youinmyhoodnowson  asked:

really? how many times have you given yourself food poisoning???

Ok, two times at family thanksgiving dinners, once during Christmas dinner, there were the two times I ate badly cooked bacon, also the pizza I tried to make too, and the couple of times i’ve just started to learn how to make pasta too. Lots of upset stomachs and puking in my life…

Hello yes my heart is ready to be taken

seriously tho, where did anyone ever get the idea that Kaiba would be the Suave and Experienced and Confident one in any given ship

he’s……….a nerd

a nerd with no social skills and intimacy issues

who goes out of his way to avoid entering into friendships, much less relationships, and spends every waking hour either working or playing a trading card game, and thinks his dragon jet is unironically cool

if he ever managed to actually get a date he’d be the most awkward fumbling dork ever