Elliott and Jesse Eisinger from ProPublica looking at some of the problems the American Red Cross ran into in their disaster response to Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Isaac and found the charity had put this inordinate focus on public relations that really hurt their effort to provide disaster relief. We found in one case the Red Cross diverted 40 percent of its emergency vehicles to press conferences and in another case drove empty trucks around to make it appear as though services were being delivered. After those stories, we started to hear from people about things that went down in Haiti. At the same time we started noticing that the numbers they were giving the public about how they spent donors’ money didn’t make sense. Since then the Red Cross has changed the language it uses around those figures. So with that in mind, we really started looking at the spending the Red Cross did in Haiti.

Behind The Story: What Made NPR Look Into Red Cross Efforts In Haiti?

Photo: After the quake of 2010, a man stands on a rooftop yelling out for any sign of his missing relatives in a Port au Prince neighborhood. Photo credit: David Gilkey/NPR

WATCH Taylor Swift Interviews Alessia Cara - EXCLUSIVE

We all know that Taylor Swift is a fab singer/ songwriter/ all-round person, but in our exclusive new video you can see that she makes a pretty fantastic host as she tries her hand at interviewing emerging artist, Alessia Cara.

In case you didn’t know, Taylor has been championing Alessia for quite some time, and even invited the singer to join her on stage at the Tampa, Florida date of her 1989 world tour, and after they went out in front of thousands and thousands of fans, they took the chance to have a little chinwag.

Thankfully, they had the foresight to film their chat as Taylor quizzes Alessia on everything from music to self-acceptance.

Needless to say, these two have quickly become our ultimate #SquadGoals

Keep an eye out for part two of the interview, which will be debuting tomorrow afternoon!

RTX 2015 Checklist

RTX-specific items:

  • Your electronic autographic ticket (sent to you via e-mail if you bought a badge)
  • A reusable water bottle (for refilling on the go, and to stay green!)
  • Comfortable shoes. You’ll be on your feet pretty much ALL day, so plan ahead and wear your favorite pair of tennis shoes or sneakers.
  • Medications, prescription or OTC, for something you know you will need to take while you’re out and about. (Even if you don’t take any meds on a regular basis, bring a small baggie of something like ibuprofen or aspirin, just in case!)
  • Sunglasses/wide-brimmed hat (that sun man!).
  • CASH. Greenbacks. American moolah. While most booths accept cards, it’s best to have some “emergency” funds in a worst-case scenario.
  • Extra cell phone battery / charger, preferably one that does not need an outlet. That will be your saving grace, because trust a girl when she says the reception in Downtown Austin is terrible.
  • A bag, purse, or carrier of some kind to hold everything in. Try to pack light, only the things you absolutely need. You don’t want to be lugging around 10 pounds of junk all day, so pack smart. I like to bring a small backpack or a tote bag.
  • Autograph stuff. Think about what you might want to have people sign, it can be something silly (but appropriate!), or something meaningful like your favorite video game or controller.
  • Nintendo DS or some handheld gaming device. I say the DS is the way to go, because MAN, you will literally get hundreds of street passes. And it’s a great way to pass the time when you’re waiting for a panel.
  • Picture ID. If something happens to you, people want to know your identification. Even better if you write down an emergency number on some paper along with the ID, so someone can immediately call your emergency contact if need be.
  • Snacks! The last thing you want is your blood sugar getting low while you’re in the middle of RTX. Pack some healthy but filling snacks, like a protein bar. (Maybe a couple sticks of gum, too – we don’t really wanna have stinky breath when meeting our favorite YouTube celebrities, do we?)
  • Miscellaneous: feminine hygiene items, hand sanitizer, sharpies, sunscreen, gatorade, chapstick, bug/mosquito spray

A read-more for what to pack if you’re traveling to Texas (that is, staying in a hotel and/or flying):

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General Tips: 

  • Make a to-do list everyday
    • Organize your tasks by how urgent it is. 
    • Always start with your hardest task. 
  • Set goals. 
    • Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound
    • Be realistic about your goals. 
    • Give yourself an incentive for achieving goals. 
  • Set deadlines. Usually, I set my own deadline for many of my task 3-4 days before it really is due, giving me an ample amount of time in case of an emergency. 
    • Break down large projects so they are more manageable and over a spread out. 
  • Don’t over schedule things for yourself. Overfilling your plate will only stress you out more. Know your limit and how much you can handle. 
    • Concentrate on one task at a time. 
    • Take frequent breaks to prevent burn outs. 
  • Keep a planner. Color code by class, work, personal so skimming it will be easier when you need to manage time.
  • Create a time table. Designate a block of time for every task you do.
    • Develop a daily schedule. 
    • Schedule in study time. 
  • Learn to be flexible. Not everything falls perfectly in place like you would like to, but that’s okay.
    • Create “cushion time” to catch up with tasks that you’ve fallen behind on.  
  • Use your time effectively. Although it is tempting to waste 4 hours on the internet, try to limit yourself to 1 hour of time on the internet not related to studies. 
    • Turn off your phone when you are studying. 

Apps for Productivity + Planning:

  • Forest: Grows a tree for every thirty minutes you are off your phone. If you touch your phone, the tree dies. ($0.99 on iOS)
  • FocusNow: Free version of Forest for iOS. Instead of trees, it grows fruits and vegetables.
  • 30/30: Great time management app. 
  • Any. Do: Great app for creating to-do lists, organize tasks, syncs with other devices. You can also change the priorities on certain tasks.
  • Studious:  Great app on Android that reminds you when homework is due, when exams are and even silences your phone during class.
  • StayFocused: A chrome extension that you can customize to limit the time on websites to stay productive
  • Timeful: An app that organizes time for you. 
  • Google Keep: A chrome extension that lets you have post-its, checklists, and reminders.
  • Self Control: Allows you to block your own access to distracting websites for a certain amount of time. Useful for people who get distracted on the computer (Also known as Cold Turkey for Windows)
  • My Study Life: Student planner app
  • myHomework Student Planner: another Student planner app
  • To-do List: extensive to do list, like an online bullet journal

Other Resources: