So, Newt has red plaid socks and i am totally going back to see if I can spot any of the guitars in the lab… lol, Burn in Hermannesque voice talking about playing a recorder slays me… why had i not found this gem before! I really hope they return for the sequel.

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Do you a remember a fanfic in which john and sherlock are lovers while john is with mary and they have sex while Mary is having the baby and then John, angry because he has miss the birth, wants Sherlock to punish him by penetrating him? Sorry for this description but it's the only that I rembember xdd.

sorry nonny I’ve not read this one yet, but it’s sounds like something I would read!

maybe @cupidford @theconsultingredhead @totallysilvergirl can help??

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XDD haha the 16 personality tupes? Like the ENPJ and that stuff 🙈

Ooookay! For a moment you were just saying ‘personality types’ the way people shout ‘ketchup’ at grocers without clarification XD XD. I’m also very slow.

SO! Personality types for the Berk Teens is what you were asking? Well I’ve actually been asked this before. I’ll copy paste it again with some minor revisions:

Note: the proper way to do this would be to re-take the test each time as the character, but I ain’t got time for that. So this was quick’n’dirty assignments. Also: I didn’t go by the overall ‘title’ I went by each letter.

As stated in the link @elfpen did a really pretty one here, which I love all but for Hiccup

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hi!! im looking for this xiuhan(?) fic where xiu was a tree and luhan would always come to cry at the bottom of xius trunk or w/e becayse his father was shitty. xiu wanted to talk to lu but he couldnt so he turned into a fox or deer? and then into a human. i remember lu gave xiu the name minseok in the fic. the story told them growing up togehter? then luhan had to fight in a war and he never came back. it may have been on aff.. im sorry that's all i can remember, i hope you can help me! :( <3

this is definitely Kodama by jinwonzi

- alexa

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