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(Emergency Ask) A Little Something For an Extreme Case of Abuse


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Multiple Paladins

(Emergency Ask) Male Paladins Helping S/O Through Relapse

(Emergency Ask) Male Paladins Comforting S/O Waiting For Their Cancer Results

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(Emergency Ask) Lance, Shiro, Allura and Stressed S/O

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like god my dad runs an union and one of these days im gonna flip and run to replace him and i would probablyget the votes


and im like “uh we do more than pick up calls, we are there in case there’s an emergency. do you know how to use SAP? AD? do you know how to solve an issue with a computer if i just show you the error? have you memorized all the teams and emergency teams this ticket could go for? have you learn how to use 5 ticketing tools because you have 5 different projects? no? then you cannot talk about how much my work is worth” 

and he starts with the whole “well i work at an ambulance so i save lives!” shit 

like. he keeps defending the companies over the workers because “without ceos no one would have a job” and im here like =/

one of these days im gonna run to replace him at the union and its gonna be the drama of the century 

Remus: What part of : “I’m studying, do not bother me.” did not you understand?

James: No, Moony. You said : “disturb me, only in case of extreme emergency”

Remus: And What’s the emergency now?!

Sirius:  Extreme boredom emergency!

Remus: …… I hate you.


ps:this is a special thanks for everyone of you…I passed 1k followers yesterday!! a big thank to everyone who’s supported my art!♥♥♥  that’s so incredible!!you’re incredible! THANK YOU! ♥♥♥

“People call me a bigot for insisting on a human pilot over an AI, but believe me, I sleep a lot better knowing something as squishy as I am is in control, and going to suffer the same consequences in case of emergency.”

Ireland vs Storm Ophelia

Okay so thought I’d let you tumblr guys know some stuff/warnings about Storm Ophelia

  • It’s due to hit Monday 16th (aka tomorrow). Apparently Kerry will face it around 6am.
  • There is a red weather warning for Galway, Mayo, Clare, Cork and Kerry, Limerick, Waterford and Wexford.
  • The rest of the country has an Orange weather warning but that can probably change so be aware
  • There is a high chance of power cuts so remember to get lots of bottled water, torches, candles etc.
  • Charge your phone to 100% and if there are power outages DO NOT use your phone in case you need it for an emergency. Read a book instead or something.
  • In case of floods protect all important documents and stuff. Put all valuable items in high presses.
  • Stock up on food too (Last time we had a storm this bad we forgot to buy food for the house and it was awful)
  • For people who have anxiety about the storm remember that this is only temporary weather and do whatever you can to keep yourself calm. Whether that is reading, drawing or keeping yourself busy by cleaning the house. The storm won’t last forever and I promise you’ll be safe.
  • Check whether or not your school/work has been cancelled to avoid any unnecessary travel

Okay that’s all I can think of at the moment but if anyone wants to add anything to the list feel free to write away. Stay safe Xx

Yet another from this long list of prompts, completely unprompted.

Number Twelve: “I’m pregnant.”

The text came in at 7:17am, and in the mean time, Stiles had made his way through four and a half breakdowns, all of them for different reasons.

Number One: Male werewolves could get pregnant, and tying into that:

Number Two: Derek had never found it relevant to their two year relationship to share this fun fact. That didn’t say much as to his thoughts on their future together, which stung.

Number Three: Stiles was going to be a father at twenty-four.

Number Four: Just the night before, with Derek in Argentina visiting Cora, Stiles ate a dinner of Cheetos, plain microwaved hotdogs wrapped in bread, and four beers before passing out on the couch with the tv remote in his hand. He was not ready to be a father.

Number Five (still ongoing, more or less halfway through): They were going to have to move because no amount of corner guards or stupid little outlet plugs could childproof the loft. The door to the kitchen was literally a jagged hole in a brick wall. Stiles caught his shins on it regularly, they were always a mess of scabs and bruises.

Actually his entire body was a mess of scabs and bruises, because that was his life now, had been since sophomore year: fighting off the forces of supernatural evil.

Too bad he couldn’t childproof his life.

Oh god, they were going to have to move out of Beacon Hills. Away from the pack.

Nothing was stable in Beacon Hills, it had been eight years of panic and anxiety and near deaths and actual deaths. They couldn’t bring a baby into their current lives, Stiles wouldn’t even bring an adult into this hellhole. Who was trained in firearms. With combat experience.

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Studying with an invisible illness

Studying when you’re sick is one of worst things. Trying to study when you are always sick is even worse and having teachers or lecturers constantly debate your well-being or how sick you actually are, can be one of the most depressing situations. I have suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since I was 16, all through my A-Levels and through my first year of University. I passed everything! Perhaps I didn’t get the perfect grade, but for me that is not the most important thing anymore. Here I have listed some of the tips which help me study:

1.       Don’t overdo it! Set yourself a goal, maybe two or three pages of reading or a page of notes on reading. The worst thing you can try and do is bash on regardless. It is important you understand your body and your limits.

2.       Study in small bursts. I find that studying in small sets of 20 minutes with a 20 minute break are great for me. It allows me time to focus on what I need to do, but I don’t tire myself out studying for hours and hours on end. Naturally, these times can be managed to your own personal needs.

3.       Set up a nice space. I can’t stress how important it is that you are comfortable when you are studying, especially when you’re not feeling that great. If you know you are going to study in bed, make up you have everything you need in arms reach, including snacks and drinks. If you are going to study at a desk, the library, a café, the same rules apply! Make sure the chairs are comfy, that there is enough light and that you are comfortable leaving your stuff (in case of bathroom breaks or emergencies.) It is also worth noting that some pain medications can take up to 30 mins to work, so plan ahead and take them before!

4.       Certain classes will need prioritisation. This was super hard for me. In A-Levels, I studied what I wanted to study, despite certain teachers trying to persuade me otherwise. I chose three relatively hard subjects; English language, German and Psychology. Both my German classes were at 9am, a time which I super struggle to get up for. Therefore, I knew I had to prioritise my German studies over my English studies, classes which I attended regularly. It is important to note that keeping a healthy balance between all subjects is important too!

5.       Podcasts and audio books! Not feeling that great but still need to study? Find podcasts and audio books on relevant topics and listen to them while lying down or in bed. (I used to make my own recordings of my psychology book to listen to when I needed to take a day off.)

6.       Don’t be afraid to take a day off. When I was at the peak of my illness, I was still trying to force myself to get to all my classes or to study. Now I realise that I don’t have to feel guilty for taking a day or two to recover. I try not to let these become weeks, but sometimes it happens. And that is ok. If you are constantly punishing yourself, you will never feel good about the amount of work you do complete!

7.       Planning to go to University? This links in with my previous point. Don’t feel the need to rush into everything so quickly. You can take a year off. You can recover. You can do things you love to do in this time. I took a gap year, in which I mostly spent a lot of time with my Mum and sister before going to University. It helped me so much.

8.       Suffer from brain fog? Use memory techniques such as colour coding words, highlighting important information, mnemonics, reading aloud and quizzes. When I suffer from brain fog, I find colour-coding and visual aids the most helpful. Study groups which break down subjects into easier, more manageable bites of information are also super great!

9.       Stay away from caffeine! A lot of people I know depend on caffeine in order to get themselves started. While caffeine can help boost your energy levels for a small amount of time or focus your brain, too much caffeine can have negative effects on your sleep, which may make you feel worse the next day. Try and limit your caffeine to two or three cups a day if you absolutely need a cup of coffee!

10.   Don’t panic. You are doing the best that you can. If you fail, it is not the end of the world. I wish somebody had told me this sooner. If you fail an exam, you can do it again, at a later date. If you fail a year, you can do it again. This happens to people who aren’t sick all the time. So don’t worry. Just do your best.

anonymous asked:

Hey comrade where's my white privilege? I wad told I automatically get it because my skin is white. I've been waiting for it to come in the mail along with a free 4 year scholarship, but it still hasn't come.

Don’t worry, you’ve had it this whole time.

Like when people don’t follow you around stores because they think you might steal something, not having to see your entire race generalised into fetishes on porn sites, not having to sit through endless racist jokes your friends make and you can’t say anything because you don’t want to be “that” person who can’t take a joke.

Dealing with constant waves of stereotypes to the point where people expect you to behave a certain way even on an emotional level and if you do you’re fulfilling a stereotype, having to deal with hateful slurs made and used to dehumanise you, having parts of your cultural heritage stolen and used out of context because someone wants to be “exotic”.

There are hundreds of ways you are already benefiting from this product, but in case you’re not sure, feel free to be pulled over by police officers and see if you get arrested for having a magazine about guns in the car, or shot for following orders, or shot for knowing your rights and refusing to follow orders that violate them, or just simply getting shot.

Believe me, your white skin is one product you never need a receipt on, it will benefit you every day in ways you won’t even realise and the best thing about our deluxe White Privilege package is that you won’t even have to see or acknowledge the ways you benefit. The deluxe package offers a smug assurance that your skin has never benefited you and that people with skin different to you are exaggerating their problems, it will also allow you quick access to Google searches to find that one time a person was maybe targeted for having white skin and use that as a defense against all criticism.

And in case of extreme emergencies just talk about “white racism in South Africa” and then try and get out of the conversation before anyone starts talking about historical context.

Please enjoy your White Privilege and feel free to contact customer service again any time you feel remotely slighted or want to know where your White Privilege was that time you were poor, or didn’t get into the college you wanted, or any other White Herrings you can think of.

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Wait how do we know phil's bedroom is a set. Also that seems super weird????? Why does it matter if we know what the inside of their house looks like, as long as we don't know the outside? It's not like they complained about people finding them or anything. Dnp wtf are you doing.

under the cut cause i don’t want to be annoying ( ;/ )

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Dex doesn’t figure out what’s happened until he’s already home for the summer. But the moment he wakes up on the morning after he gets in, the realization hits him all at once.

He picks up his phone and calls Nursey before he’s even out of bed, just sitting there in his boxers, sheets pooled around his waist, having never felt so suddenly and completely awake before in his life.

“Yo, what time is it?” Nursey answers, sounding groggy and a hundred thousand miles too far away.

Dex can’t be bothered with greetings or chirps, his single-minded focus kicking into overdrive. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what?” Nursey asks around a yawn.

“That we’re basically in love with each other.”

The line goes dead silent for long enough the Dex has to pull his phone away from his ear to check that the call hasn’t disconnected.

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history meme (french edition)  →  8 moments (1/8) The evacuations of the Louvre Museum

The two evacuations of the Louvre Museum, in 1914 and later in 1939, took place both times under perilous circumstances, and remained a great traumatism for its head and staff. While Paris was either under the bombings, or under the pressure of the Nazis, a group of people emptied the Louvre from its most precious treasures, risking their lives to protect what they believed in: art. The story goes that in 1914, when the first evacuation took place, the conservator himself pulled the Mona Lisa out of its frame - it had returned back only in the previous January after having been stolen for several years -, put it with extreme care in its wooden box, and slept over it in the train on the way to Toulouse. The first evacuation was extremely difficult and quite spectacular; no plan had ever been made for such circumstances, not even during the Commune in 1871. The second evacuation benefited however from a first protocol established in the 30s; the head of the National Museums endured valiantly the pressure displayed by the Nazis during most of WWII, and always refused to transfer back the works that were sheltered in the South. As of today, the Louvre Museum updates its evacuation protocol about every two years, with a list of about fifteen persons ready day and night to be called in case of emergency; bombing, fire, war, even nuclear attack are being anticipated to protect some of the most precious treasures in the world. Rumor has it that the Louvre’s current protocol is established to transfer its works in less than 5 hours.

everyone wanted this so i bring u battle couple malec + kissing in the rain enjoy!! :**


Magnus felt his magic pulse through his veins and out of his palm, blasting away another Circle member. He dodged an attack from someone to his left and kicked the guy hard in the stomach, sending him flying backwards.

Beside him, Magnus could see Alec fighting with his seraph blade against a demon. This huge fight on the beach had been nothing but brutal, and Magnus was resorting to fist fighting to preserve whatever magic he had left in the case of an emergency.

Him and Alec hadn’t even spoken since the night of Max’s procedure, after Magnus walked away from Alec and almost broke down on the elevator ride up. As soon as Magnus had heard about the attack on the beach, he ran as fast has he could. The thought of Alec in danger was almost too much to bear, and he ended up getting there in the knick of time, managing to kill a giant demon dragon with Alec and Izzy’s help before the Circle members arrived.

Now it was pouring rain, cracks of thunder rippling through the air. Lightning illuminated the battle scene, as well as various colors of warlock magic. In the midst of the fight, Magnus found himself staying by Alec’s side, and he had a feeling that Alec didn’t really want to leave his.


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A dump of some sketches I’ve done based around a self indulgent little idea I had. 

One of the previous incarnations of Voltron (it could’ve been in the original 84 version, but I don’t know as much about the past versions as I do the current show) I believe had introduced the concept of cadet squads for the team. I liked this idea even when season 1 of Voltron: Legendary Defender came out and was first learning about the original and older reboots from my older brother (who did grow up watching the 84 version). After seeing season 3, though, the idea has even more merit with how the team was struggling and juggling finding new paladins. 

Something that I think would be cool is if - after the war against the Galra Empire is over  - the team starts up cadet squads to train future pilots of Voltron, and possibly just have a backup team or two in the wings just in case of emergency. Perhaps something akin to how Power Rangers S.P.D. handled the concept of training future rangers with a B-Squad, C-Squad and etc. So I thought of a few characters who might be possible candidates for it and ended up drawing these. 

Prince Lotor and his generals I decided on for two reasons: one being they pretty much have the perfect dynamic and team already built for something like Voltron (whether we get to see an evil version of Voltron in the show is up for debate but I think it’d be cool) and second being that, for personal theory reasons I may make a post about at a later point, I think there’s a possibility for Lotor and his generals to turn good and join Voltron.

Nyma was based on her previous encounter with Lance, Shay is pretty obvious, and Klaizap is because of his interactions with Keith, and how Keith himself was quick to point out how he was Arus’s strongest warrior.

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Always carry a small bag with

Rollerball perfume
Mini hand lotion
Hand sanitizer
Phone charger/headphones
Compact mirror
Hairties/bobby pins
Oil blotting sheets
Extra pair of underwear
Nail file
Mini deodorant
Mini mascara/lipgloss
Some cash in case of an emergency

Swung Bats

Steve Harrington x Reader
Written by: Matt
Word Count: 1,355
Gender: Gender-Neutral
Warnings: cursing, sharp objects, bleeding, injuries.
Gif by: @strangereddie and @spookyboysam 
A/N: this takes place when nancy and jonathan (and reader) fight the demogorgon at jonathan’s house. also steve and reader are dating.
Fictober: Day 28 of Fictober

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          “Ready?” Nancy asked. You held the cold sharp knife against your skin, both you and Jonathan looked at her and nodded. Jonathan counted to three anxiously and stopped at two, he said to both of you “You guys don’t have to do this-” and Nancy interrupted him and said “Three!”. At once, all of you sliced your palm open. You clenched your jaw shut afterwards, the cut stung and you dropped the bloody knife on the floor, leaving a dark red stain. You went to the kitchen and got the gauze for all of you. 

          “Don’t worry. My mom, she said the lights speak when it comes.” Jonathan assured her as she was wrapping the gauze around his bloody wound. “Speak?” She asked, “Blink… Think of them as alarms” he replied. 

          You guys waited anxiously and you jumped at the continuous banging on the door followed by your boyfriend’s voice. “Jonathan! Are you there, man? It’s… it’s Steve!” You all shared looks as Steve kept talking “Listen, I just want to talk!”, you got up urgently and opened the door reassuring Steve that everything was fine but he kept talking and admitting he messed up. He noticed the gauze wrapped around your hand and stammered, “What happened to your hand? Is that blood?”. You replied “It’s nothing. It was an accident.”, he wanted to know what was going on and he asked “Wait a sec. Did he do this to you?” and forced his way in. He noticed the weapons laid out on the table and Jonathan placed his hand on Steve’s chest slowly trying to push him away and telling him to leave.

          “What’s that smell, is that gasoline!?” He asked. Nancy cocked her gun and pointed it at Steve, “Get out!” she yelled. He just started freaking out and Nancy threatened him saying that she’d do it if he didn’t get out in five seconds, you knew she wasn’t going to do it but it was her only idea at the time. Everyone was caught up in the moment but you noticed the lights that hung from the ceiling started blinking multiple colours. She still counted down and you just yelled “GUYS! The lights! It’s here.”. You grabbed the bat which held a great deal of sharp nails all around it’s exterior. You, Jonathan and Nancy were back to back to back creating a circle and all of you were moving, scanning the whole house while Steve was screaming questions. All of a sudden a loud crash was heard by all of you and you stared at the ceiling crumbling, exposing the Demogorgon. Nancy shot at the monster and ran into the hallway, you grabbed Steve’s hand and dragged him with you and you all ran into Will’s room for safety. You slammed the door behind you shut and you all were quiet, you heard the monster growl and it slowly walked down the hallway.

          “What’s it doing?” Nancy asked. You guys studied the yellow yo-yo to check if there was any movement, the lights in the room were still blinking. The electricity jolted and the alarmed lights went back to normal. You felt Steve’s hand grip your arm a little more tightly now, “Do you hear anything?” you whispered to Jonathan, he shut his lighter which created a small metallic sound and he answered “No…”. All of you stepped out of the room gradually, the monster wasn’t there anymore. Steve was muttering “This is crazy.” under his breath but it progressively got louder and he just anxiously yelled “This is crazy!”. He ran to the phone and you just grabbed it while he was dialing and threw it across the hallway.

          “What are you doing? Are you insane!” He screamed with fear. You were trying to protect him “It’s going to come back! So you need to leave. Right. Now.” you commanded him. He looked at the door and back at you continuously and just bolted outside.

          Your heart was pounding through your chest rapidly now. You weren’t going to lie, you were scared to death. You switched weapons with Jonathan so you ended up getting his pistol and he carried the bat. You knew there was a good probability that you were going to die trying to kill this thing. Your thoughts got interrupted because the energy in the house started pulsating again and the lights cried out, alarming you that it was coming again. You all were breathing heavily, circling each other trying to prepare yourself by studying all angles around you where the monster can reappear. “Come on. Come on you son of a bitch!” Jonathan shouted. You kept moving with the circle until it all went dark, in the shadows you heard a low growling. “Jonathan!” Nancy yelled, you barely saw her point behind him but you saw a large shadow figure appear behind him. The monster pulled him to the ground and he dropped his bat. He was pinned down by the monster, it’s face opened up and goo started to drip on him. You lifted your gun up and started pulling the trigger carelessly and yelled “Go to hell you son of a bitch!”, the monster slowly got up and your heart dropped in your stomach.

          It all happened so fast, you shot the monster about seven times and probably the worst sound you can hear in that situation was heard. The gun clicked every time you pulled the trigger, you were out of bullets. It roared at you and swiftly sprinted to you.

          All of a sudden, out of the corner of your eye something had come and hit it. You turned to see who it was and it was your boyfriend. “Steve!” You were surprised that he came back. It had a new target now, it kept making it’s way towards him but he kept swinging his bat, you could hear the air where he swung his bat have a high pitch sound as he kept landing blows on it. He swung his bat and landed the final blow on the monster which made it back up into the trap. The bear claw slashed into the Demogorgon’s leg. Jonathan ran in front of you and threw the lit lighter into the carpet which was soaked with gasoline which made the monster screech. Jonathan grabbed the fire extinguisher and contained the fire, the dark orange smoke surrounded all of you.

          Steve drove you to his house, his parents were away so they weren’t going to be worried about why their son had brought home a stranger who was bleeding from their arm. You sat on his bed while he went into his bathroom and got medical supplies. “I’m fine.” You tried to tell him, but you didn’t even believe yourself. “Are you okay?” You asked him, “Yeah- Yeah I’m alright. I’m just glad you’re safe. But you need to explain all of this after.”.

          “Thanks for helping me back there.” You said as you buried your head into his chest as you hugged him. “It’s what ninja’s do.” He joked, you were glad he showed up at the end of the day. “Alright, it’s done.” He stated. He actually did a good job, he mentioned that his mom was a nurse so she taught him this kind of stuff just in case of an emergency. “I gotta go home.” You told him and instantly a flood of no’s escaped his mouth. “You’re still hurt and it’s really late. Just stay here, my parents are out of town for the next two days. You groaned and sat back down but you agreed with him, it was also easier to stay here. You were already exhausted.

         Steve handed you his pajamas, you went into his bed and wrapped your cold body with his soft blankets. You guys shared a bed for the first time which was definitely weird but it was comfortable to be with him. You wrapped your right arm around his waist and he lifted his arm and started caressing your cheek. “I love you.” You told him and he answered. “I love you too.”

The Obedient Demon

I know people have been waiting for Lance with chronic pain but I read Twisted Tails by GreenFlamedWriter, and couldn’t get my own idea out of my head. So here you go, hope you enjoy!

Shiro could feel his eyebrows twitching in anger as he watched his familiar wreaking havoc across town while trying to down a massive demon. He glanced to his right and saw Coran, Allura, and Shay looking at him with unimpressed faces. He could only shrug his shoulders in response and look toward the fight. He had specifically told him that he was not to let the demon leave the circle of light that the exorcists were trying to set up talisman around. So what did he do? Immediately lead the demon out of the circle, direct disobedience like always. He gritted his teeth and rubbed the bridge of his nose as he watched Lance work with the other familiars to take down the giant beast with a crash. As usual, Lance was left behind the other familiars as they began running back to their Masters.  

“Good work Hunk,” Shay cheered as Hunk landed beside her, immediately pulling the dog demon into a warm Hunk. The smile on Hunk’s face was practically blinding and his tail wagged excitedly behind him.

“Amazing job today, Keith,” Allura praised extending her fist out. The fox demon smiled and bumped it with his own. Like Hunk, his tail wagged behind him.

“Quite commendable Pidge!” Coran said with a flourish ruffling her hair when she flew up and landed beside him. Her wings puffed up and she smiled up at her Master. Shiro watched in envy at the other exorcists. Why did he have to have the difficult familiar? Speaking of familiar, he watched Lance grasp onto the ledge of the building and heave himself up on top. He noticed Lance look over to the other pairs and he had a longing look in his eyes.

“Lance!” Shiro barked. Lance’s eyes widened and his head shot to his Master, cat ears raised and tail gently moving side to side. As soon as he saw Shiro’s rage-filled eyes, his ears pressed to the top of his head and his tail flopped to the ground. He looked dejectedly down at the ground.  

“You directly disobeyed me Lance,” he growled noticing the familiar start trembling lightly. “Again,” he bit out. Lance’s eyes widened and he spat out phrases in Enochian gesturing around himself with slightly wild eyes. The other pairs looked on with bored eyes, much too used to the sight.

“Quiet,” Shiro commanded. Lance stopped for a second before more phrases started falling from his mouth at light speed. Shiro gritted his teeth at the words; he had told the demon when he first became his familiar that he was to speak English, which he still has yet to do. He snapped his fingers and Lance’s lips immediately clamped shut, panic was visible in his eyes as he scratched at his mouth.

“Come on, lets go,” Shiro said turning around at walking away. He heard a muffled yelp behind him then silence, he continued walking towards the exit and looked behind him. He was used to Lance not following him to the car, but because of his actions today he was beyond pissed when saw Lance standing where he had previously been sitting. He was looking down at the ground and had his arms limply at his sides. An annoyed breath came out of Shiro’s mouth before he stalked back over and grabbed Lance’s upper arm, dragging him bodily out to the car. After a short while Lance began following him on his own and he let go. Without prompt Lance climbed into the passenger side and buckled up without looking at Shiro. He started the car and cruised down the road towards his home; he lived near the woods, close enough to town to be able to get to the city in case of an emergency but far enough away to house a demon like Lance. He wanted to move into the city with his friends but because Lance was so disobedient, he had to keep him away from any other humans.

“I don’t understand Lance,” he said after a few minutes of driving. He saw the demon let out a slight flinch out of the corner of his eye. “The only time I am ever mean to you is when I’m punishing you, so why don’t you just obey me?” Shiro glanced over and saw the demon watching him with wide eyes. He was sitting with his legs on the seat and was pushing his body into the door. Shiro just sighed again and snapped his fingers releasing the spell from his mouth. Even then Lance stayed silent, watching his master.

“We could be just as good as Allura and Keith,” He mused gripping the wheel tightly. “So why can’t you be more like Keith?” He spat out the question, ignoring the quiet whimper that came out of Lance’s mouth. Lance let out a hesitant, warbling phrase of Enochian. He looked over and saw tears rolling down the demon’s cheeks which he was trying to wipe away.

“No, you don’t get to cry, you messed up Lance,” Shiro growled. Lance only choked and put his head in his hands at let out a long drawn out wail. Shiro only rolled his eyes put all of his attention on to the road. He was sick of this fake act, every mission it was the same thing. Get there, disobey, cry, and punishment. Honestly, it was getting really old.

He rolled into the driveway and shut off the car before looking over at Lance. Who when seeing the house began shaking in fear. He glanced over at Shiro and seemed to shrink into himself at the glare that he was receiving.

“Lets go,” he grimaced exiting the car. As usual Lance stayed in the car with watchful eyes but as Shiro came around to his side exited in a hurry. He slammed the door and ran to Shiro’s side with wide eyes. They passed through the threshold of the door and Shiro shut it firmly behind him. Lance walked forward, at noticing that Shiro was not beside him anymore he looked behind him. With that Shiro let out a chant and Lance collapsed to the floor with a wail of pain.

“Lead the demon out of the circle of light, the exorcist must put up the talismans,” Shiro ordered. 

Lance gave the man a nod and leapt off of the building, watching the other familiars jump around the beast. There was no way that he could mess this up; lead the demon out, simple. So he did it. He let out a smile, he did it. Maybe Master would praise him like all of the other Masters did for their familiars. His ears perked up when he heard angry shouts from behind him and looked behind to see the others looking at him with glares of distain. He could ask them what was wrong, but he knew that they had long forgotten the knowledge of Enochian and the first thing that Master told him was that he was not to speak English. He has never done so, and he never will. He was brought out of his musing when the demon let out a loud groan and started falling down onto the street. He let out a quiet whoop of glee and turned to the other familiars, his smile fell quickly as he watched them head back to their Masters cheerfully yelling to one another. Without a second thought he ran after them, by the time he got back to the building they had already gone over the ledge. He scaled quickly, not wanting to keep Shiro waiting for him. He had already been enough of a burden to the man, he saw how people looked at them when they travelled through Headquarters. Finally he gripped the ledge and hulled himself up; he wanted to look up at his Master but was distracted by the other pairs to the side of them. He followed orders perfectly today, maybe he would be praised today instead.

“Lance!” Shiro’s voice shook him out of his musings and he quickly looked towards the man. His tail was weakly wagging behind him, and the hope in his heart was quickly expanding. Shiro’s eyebrows lowered in a glare and he felt the hope shatter. His tail fell behind him and his ears lowered in shame. He looked down at the ground, trying to avoid the angry look he was getting from his Master.

“You disobeyed me, Lance,” he growled. Lance could feel his muscles begin to tremble. He didn’t mean to disobey, he didn’t understand. He followed his commands perfectly. No, he always messed up, it was obviously something that he had done.

“Again,” at this, he shot up in desperation.

“Master, please! I didn’t mean to disobey, I’m trying to do as you say but I don’t understand. Please, I’m sorry!” He said pleadingly, he knew that his master didn’t understand but he had to at least try. He glanced at the pairs off to the side and felt desperation climbing in his stomach.

“I can be like them,” he said gesturing towards them with frantic hands. “Just give me another chance Master, I can make you proud! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“Speak,” the word came as a shock to Lance. He paused for a moment in confusion but willingly obeyed.

“I can be just as good as them, I’ll get better I pro-” he was cut off by Shiro snapping his fingers. Knowing the familiar feeling of the silencing spell didn’t stop the fear from claiming him again and he began scratching at his mouth and chin in an effort to release himself.

“Stay here,” the command sat in his stomach like cement and he looked up with wide eyes as his Master turned his back on him. A yelp was blocked by the spell as he scrambled to his feet, and a step forward before remembering his words. He stepped back where he was sitting and watched with wide eyes as Shiro began retreating to the exit. He hands fell to his sides and his head dropped to look at the ground once more. He certainly didn’t deserve to be Shiro’s familiar; he was a top level exorcist with a lacklustre demon following on his heels all the time. He almost yelled in surprise when Shiro’s hand grabbed him by the arm and started pulling him to the exit. He quickly followed half to keep up with the man and half to ease the squeezing on his bicep. He was relived when he let go of him, trusting him to follow behind him.

Sliding into the car was a relief but also made a shot of fear go through him. He knew that he had a punishment waiting for him when he got home, and by the look on Shiro’s face it wasn’t going to be a pretty one. The trees of the forest flew by as they drove home, almost taunting him as they passed.

“I don’t understand Lance,” he flinched when his Master began talking to him. “The only time I am ever mean to you is when I’m punishing you, so why don’t you just obey me?” Lance looked at him with wide eyes, confusion like always clouding his mind. All he ever did was obey. He doesn’t understand. He never understands. He feels the spell come off of him, but he just continues to look at his Master waiting patiently for him to speak.

“We could be just as good as Allura and Keith,” Shiro mused. Lance freezes. No. Please don’t say it. He’s never said it before, so please don’t say it.

“So why can’t you be more like Keith?” He spat. Without his permission, Lance lets out a quivering whimper. Even as hot tears start to roll down his cheeks, he still looks at his Master who doesn’t even glance at him.

“I’m sorry Master; I can be more like Keith, I promise,” he said quietly. He sniffed and tried to wipe the tears from his face.

“No, you don’t get to cry, you messed up Lance,” Shiro growled. He chokes and tries to muffle the sad wail with his hands. He knows. He knows he messed up. He knows its his own fault that his Master wants to replace him. He knows that he should be more like Keith, but he doesn’t know how. He feels the car rolling to a stop a few minutes later and sits up. Once again his muscles began shaking and he glanced at his Master. Unsurprisingly he is glaring at him and Lance could feel himself curling into himself at the look.

“Stay here,” he sighed. Lance once obeyed and watched his Master go towards the house, look back at him and start heading towards his side of the car. Not wanting to be dragged again he quickly exited and ran up beside him. Walking through the doorway; he knew that he needed to be prepared at anytime to be punished. Usually Master would let him have supper and then he would be punished, but he wasn’t sure about today. His Master seemed awfully upset with Lance since the beginning of the day. He glanced to the side trying to gauge Shiro’s expression and stopped when he noticed that he wasn’t there. He turned around and caught a glimpse of the man who was opening his mouth.

Pain. Pain. Pain.

Shiro walked forward past Lance into the kitchen. He made himself and Lance sandwiches and sat the demon’s on the table in the kitchen. He walked back into the living room and sat on the couch in front of Lance who was writhing around on the floor. He didn’t like seeing the demon in so much pain but he needed to learn what was and was not acceptable in the human world. This was the eighth punishment he had to give Lance in the last two weeks, including having to be rough with him during missions to get his point across. He watched Lance carefully as he finished his sandwich, making sure that the punishment was getting across, while still not causing too much distress. As he put the last bit of food in his mouth, he snapped his fingers and Lance went still. He slowly began pushing himself off of the ground and hesitantly looked up at Shiro.

“There’s a sandwich on the counter,” is all he said looking at the wall. He heard scampering feet leave the room and fade into the kitchen. He only looked away when he heard a notification go off on his phone. It was a text from Allura, he swiped and his messages popped up on the screen.

“Princess” Allura: Your examination time for tomorrow is at 2:00pm. Don’t be late and try to have Lance on his best behaviour, the priests are going to be here. Have a good night!!

Shiro sighed and leaned back on the cushion. He had been waiting for this day to come for years. The examination happened once every five years, for exorcists to have their demons examined for anything that may be ailing them. Shiro was hoping for them to cure Lance’s affinity with disobeying orders and if it came down to it, send him back to where he came from in order to summon a new familiar. He wiped a hand down his face and closed his eyes. Quiet steps were approaching him and he brought his attention to the demon standing stiffly in front of him. The anger hadn’t quite left him at that point, but it was overkill if he went any further.

“Our examination is at 2 at Headquarters tomorrow,” he announced sitting up. “Go get some sleep,” he nodded his head towards the stairs to the second floor. After a beat Lance padded towards the stairs and slowly climbed them. Before he disappeared to his room, he heard let out a quiet mumble. The same thing he had been saying since he arrived in Shiro house. He still doesn’t know what he is saying, at this point it doesn’t really matter either.


So much pain.

It hurts.

Please stop.


White-hot agony coursed through his veins. He was unaware of anything that was going on in the room around him. There was only him and the never-ending crushing feeling everywhere. Just as suddenly as it started, it stopped. Lance slumped over onto the floor with a near silent sob. Sweat dripped off of him and he shakily got his hands under him and pushed himself up onto his knees. His body was shaking with pain as he got up the courage to look at his Master.

“There’s a sandwich on the counter,” Shiro said looking away from him. Lance needed no other motivation before he was up and nearly sprinting out of the room away from him. He stopped in the kitchen and picked up the sandwich before sitting on the floor in the corner. As he took a bite he thought of his promise to Shiro, how he would try to be more like Keith but he couldn’t find the differences between the two of them. They both obeyed their orders and they both cared for their Masters. He took another bite of his sandwich and looked around the place that he has been calling home for five years now. He hoped that Master could find it in his heart to let him stay. Even if he was a bad familiar.

After he was finished with his food, he walked into the living room. Shiro was sitting on the couch with his eyes closed. He hesitantly walked forward, knowing that he had been angry with him all day. He stopped in front of him and tensed, not sure what to expect from him.

“Our examination is at 2 at Headquarters tomorrow,” he announced. Oh. Lance has been dreading this day for ages. It was the one time every five years that a demon could be sent back to Hell, and by the way his time with Shiro has been going, he suspected that he would be sent back without hesitation.

“Stay up all night,” he muttered nodding to the stairs. Lance paused for a second at the command but walked up the stairs regardless. At the top, he paused and looked back down at the exorcist.

“Good night Master, thank you,”

Lance could only utter a thank you to the fact that a lack of sleep doesn’t do much to him. He stared attentively out the windshield as they got closer to the Headquarters. He could see the tallest white and blue peak in the distance and could feel his ears press against his head. He wasn’t the biggest fan of the Headquarters, he could feel all of the other’s judgemental stares. He felt ashamed that he was causing them to be shot to his Master. It wasn’t his fault that he couldn’t listen right.

“We’re almost there Lance,” Shiro commented. It was the first time he spoke to Lance that day. He decided that he would avoid giving Lance commands, hopefully that would keep him on his best behaviour and they could get to the root of his problem. He stayed silent when they left the car, and walked down the halls towards the exam room. The whole time Lance kept himself scarce and made sure not to get in anyone’s way on the walk there.

“Oh, hello Shiro!” A cheery voice greeted them.

“Hi Shay,” Shiro replied with a grin of his own. She was standing with Hunk, Allura, and Keith. Both Shay and Allura walked up to Shiro leaving the three demons behind. Hunk and Keith both looked at Lance with thinly veiled eyes of anger.

“You really shouldn’t be taking advantage of Shiro’s kindness like you have,” Keith growled. Lance’s tail tucked between his legs as the fox demon stepped closer.

“I’m sorry, I don’t try to,” he whimpered putting his hands out in front of him. Keith let out a sigh and massaged the bridge of his nose.

“For the last time Lance; we don’t speak Enochian anymore, stop speaking it,” he muttered in frustration.

“B-but Master doesn’t want me to,” he stuttered out instead.

“Look Lance,” Hunk butted in, bumping Keith out of the way. “You’re a demon, we get it. We’re all demons, its much easier and leads to a better life if you just listen to Shiro,” he stated calmly. Lance went to answer but was interrupted by the doors of the exam room opening. Hunk and Keith rushed past knocking shoulders with him as they went to greet Pidge. He turned to look at them and bit his lip when an overwhelming feeling of loneliness crept into his stomach.

“Lance!” Shiro called. His ears perked up and the man gestured to the door with a wave. Immediately Lance walked over and through the doorway to the shock of the others in the room. Before Shiro could go through after him, Allura grabbed his elbow.

“When you’re done, we have a job to do,” he nodded in understanding and turned away. Lance was walking a couple feet ahead of him, and he quickly caught up to him. The room they were in was lit by an uncountable number of candles and covered in various demon wards and religious items. It was shaped like a pentagon with had a tall painted ceiling, and a intricate circle painted onto the ground. This was the only place in the continent where demons were allowed to be summoned or examined in anyway. The last time Shiro was here, was when they summoned Lance, the only difference was that the Head Priest was present. When Lance was summoned, the Head Priest had been away on a mission.

“So this is Lance,” he mused with a grin. Despite his title, the Head Priest was a gentle, and friendly old man. “Its nice to finally meet you,” he inclined his head. Lance returned it with a shaky nod and clasped his hands in front of him. The Head Priest gestured to the circle and Lance hurriedly walked into the centre. That gained another shocked look to fall on Shiro’s face. The Head Priest ignored him and began his chant, causing Lance to become limp where he stood and his eyes to brightly glow blue. After a few minutes he stopped chanting and looked over the circle to Shiro.

“Judging by the look on your face, I’m going to guess you’ve been having trouble with Lance’s obedience,” he said with a chuckle. Shiro sputtered for a few seconds before he could get the words out.

“Well, yes I have,” he said. “Actually from the moment he was summoned, he’s never been obedient,” he admitted. The Head Priest became confused and abandoned the circle to pick up a large leather-bound book. He brought it over to a table and gestured for Shiro to come over.

“What was the date of Lance’s summoning?” He asked opening the book.

“July 28th,” he stated unsure of what was going on. The Head Priest ignored him and flipped through the book to the date. Shiro could see on the page, his name, Lance’s name, various other information, and a picture of the summoning circle they used that day. He looked at the man, confused by what he was doing but he was only staring at the pages. After a few minutes of silence, the Head Priest let out a tired sigh and closed the book in front of him. He turned and started walking towards the circle again.

“Excuse me, but what is happening?” Shiro asked abandoning the table as well.

“Whomever your priest was that day, they drew the summoning circle incorrectly,” he informed him. He walked into the circle and carefully drew several more lines around Lance’s unmoving body.

“What?” Shiro cried.

“They drew the translation part of the circle wrong, it caused whatever you commanded Lance to do, to come out opposite to him,” he explained stepping out of the circle to his original spot. “You said that he hasn’t once obeyed you?” he asked.

“No, he hasn’t,” Shiro replied quietly.

“You have one devoted, obedient familiar then,” he said with a small smile. Shiro could only nod, not quite processing everything yet. The Head Priest started chanting again, the lines of the circle glowed blue around Lance, a wind swept up his hair and clothes. The Head Priest kept going for several minutes before the light faded and Lance fell to the ground in a heap. He twitched and pushed himself up, first looking at the priest and then to Shiro. Shiro looked at the Head Priest who nodded to him.

“Lance, come here,” he ordered softly. Lance immediately stood up and walked over to the man. He stopped in front of him and looked up as if waiting for his next command.

“From now on, speak English,” he said next. Lance’s eyes widened but he nodded in understanding.

“Do you understand? Yes or no?” He asked patiently.

“Yes,” Lance said hesitantly. He was confused why his Master would change his mind on the first rule he made but he wasn’t able to question him. Not when he would be able to talk with the other familiars now.

“Good,” he heard Shiro say. He closed his eyes when Shiro lifted his hand but they shot wide open in shock when it gently laid across the crown of his head. Shiro’s hand calmly pat Lance’s head in praise and shocked, happy tears filled his eyes. From the moment he had been summoned, all he wanted was to be praised by Shiro. Every battle, every wound, every command, he went through was to receive his acceptance and he had just done it.

“Lance, I’m sorry,” Shiro said. Lance looked up in confusion and cocked his head.

“What do you mean Master?” he asked.

“When you were summoned there was a mistake,” he started, leading him over to the book. “Every command you’ve been hearing from me has been wrong,” he explained showing him his circle. Lance thought about it for a second, every command running through his head like a movie. His hands flew up to his hair and he tugged on it in sudden anxiety.

“I haven’t obeyed you once,” he muttered in shock. Shiro looked down on him in worry and quietly grabbed his hands to get him to stop pulling it.

“That’s not true Lance, I know that you haven’t disobeyed me once,” he reassured him. He looked down at the floor shame crossing his face.

“I, on the other hand, have been punishing you unjustly,” he admitted looking into Lance’s eyes. “I will do everything in my power to make this life better for you,” he promised him. Lance looked at him in admiration and gave him a small nod.

“Now, do you think you’re up to taking down a demon?” He asked a strange mischievous sparkle in his eye. Lance gave him a small smirk.

“Hell yeah!”