But consider, Nathalie Sancoeur and Nino Lahiffe

So, I don’t know if you guys saw in the XMAS special, but when Adrien disappears, Nathalie makes a phone call, and through editing, it’s pretty much implied that she calls Nino, which got me thinking:

  • As soon as Nathalie figured out that Adrien considered Nino to be his closest friend, she gave Nino her number, and took his. “In case of emergencies, and I mean it. Anything you need.”
  • Nathalie doesn’t expect anything to come of it, Adrien and Nino are good kids, they don’t get into too much trouble
  • But Nino texts her first, 
    • “Hey, am I still banned from the mansion? Adrien and I have a project and my house is -significantly smaller- for us to work in”
  • Nathalie replies
    • “Consider your ‘ban’ lifted. Mr. Agreste is in at headquarters for the afternoon”
  • Nathalie informs Nino when her boss is out of the house. 
  • Actually, after a month of this sneaking around, Nathalie sits Nino down for a formal lesson on “how to interact with Gabriel Agreste”
    • it’s a powerpoint she’s had on file since 2012 after a full night of drinking.
  • Gabriel catches Nino, Nathalie and Nino both come at him rationally and sensibly about the subject
    • Nathalie is proud of Nino and how he handled it. 
  • Nino called Nathalie while drunk one time to rant about Gabriel, and she realizes he’s at a bar a few streets away, and shows up, and makes sure he gets home safely
  • They become friends
  • They scream about Gabriel

anonymous asked:

I need your advice, please. I've just recently moved away and gave my mom a card to my bank account in case of an emergency. Recently she's been using it a lot because my dad's been a controlling ashole again but I've had to ask her to be easy cause I only make less than $200/week and she hasn't She used my last $20 last week and now she's just used my last $40 after using $30 for pizza yesterday. My phone bill is due...

(cont..) My phone bill is due, I have hardly any groceries, and I don’t even have enough to do laundry now and all my work uniforms are dirty. I can’t keep this up. I have told her this but she’s not listening. She offered to pay my phone bill and to make a deposit but it hasn’t happened at all. I do not put up with my work and all the bullshit that comes with including my panic attacks. I’m hardly eating, I’m constantly sick,

(pt. 3) I’m constantly tired. and when I’m working I’m either having an anxiety attack or I’m disconnecting from reality. She has used at least $160 of my money in the past three weeks & put me in the negative. I’m worried that I’m gonna have to cut her off. I don’t want to and I understand she’s in a tight spot but I can’t do this. This made me so upset that I ended up almost hurting myself cause I don’t know how else to vent. I’m sorry to unleash this on but I have no one else to talk to.


Cut. Her. Off.

I’m sorry, honey, I know that’s not going to be easy to do, and you might even have to open a new bank account that she doesn’t have access to, but this is what needs to happen.

Your mother is an adult. The fact that she’s ordering pizza when you’ve begged her not to use the funds is a slap in your face. Like, that’s not even paying the water bill or getting groceries - it’s $30 on one meal. That’s bullshit. 

You have to take care of yourself first, honey. I know it’s hard, and I know you feel guilty, but if you don’t put yourself first, you’ll break down completely while she siphons you dry.

You deserve to take care of yourself. I’m telling you to take care of yourself. Please, please put your foot down with your mother. She’s using you. I get that she’s in a tight spot too, but her behavior is unacceptable. 

You can do this, I promise. ((((HUGS))))

Important iPhone feature in case of an emergency!

Hi guys,

I came across a really handy and important feature on my phone that I wanted to share with all of you.

Imagine this - you unfortunately get involved in a pretty serious accident. The ambulance arrives and wants to inform your parents/friends/partner, and checks your phone. Except it’s fully locked for everyone except yourself because of your fingerprint feature, or your password, or both. They cannot access your ICE numbers. And that sucks for both you and them.

But your iPhone recently got a new feature called the Health app. Yeah, that annoying little app with the pink heart on it that you’d love to delete because it takes up space.

DON’T. This thing actually comes in handy. Hear me out.

Open your health app. Now, if you look in the lower right corner, you’ll see “Medical ID”. Click it. Now you can fill in everything medical about yourself, including your conditions, your meds, your blood type even. And yes. You can add phone numbers of your choice that the emergency peeps can call if something bad happens to you!

And the best thing is? This screen is fully accessible, even if your phone is locked. They have to slide to your passcode screen, hit “EMERGENCY” and then click “MEDICAL ID” in the lower left corner.

Please spread the word!!

To any of of you who are thinking of going to protests:

- Bring water and snacks.
- If you get pepper sprayed or tear gassed, use soap and water. Do not put soap directly in your eye. (One person recommended baby Johnson’s shampoo, but I haven’t been able to find a source to support this)
- Bring anxiety medication if you need it
- if you have a form of medical ID, do not wear it around your neck. Someone could yank on it and hurt you. This also applies to jewelry and accessories that goes around the neck.
- Wear boots. Trust me on this one.
- Also goggles.
- Have a plan B/emergency contact in case you need a way to leave quickly.
- Wear long sleeves and long pants to reduce chance of injury.
- Bring a flashlight
- Write down the number of your emergency contact with a pen on your arm just in case.

I’ve added a lot of edits to this post thanks to a lot of kind and intelligent people.

Your safety is important. If you have any corrections to this post or things to add, please do. I want people to be informed.

Stay safe. Stay strong.
Help Two Engaged and Gay Transgirls Afford a life Together
Hey there! We're two recently engaged transgirls that live eighteen-hundred miles apart and would like to fix that, asap...

Not gonna lie, we’re straight up devestated. It looks like the $1000 donation is, well, no longer there, putting us right back where we were. Unsuccessful and relying on the kindness of others for the future we want. Just please, keep donating if you can, and thank you. ??

Omg!!!! We’re fully funded! Thank you all so so so so much we couldn’t have ever imagined that all this, all our dreams would be comming true so so soon!! We’re just, we can’t even express how happy or excited we are and it’s just amazing and thank you all so much!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙

Note: any extra donations will also be appreciated and will also go towards savings

Hey Guys, I would not be doing this unless I absolutely had to, but I’m asking for donations. Every little bit helps, and if you can’t afford to, just reblogging helps. Thank you so much everyone.More info under the cut:

Hey guys! I recently got engaged to the love of my life, Eliza. However, we live eighteen hundred miles apart, and since we’re both autistic transgirls, fixing this won’t exactly be cheap.The goal is to have 2000$ saved up before I move out; we want to have an emergency fund we can dip into in case of unemployment, my old, old car having trouble, and medical costs. I currently have just 400$ (I visited just the cutest girl back in June, and ended up buying an Amount of gifts for her. Don’t ask :3c) saved up, and am only earning about ~50$ a week. Driving to Oregon will take around ~300$ in gas, so that still leaves us 1500$ short!

This should have been easy—I was earning 300$ with each paycheck—but my workplace drastically cut down my hours (I’ve gone from 26 hours a week to 12) because of a single customer complaint, me being autistic, and gay, and while they cannot fire me, at the rate I am currently earning money it will take another 10 months to have enough.

We absolutely cannot wait that long.

So, we are asking for donations (Every little bit helps!) . Not only can you help two cute gay girls get together, but Eliza has promised to post a full poem to magic-greenhouse for every fifteen dollars we get.

You can view more of her work at toughestgem

If YouCaring isn’t working for you, you can also send donations through PayPal!

Anything helps!


(ps: even if you can’t donate, reblogs are super appreciated.)

(pps: 💙!)

Quick Update:
Hey guys, thanks for what we do have towards our goal already but I have bad news. My work cut my hours even more (despite me doing everything in my power to be a better employee) . I’m down to working just one day a week, for a max of about 6, hours a week, which at $8/hr is just $48 a week, but really only a $76.8 paycheck, or $153.6 a month. Which brings my yearly income to a mere $1,843.2 . This won’t even be enough to cover my bills and insurance for ¼ of a year, not to mention food, housing, and medication . Earning this little over such a long period of time simply wont allow us to bridge the gap (also in oregon the minimum wage is much higher, more places are hiring, so even even more reason to get there ASAP). I’m trying to find a second job, but please just, if you can spare anything please help. Thank you💙

What The Signs Would Do In An Emergency
  • Aries: Nowhere to be found because they're taking action
  • Taurus: Patiently wait for assistance while crying
  • Gemini: Think it was a joke and then start freaking out
  • Cancer: In the corner crying
  • Leo: Trying to calm Cancer down to the best of his/her ability
  • Virgo: Telling everyone they're pansies and taking control
  • Libra: Telling everyone to calm down while freaking out themselves
  • Scorpio: Following Taurus around
  • Sagittarius: Really interested in what's going on//not freaking out completely
  • Capricorn: Coming up with a logical solution//the only one not freaking out
  • Aquarius: Calmly helping Taurus
  • Pisces: Also with Cancer
I have feelings about the next Winter Screw

So Bitty knows Jack can’t be his date for the dance, all it would take is one cute picture on Instagram of them dancing together with hearts in their eyes and their cover would be blown outside the tight friends & family circle who know about them.

And Bitty says he’s ok with that, he’s going stag with Nursey and Dex, it will be fine.

But after having a heart-to-heart with Shitty, Jack starts to have a crisis about being a good bf and goes to Georgia to ask ‘well, what if I went, what’s the worst that could happen?’

She flat tells him it would be better for the future of gay men in the NHL if the first one was outed via super cute pics on Instagram than via some skanky club scandal or whatever.

So they prepare an emergency statement for Monday just in case said adorable pics are leaked, and he works on it for HOURS running it back and forth with Shitty and Lardo and it goes from being a really flat ‘please respect our privacy’ to a pretty full on declaration of love, commitment and wanting to be a role model for young players who are scared to be themselves.

Jack surprises Bitty by turning up to take him to the dance, (and privately showing him the statement before they go) and it’s a fantastic night, and they decide to just enjoy themselves and let it happen.

At one point in the evening, Jack realises that Lardo and Nursey have become pretty good friends cos she needs someone around who can be chill and quiet, and he realises how much he has missed her as a friend too, so they have one dance together, and it’s really sweet. But mostly he spends the entire night dancing with and gazing lovingly at Bitty, having the best, most adorable public date ever.

Monday comes, and no one has leaked any images of them. Not anywhere. Like, the entire campus of Samwell decided to respect their privacy and not out them, because it’s not like they don’t all know the Jack Zimmerman story and what’s at stake.

But one paper runs this huge story with a blown up pic of Lardo and Jack dancing together, claiming she is his secret girlfriend.

Everyone thinks this is hilarious and Bitty seems relieved, but Jack stews on this for days and days, not even realising why he’s feeling angry and cheated. Then after the next game, when a reporter asks him about his relationship with Larissa Duan, he makes a flat statement about how she’s one of his best friends but there is nothing romantic between them.

And just as everything is winding up, he grabs back the microphone and says ACTUALLY I WENT TO THE DANCE WITH MY BOYFRIEND ERIC AND WE WERE REALLY CUTE TOGETHER WHY DON’T YOU WRITE ABOUT THAT?

If you have small children and plan on taking them somewhere that is crowded, this is a necessity! Easy way for people to know how to get a hold of you the fastest.

if you buy thor a cup of coffee (and ask him nicely), he’ll recharge your cell phone for you.

DIY Glitter Pills from A Bubbly Life.

Super easy and cheap to make.

At the end of A Bubbly Life’s post:

Disclaimer: I do not recommend eating glitter pills.  They are for fun and in case of a sparkle emergency.  Laurel Stavros and/or A Bubbly Life are not responsible if you ingest glitter pills.

Because everyone likes a little bit of glitter…

WATCH Taylor Swift Interviews Alessia Cara - EXCLUSIVE

We all know that Taylor Swift is a fab singer/ songwriter/ all-round person, but in our exclusive new video you can see that she makes a pretty fantastic host as she tries her hand at interviewing emerging artist, Alessia Cara.

In case you didn’t know, Taylor has been championing Alessia for quite some time, and even invited the singer to join her on stage at the Tampa, Florida date of her 1989 world tour, and after they went out in front of thousands and thousands of fans, they took the chance to have a little chinwag.

Thankfully, they had the foresight to film their chat as Taylor quizzes Alessia on everything from music to self-acceptance.

Needless to say, these two have quickly become our ultimate #SquadGoals

Keep an eye out for part two of the interview, which will be debuting tomorrow afternoon!