Pairing: Steve x reader

Word count: ?????????????? I never know don’t ask me

Warnings: none (angry y/n. I mean…. I would be too… Steve you ass..)

A/n: I’m writing this quick as hell for the anon that always checks on me. This one’s for you love ❤️ I hope you’re alright with a female reader. You mentioned bacon and I came up with this so ya know, that’s what happens. And this is featuring #42 from my prompts list

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“So this was all a lie?” 

“Y/n are you serious? Baby come on,” Steve sighed.

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52 and 60 with steve? :) thank you!

52. “Oh my god. You’re in love with her.” & 60. “No– wait, don’t!”

The quinjet whirred quietly beneath the low conversations of everyone who was assigned on the mission and the view beyond the cockpit of the aircraft was breathtaking, but Steve paid no heed to the sight as he sat and idly eavesdropped on a conversation between you and Natasha.

He rest his chin under his thumb, middle finger placed over his lips, and forefinger lying on his cheekbone as his gaze flitted over your features. Steve thought of what it would be like to draw you, if he would use pencil or paint to capture your beauty, and all the colors he would mix to perfect it. He couldn’t imagine what it would really feel like to know you beyond just being a close comrade and friend, but a man can dream.

“Can you stare any longer?”

Steve straightened up and swiveled in his chair, looking up at Sam who was smirking down at him before gesturing over at you and Natasha. Steve tried to summon an excuse, but only sighed and offered a ‘you caught me’ smile. “It’s that obvious?”

Sam nodded his head. “Give or take. You picturing Y/N with clothes off or what?”

“N-No.” Steve’s eyes widened, “I would–She’s only a friend, Sam.” He brushed a gloved hand through his tousled hair and leaned onto his knees with his elbows, trying to hide his blushing while hoping Sam would believe him.

“Cap, this hasn’t been a one time thing,” Sam chuckled. “You’re not a discreet dude.”

“Sam, I can’t help it.” He gazed back over to where you were now buckling on a parachute with Natasha messing with her comms.

“ETA ninety seconds!” Bucky announced.

Steve rose to his feet and picked up his shield from where it rest next to his chair, switching the controls for arrival on the aircraft. He accompanied Sam to gear up. 

“You can talk Barnes and I’s ear just about off over her and–oh my god. You’re in love with her.” Sam’s realization made Steve stop breathing, his eyes flickering to your form to make sure you were out of earshot. Steve focused terribly on grabbing his helmet and getting over to the ramp that was lowering as the quinjet descended to land. Sam clipped his wingpack on and pat the Captain’s shoulder, a wide smile on his face. “I’ll tell her if you don’t, so you better think about it.”

The team was racing off into the forest and Steve couldn’t catch Sam before he’d taken to the sky, jogging off the ramp and yelling, “No–wait, don’t!” He paused and huffed, knowing he needed to catch up with everyone else, but you were standing waiting for him with your arms crossed over your chest.

“You okay?” you asked.

Steve only nodded.

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May I please ask how the allies would react to a baby owl hitting their window? Hetalians check on it, and Baby owl is ok but it keeps glaring at them like "how dare you have a window there! And I hate your interior decoration!"

Well that is just rude little owl! -Admin Jay and Sarah

France: “How dare you not like what my home looks like! It’s not my fault you ran into a window”
One word. Triggered. At first Francis would rush over to the window and carefully help the little owl stand, but as soon as the owl began to glare at him, obviously judging him, he would quickly become offended with the little owls stares. What is wrong with his decoration!? He put hard work into that!

Canada: “Are you okay?….Why are you staring at me?…”
Matthew would rush over to check on the owl, making sure that it was okay and could still fly, though when the owl started staring at him he would nervously laugh before scratching the back of his head. He wouldn’t know why exactly the owl was staring at him…Was he doing something wrong?… Or did the owl not like him?…Either way, he’d over think it but soon let the little owl go back outside and fly way, though he’d still be confused why the owl was staring at him…Did he have something in his teeth?…

Russia: “Hey there, little one! Next time, do not be trying to hit window!”
Ivan would check on the owl and pat it’s head, though when the little owl would start to stare at him he’d blink a few times before staring back. It wasn’t his fault the little guy flew into his window, and if anyone was going to with the staring contest, it would be him. As soon as the owl backed down Ivan would stand up before opening the window again so he could fly away.

America: “Oh poor little dude…hey don’t be mad at me for the window being there. I can give you a snack?…”
Alfred would jump at the sound of the owl hitting the window before rushing to the little owl’s aid and taking care of it. Though once it started staring, Alfred would bite his lip and shrug before giving it a piece of whatever he was eating as a peace offering. After a bit he would nervously chuckle and smile at the owl before grabbing a jacket and making a little nest for the owl to chill in as he leaves the window open so it can fly away if it wants. If not, he is totally down with having a small owl pet. The more friends the merrier right?

England: “Oh dear me! How hard did you hit that window? I must have cleaned it too well…”
Arthur would gently pick up the owl and bring it inside as he carefully tended to it and gave it a small snack. He would give it one of his sweaters to nest in as he carefully checked it for wounds, but once it started staring he would shake his head and chuckle. “Is classic Victorian not your style? I do have a lovely bay window for you to sit in…” And true enough to his word, he would slowly move the owl’s makeshift nest into his room with the bay window so the owl could look outside but be cozy in it’s new nest. After ensuring that the owl is okay, Arthur would open the window so the owl could fly off if it chose to. He would not want to prevent such a beautiful creature from rejoining what family it could have out there…but he wouldn’t mind some company in his house…

China: “Aiyah! Are you okay?! Come here, I can fix you up.”
Yao would immediately take in the little owl and make sure it didn’t hurt itself in the impact. Soon he would start feeding it and playing with it around his house as he laughs and smiles. It was just too cute! It had to be fate giving him a new friend! Though if the owl started to stare around his house he would raise an eyebrow and shake his head as he leaned down to face the owl and smiled, “I know…it’s an old style, but I like it. I can make you a little corner if you prefer!”

Ya no se pueden dar besos en lugares públicos, donde sí se puede hacer campaña a los políticos. Si lo estudiamos, notamos que el amor está en segundo plano, excepto el amor por lo que tengamos claro; como el carro, la casa y toda esa paja que no nos podremos llevar cuando durmamos en la caja.

Y la felicidad qué - Canserbero (Vida, 2010).

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May I please ask how the allies would react to Dug the dog from up, coming up to them and saying, "Hi, I'm Dug! I just met you, but I love you!" in a cute doggy way<3?

Ah! This is too cute! We love Doug the Dog, well…we love dogs… -Admin Jay and Sarah

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France: “You’re…kind of cute…”

Francis would blink a few times before awkwardly patting his head. He’s not the type for high energy dogs, and he loves his little dogs, so having Doug run around and follow him would be a bit confusing, but, hey, he is a cute dog, so Francis wouldn’t mind too much. Also, who wouldn’t want a dog who talks?

Canada: “Are you..talking…? And are you talking to me?”
Matthew would be shocked that a dog, a real dog, was talking, but be more shocked that said dog was talking to him. Matthew would end up sitting down with Doug and scratching behind his ears or on his belly. He’d think the big goof would actually be pretty cute. He’s loveable and snuggly, what more would somebody want?

Russia: “You are reminding me much of Alfred…”
Ivan would take one good look at Doug and listen to his voice before slightly frowning. It’s Alfred. As a dog. Joy. After a few moments though he’d end up petting Doug and patting his head, even giving him a snack if he had one with him. He’ll admit, Doug is cute, but still reminds him way too much of Alfred. In the end he’d send him Alfred’s way since Alfred would love to have another one of himself to talk to…

China: “Oh you are too cute! A little loud, but cute! I love you too!
Yao would love how adorable Doug is and how loving he is. Though, the amount of energy Doug brings with him would be a bit of a turn off, since Yao doesn’t have a lot of energy to keep up with the large dog. But he would scratch behind his ears and his tummy as he smiles and laughs. He would make sure Doug finds a good home, probably with one of his friends, and would see him every so often, but his house does not have enough room for a big energy ball like Doug.

England: “Oh dear…hello there…Doug, is it? My, don’t you have a lot of energy…”
Arthur would look at Doug and immediately think of Alfred. He is more of a cat person, and is not ashamed to admit it. Having a rambunctious dog like Doug around would stress him out and probably wreck his pristine house, so Arthur would pass him to Alfred after giving Doug a few pets and talking with him. Even though he is not a dog person, he would get a quick laugh out of talking to Doug before it grew old since it would be basic conversation. He would be a little sad after giving Alfred the energetic pup, but he knows it would be better for Doug since Arthur knows he is more on the “grumpy” side, as Alfred puts it.

Dog + Alfred = Heaven. Alfred and Doug are literally the same being. Alfred would be crying for joy as he plays with Doug and talks with him. He would be constantly praising Doug and training him to be his perfect companion. Not to mention, he would love to study the collar that enables Doug to talk. It would be an invention he would love to give to all his pets, so he can talk to them all and have friends around all the time. This is a match made in heaven and the two would be inseparable.