I keep rewatching my favourite DR scenes and definitely one of my faves is this scene in episode 10 where Kiri shows Naegi the key she stole from monobear, so that he can distract him while she investigates and he is so worried for her safety and reluctant, to the point where he makes her pinky swear that she’ll return safely. he still goes through with it though and tries his hardest for her and i think the scene just perfectly shows how much their relationship has developed?? they become so communicative and devoted to each other and ugH I’M CRYING 

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Got any cute ark AUs or fics where Bellamy is jealous of Finn? BTW You're blog is amazing! 💛💙💜💚❤



+ jealous bellamy tag!

+ ark au tag!

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I just read this fic called "Unexpected," and I really, really liked the concept: Hermione and Draco have a secret relationship and have to sneak around Hogwarts. Are there any other fics like it?

Unexpected is written by this blog’s co-owner @hexrmionegranger & @mariieschrader you have good taste :) x

Title: Clean
Author: olivieblake
Summary: Malfoy’s handsome face was contoured into a condescending smirk. “No faith in that giant brain of yours, Granger?” She looked up at him defiantly. “Maybe I don’t have faith in you!” she said, raising her voice. Malfoy only looked at her. “You’ll find I’m very surprising.” Dramione AU, Year 6 with a slow burn and a killer twist. Book I of “This World or Any Other” series. COMPLETE.
Rating: M

Title: Secret Burden

Author: CherryTwister
Summary: Hermione and Draco have been together secretly since their fifth year. Now they are Head Boy and Girl, but the secrecy of their relationship could tear them apart.
Rating: M

Title: Inosculation
Author: DragonAndPhoenixForNaNo
Summary: When circumstances force Hermione to put her fate in the hands of Draco Malfoy, she doesn’t think any good will come of it. Only time will tell whether she’s right… HG/DM. EWE.
Rating: T

Title: D is for ?
Author: cleotheo
Summary: When Hermione accidentally leaves her diary behind, her two best friends and their girlfriends can’t resist taking a peek. They discover that Hermione is romantically involved with someone, but the only clue to their identity is the letter D. They make a guess as to the identity of D but when they discover they’re wrong they set out to find the truth.
Rating: T

Anyone else has more?

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I'm looking for fics that are set in season 1 where they start off not liking each other, but over time they become solid friends and then lovers. thank youuu!

+ s1 & enemies (to friends) to lovers tags!

Google is search. It’s the verb, to Google. It’s what we all do, all the time, whenever we want to know anything. We Google it. The site handles at least 63,000 searches a second, 5.5bn a day. Its mission as a company, the one-line overview that has informed the company since its foundation and is still the banner headline on its corporate website today, is to “organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. It strives to give you the best, most relevant results. And in this instance the third-best, most relevant result to the search query “are Jews… ” is a link to an article from, a neo-Nazi website. The fifth is a YouTube video: “Why the Jews are Evil. Why we are against them.”

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Do you know any tips, posts, or blogs for writing autistic characters?

I think there are some masterposts on tumblr about writing autistic characters, but I don’t remember where. If I’ll come across any soon, I’ll reblog it here.

For general advice and tips, I think it depends a lot on whether you’re autistic or not yourself. I’m autistic and I’m currently writing a novel with an autistic protagonist, and it’s not easy. For me the challenging part is to make autism a significant part of the character’s personality (as autism is a significant part of my identity) but not so much that he, the protagonist, is nothing more than an archetype or a walking collection of traits. I’m also very careful with stereotypes, as some are actually pretty common and apply to a lot of us, while others are wrong and harmful and those I’m trying to avoid. I don’t know if I’m doing a good job, people who have read the seven chapters I posted can let me know.

If your character is not a white nonverbal boy obsessed with trains or math or physics, that’s already a plus. Seriously. If they are not a young white man who has three PhDs and likes science more than people, that’s a plus too. Those two types of characters are tremendously overused so anything different from that: a female autistic character, a non-white autistic character, an autistic character that isn’t a scientist or a genius, etc - is a turn in a right direction.

Things that autistic people always want to see in characters are: someone who has a non-STEM special interest, someone who actually likes people and wants to be around them despite the difficulties, someone who is treated with respect and accepted by other characters, someone who has healthy romantic and/or sexual relationships (but also canon ace and/or aro characters are important, so both are good), someone who is not just a joke but a real, important part of the story.

I think if you’re confused and need advice, autistic people are always the best experts, and asking questions is totally okay. And if my followers have anything to add, please do! I’m sure we are not the only ones working on fiction with an autistic character.

france pls
  •  Cardboard medals
  • Laminated Cardboard medals
  • Digital Flags waving
  • (like. on a screen. there were no real physical flags there.)
  • Digital Flags waving overlayed on the skater face
  • Digital Flags freezing
  • Bouquets with literally 3 flowers in them
  • The smallest and most dangerous podium ever
  • (yuzu and shoma shaking on said podium)
  • (it was disco podium tho)
  • overall poor planning
  • just. the girls wearing all black at the ceremony. like come on this is France isn’t everything about fashion there

tl;dr this gpf was super ghetto. the most ghetto. rip france i don’t know you anymore

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Bellarke Christmas fanfics?

anon said: hey you! please give me some christmas bellarke fic?? i’m thirsty for it, thankss ps: i love this blog, it’s so organized and you guys r super helpful, whenever i feel anxious at night i come here to read til i fall asleep. great job, thanks a lot!

anon said: Could you make a list with some christmast bellarke fanfics please? thank you<3

+ christmas tag!


“Look out, captain, there’s a flock of squid swarming the ship!” Zinnia shouted.

“Don’t you mean a shoal of squid?”

“Who am I, Juliana Berners?”

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Ok AU where all the male characters with long hair have short hairstyles and Roy is the only male with long hair

Okay I think you sent this in jest, Nonny, and frankly I think it would be hilarious to see Roy being incredibly dramatic with his long, black hair flowing in the wind while putting short-haired!Ed and company to shame, but please consider him wearing his hair like


Because I would totally be here for it 😏 


Two more! First one is for them big occasions.

I like keeping his color scheme to just shades of blue, gold and cream/white. Since I started this blog, I wanted it to be really graphic because 99% I’ll fail at drawing him beautiful or anatomically correct so at last I’ll make him color-wise pleasurable!
And I also enjoy his skin being grey. His actual color skin is a nice cappuccino brown, but the first time I portrayed him it was on paper and I only had grey copic markers to paint him with so I kept grey even when painting him digital.

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Hold up, what kinda malware are we talking on kissanime?

there’s a fake site called while the real site,, is currently down at the moment. their site has been down for two days so far and they’re working on it to fix their site.

if you login through, you will mostly likely get malware. (idk what kind of malware you would get though, sorry)