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I really like the idea of being a stay at home wife/mom. I like the idea of keeping my house and laundry clean, making good and quality meals for my family when they wake up or get home, and being able to help quickly in case of an emergency at my husband's or children's work/school. I would love to properly take care of them and make sure their quality of life at home is amazing but tumblr has made me feel guilty about feeling this way tbh

A general rule of thumb is not to trust Tumblr’s judgement.

You can do anything as long as it’s discussed by and agreed upon by both parties. There’s nothing wrong with being a SAHM, so long as you’re not building up resentment from miscommunication and ‘compromise’ and so long as your partner is okay with supporting you financially. What you do, as long as it isn’t immoral and so long it doesn’t affect other people, stays within the marriage, not under the noses of snobby fuckers who think they know better than you do.

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Any chance you wanna write even more Director Sanvers fluff? :D (different anon)

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There’s a milkshake place three blocks from the DEO. Alex knows because Kara drags her there at least once a week, often after they’ve captured some alien weapon or gang, sometimes just because she feels like milkshake, and they have these cute Supergirl-size takeaway cups in case there’s an emergency whilst Kara’s only halfway through her banana-and-chocolate-sprinkles.

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To any of of you who are thinking of going to protests:

- Bring water and snacks.
- If you get pepper sprayed or tear gassed, use soap and water. Do not put soap directly in your eye. (One person recommended baby Johnson’s shampoo, but I haven’t been able to find a source to support this)
- Bring anxiety medication if you need it
- if you have a form of medical ID, do not wear it around your neck. Someone could yank on it and hurt you. This also applies to jewelry and accessories that goes around the neck.
- Wear boots. Trust me on this one.
- Also goggles.
- Have a plan B/emergency contact in case you need a way to leave quickly.
- Wear long sleeves and long pants to reduce chance of injury.
- Bring a flashlight
- Write down the number of your emergency contact with a pen on your arm just in case.

I’ve added a lot of edits to this post thanks to a lot of kind and intelligent people.

Your safety is important. If you have any corrections to this post or things to add, please do. I want people to be informed.

Stay safe. Stay strong.


So there is this department store in the mall going out of business and they are selling almost literally everything .

My friend and decided to go scope it out, and an empty department store it’s kinda sad and kinda apocalyptic.

Anyway when we got downsatrs to the back, there where selling all their fixtures n stuff. And I find this gem of a table! It was $150 but sense we came on the last two days it was 70% off so it was about $ 45! Plus tax of course anyway. AND…. and it was the only pink table too!

My awesome ass friend knew I only had 45 but I was saving $30 for my pets in case something happens and I did not wanna be that kind of mom and use the money I have for my babies in case of emergency and use it on something for my self. So I had to bite the bullet and slowly walk away. And my friend, bless his soul I nearly cried. He offed to get it and insisted it was meant to be. I was so happy I hugged him tons. The next day my dad and I picked it up and took it to his house.

Where I keep my childhood -Gen 1-3 collection (most of it) and when it was set up I just put up my ponies immediately!

Now that I look at it I have such a tiny collection. I need more! Sure I have tons at my moms but I wanna keep the classic pony collection at my dads and the new pony gen at my house,.I love this table , and sense I’m never at my dads and it’s just storage I declared it, from this day forward I’m making it my pony room!

And this is the first major price of it. My center piece!!!!!

Dating Daryl Dixon would include :

(Yay more Dating prompts!!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it!! Yay for Daryl :3 Gif not mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner.)

-Him feeling at ease just by seeing you

-Hugs that convey every emotions you have for one another

-Bike rides where he always pulls your arms to wrap around his body

-Him showing you how he loves you rather than just saying it

-Him casually caressing his hands against yours to end up intertwining his fingers with yours

-Him doing you right just how you want him to

-Him loving to fall asleep on your shoulder so you could wrap your arms around him

-Him loving to have rough sex and going a little overboard with you but always apologizing in the end and making it up to you

-Him handing you the first and best piece of whatever meat he hunted

-Him showing you how to wield his crossbow in case of an emergency

-You always being able to find ways to make him laugh like never before

-Him being able to let his tears flow with you and ask for your comfort

today’s edition of share this, not that

yeah, the electoral college system is outdated at best. that’s definitely a conversation we need to be having. but maybe we can actually utilize the reason it exists–it is a “break glass in case of emergency” type thing for times like these. sign this and watch the numbers soar as others do too. just hope for a moment. 

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Hi Sam! I donated! I have no idea if you're all wiped out politics-wise, but I'd love another Steve Rogers, Vice President snippet. I firmly believe this universe splintered from that one and I got stuck in the bad one where Trump won. Any window I can open to that brighter future is one I'd love to Break in Case of Emergency & crawl through!

I just got a ton of new followers because @seananmcguire reblogged the Steve Vs. Trump story – thank you, and hi new followers! So now is a good time to link to Leader Of The Free World, where the below story is set, in which Clint Barton was elected president in 2016 and Steve is his VP.

Also I love how Steve slowly became the fan favorite of this story. I blame the Vice Presidential Snowball Fight. 

“Okay, explain this to me,” Clint said with a sigh. 

“I don’t think it’s that complicated,” Steve said, glancing sidelong at Bucky. “There’s a running bet between the Secret Service and the President’s personal secretary.”

“That’s me,” Bucky said. Clint gave him a dry look. 

“Every time Bucky gets the best of the Secret Service, the agent he defeated has to learn a song,” Steve said. “Of my choosing. I mean, he is my best pal, Clint. He’s got an interest in my safety too.”

The four Secret Service agents also clustered in the room looked embarrassed.

“And what you chose to do with this,” Clint said, “was to teach these gentlemen each a different part of some four-part harmony union songs?” 

“You’ve been a very union-friendly president,” Steve said. 

“Which is why when I went running this morning, running along behind me was a barbershop quartet singing I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night?”

The agents looked sheepish. 

“Could’a been worse,” Steve said. “Coulda been Waist Deep in the Big Muddy.”

“Steve, can’t you teach them My Country Tis Of Thee or something?” Clint asked. “I got enough problem keeping Congress in line without you teaching my personal security force anti-authority ballads.” 

“They already know My Country Tis of Thee,” Steve pointed out. One of the agents hummed, and on his key note the others burst into song. Clint let his head fall onto his desk.

“I am exercising my presidential veto power,” he said. “Steve, you are now restricted to showtunes.” 

Steve set his jaw. “Fine. I’ll teach them I Know Where I’ve Been. Come on fellas,” he said, gesturing to the quartet, who left still singing. Bucky patted the back of Clint’s head.

“I’ll go easy on them for a while,” he said. Clint groaned again, and decided to stay there for a while, at least until he couldn’t hear the singing anymore. 

That wonderful and hilarious moment when you and one of your best friends make each other exactly the same Christmas present - an emergency spoons case!