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Alfred F Jones used to be a good Christian boy, living in a wonderful neighbourhood with his (un)happily married parents and twin brother, was in all the advanced classes in school, but then he injected marijuana ONCE under PEAR PRESSURE and this is what has become of him… only God can save him now…. 1 like = 1 thought…. 1 reblog = 1 PRAYER

Look what they did to you.

A monster? An assassin?

Losing yourself.

You are still my boy from Brooklyn

You are still “my Bucky”


bcdragons asked:

I was reading your Sputnik theory and I agree, except one thing. Yes, it does look like Bucky is fighting himself when he goes to shoot Tony. But, there's one thing I can think of that would make Bucky walk straight up to Tony and shoot him in the face. If somehow during the battle Tony intentionally (very unlikely) or inadvertently got Steve 'killed' (because they can't actually kill him... right?) Bucky would be pretty murderous.

Thank you!

I agree, if Steve died and if Tony was somehow inadvertently involved in it then he would be pretty murderous I’m sure. However, I feel like the setting of the scene, the way the characters look, and the way they are dressed would indicate that that isn’t the case. The major thing that throws me off of that idea is that Bucky seems to calm, too cool and collected, to be trying to kill a man for murdering his best friend. Tony is wearing a business suit in what looks like an official (maybe government idk) building, and dosen’t have a scratch on him or a hair out of place. I feel like if Steve were to die and Tony was inadvertently involved in it, it would be in a fight setting more like this:

With an angry Bucky that looked more like this:

Not that I’m implying that I think Steve might actually die because I would never

I get the feeling that the scene where Bucky is shooting at Tony happens early in the movie. Also, my friend pointed out that the look on Tony’s face before and during the shooting isn’t one of “oh you’re angry and I’m angry and we’re fighting” but more of a “dude what the hell where did this even come from” sort of surprised look. I can see it, but I don’t know if anyone else does?

I also really hope they don’t kill Steve, though it did happen in the comic books. Sputnik was taken from “Death of Captain America” after all. However, the Russos are changing a lot of things from the comic to make it better fit the movie, so here’s to hoping they decide to change how it ends as well!

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