I just told my dad that I was tired of him raging and ranting about the USA and how much he loves them and how the U.S. is such a wonderful place because I think England is better due to the things that happen in England versus the things that happen in America and guess what he fucking told me guess what the motherfucker told me.. “No Ashley, AMERICA IS SUPERIOR TO ENGLAND AND ITS THEIR FREEDOM DAY BE HAPPY AND CELEBRATE WITH ME” I live in England, my family originates from England and has never lived in America once. The 2 times I’ve ever been to America were from Coachella and after it was over I flew right home. Currently I’m in my room while my dad is out in the kitchen icing a cake to celebrate America’s freedom

honest to god ive been sitting like this 

for an hour straight, just thinking about the ending of Captain America bc like

what’s gonna happen in the third movie? is bucky gonna come back with horrible PTSD and Steve’s gonna take him under his wing and hide him in his apartment while hes trying to turn him into a somewhat functioning human being? is bucky gonna forget most of the things he and steve did as kids when steve tries to recreate the images? will he remove the red star from his metal arm? will he get a haircut??

Issues (Steve Rogers One-Shot)

“You’ve got to be kidding me? Then what happened?” You asked Dean. “What else would I do? I punched the guy in the face and ran.” He laughed and you joined in. “This was fun. We should do this again sometime.” You said, standing up and giving him a hug. “It was. We barley get to see each other.” He said.

“Saving the world, you know how that is.” You told him. “Yeah.” He chuckled. “But Sam and I don’t really come up to New York.” He told you. “Well, until we bump into each other.” You told him. He kissed your cheek and you kissed his as a goodbye.

After he left, you made your way to your car and drove to the Tower. It was getting late and you had a date with Steve. “Tony, did you finish the system?”You asked him as you stepped out the elevator and made your way to your room.

“Finished it hours ago, where we’re you?” He asked. “I met up with Dean.” You said. “I don’t like him.” Tony said. “Funny, he said the same thing about you.” You told him. “What about his brother?” Tony asked. “He was with some friends.” You said.

“Well, Cap has been looking for you.” He said as you walked into your bathroom and began to change. “Where’s the rest of the team?” You asked. “It New York City,they’re having fun.” Tony told you.

You then walked out the bathroom, “How do I look?” You asked. “Love the dress, dread the shoes.” He told you. You kicked off the red heels and he threw you some black pump. “Go.” He told you and you walked out your room and made your way to the Penthouse.

When you got there, Steve was watching the television and turned to you. “You ready to go?” You asked him. “You wanna talk about this?” He pointed at the monitor.
It had a picture of you and Dean kissing on the cheek. You groaned, “I know how this looks, but let me explain.” You told him. “Explain what? That you’re cheating on me?” He shouted.

“Do you really think that low of me?” You asked. “I don’t know what to think anymore.” He scoffed. “Would you calm down and let me explain?” You said. “I spent so much time on you, Y/N. I opened myself up to you and in return you go behind my back and do this?” He shouted.

“Why couldn’t you be more like Peggy? At least she’s loyal!” He shouted at you and your eyes began to water. “You know what, Rogers? You can fuck yourself! If you won’t listen or even trust me then clearly we shouldn’t be together!” You yelled at him, threw the nearest vase at him and stormed out.

“Dean? You still in town?” You asked as he answered the phone. “Yeah? What’s wrong?” He asked. “Meet me at the bar on 8th?” You asked. “Already here.” He said. “I’ll be there in five.” You told him, getting into your car and speeding away.

“What the hell did you do?” Tony asked Steve. Steve was on the couch with his head in his heads. “I screwed up.” He told Tony. “What did you say?” He asked. “I compared her to Peggy.” Steve said.

Tony then punched he in the face. Steve fell on the ground. “That was for my sister, you asshole.” Tony said then walked off to find you.

“…and then he compared me to his ex-girlfriend. What kind of asshole does that?” You said as you took another shot. “He’s an idiot, Y/N.” Sam told you. “Yeah, if he doesn’t trust you, then he doesn’t deserve you.” Dean said.

“You guys are the best.” You told them. “Maybe you should lay off the liquor.” Sam joked. “Nah, keep telling me how awesome I am.” Dean told you. Tony then entered the bar and saw you sitting with Sam and Dean.

“Y/N, are you okay?” He asked as he sat down next to you. “I’m jolly.” You said sarcastically. “Steve, he’s an idiot. I punched him for you.” He said proudly. “He told you what he said?” You asked.

“Yeah, and he feels terrible about it.” Tony said. “He should be.” Sam said. “Ha, yeah.” Dean said as he drank from his bottle. “Winchester.” Tony said. “Stark.” Dean told him. “Why do you guys hate each other?” You asked.

“Long story.” Dean said. “Which we don’t have time for because we’re going back to the Tower.” Tony told you. “I’m not talking to that douche.” You told him.

“You don’t have to, maybe throw some punches.” Tony said. “And I’m definitely not leaving you with him.” He told you. “Fine, but who’s gonna take my car?” You asked. “I’ll get it in the morning. C'mon.” He said.

You said your goodbyes to the brothers and then Tony helped you to his car and drove to the Tower. “You know what we should do?” You asked him as he helped you out the car.

“What?” Tony asked, walking into the Tower and towards the elevator. “We should build an amusement park.” You said. “That’s ridicu-” He then stopped himself. “Talk to me when you’re 100% sober.” He said.

Tony and You got to the Penthouse and saw that Steve was still sitting on the couch, with a black eye. “Y/N, are you okay?” He asked, worried and ran towards you.

“Stay the hell away from me.” You said, pushing yourself off Tony and away from Steve. “Please, Y/N. I’m sorry.” He begged. “For what? Accusing me of being a whore or comparing to your ex?” You asked.

“For everything. I’ll listen.” He said. “You should have! Dean is just a friend.” You told him. “Yeah man. They’ve been best friends for like ten years.” Tony said.

“You’re right, I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” He said. “Why? You clearly thought you spent so much time on me, why don’t you go to Peggy?” You asked.

“She’s drunk, Cap. Maybe you two should have this talk tomorrow morning.” Tony said. “No, let’s have it right here. Steve, I liked you. I really did. Then you accused me of cheating on you. I don’t think whatever we had will work.” You told him.

“Y/N please, I love you.” He told you, with tears falling down his eyes. Just as you were about to speak, you passed out on the floor. “I’ll take her to her room and you guys can finish this later.” Tony told Steve.

be all my sins remembered

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by Carthage

Bucky steps a little closer. Dares to rest his chin on Steve’s shoulder. Warmth, and the rise and fall of Steve breathing.

“What would you want?”

“To take care of you.” He grips Bucky’s limp left hand, thumb brushing across the back of his hand, the machinery there. “For you to let me take care of you.”

Bucky lets himself rest his forehead on Steve’s shoulder, drops his hand to rest on Steve’s hip.

“All right.”

Words: 11058, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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