Similar Images #61. Version 2.

A feature on Google allows users to do a search with an image, not text. This ongoing project uses that feature as a means of play and exploration into wordless storytelling. I dropped the first image into a Google Image Search window. The rest appeared as ”visually similar images” on the results page.

piglet9810 asked:

What's your favourite Ikkayumi moment? Or the moment that you wished had happened?

Oh my, pack your lunchbox - we are going on a field trip with this!

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tvmaster2000 asked:

Do you think Hope got into that sort of relationship with a girl growing up? Who would initiate the relationship? How would Lightning react? How would Hope react? Part 2 That's all I got right off the top my head.

  • Do you think Hope got into that sort of relationship with a girl growing up?: I’m like 99′9999999999% sure he didn’t. Back in XIII-2, he was really awkward even as an adult when he realized he ended up holding Serah’s hands or whenever Alyssa got too touchy with him. Hope was also a workaholic back then, devoted to his research, and he told us the reason both in-game and in the post-LR novel: previous to Serah and Noel’s visit, he was trying to find where Lightning was after learning from Snow that she might still be alive around two years earlier, and after that, he believed if he kept working for saving the world, he’d meet her again, and he only had to wait until then. Plus, Hope’s a rather obsessive lad, and it doesn’t help a certain piece of advice he received from Light: “Focus in your ultimate goal, and shut out everything else.” There’s also the fact that Bhunivelze chose him, and he’s got a knack for purity; yeah, he regressed Hope into an “innocent” form, but unlike young women, in religion, men can only be considered “pure” if they’re children, and knowing Bhuni, he’d be quite picky with his vessel to be the most perfect one. There’s also the underlying but constant comparison LR does between Snow and Hope, the definitive moment when the Farron sisters call them to go with them to the new world, and Snow remained loyal to Serah all the time they stayed apart; going by parallels, Hope did the same.
  • Who would initiate the relationship?: if we take LR’s epilogue in consideration, it’s Lightning who is taking the plunge, despite all the fanworks in which it’s the other way around. Justified since she’s had like more than a year to think about it and be sure of what she wants and what she feels. Unlike Hope, who after all the things he went through, has become quite a loner, as seen in the novels. 
  • How would Lightning react?: she looked rather eager for that reunion with Hope in the epilogue if you ask me.
  • How would Hope react?: the impression Hope gave me in the novel is that instead of searching actively for Lightning, he’s rather waiting for her to come to him. He asks Aoede to find her, but that’s how he is. He’s not going with her. Considering how things ended up when he tried to go after her, I wouldn’t be surprised if this time he left the choice in Light’s hands. A letter is shown over Lightning’s suitcase in the epilogue, so I’m guessing Hope sent it to her, telling her where she could find him if she wanted to meet him.

And that’s all. If you guys have any more questions and want to ask me, I’d be glad to do my best trying to answer.

Lillipilli NEW POLL

samantha8982 and simmersticious both have very passionate fans, both received a huge amount of votes, since there is suspected spamming and to make sure this is completely fair to both parties I’ve made a new poll, I will be asking whoever loses if they’d like to have their spouse stay on for the next gen spouse so no one loses, so the situation is kind of “vote for who you think should go first” please vote here and vote honestly!

I don’t like social media.

Can I go back to the days where artists collaborated and shared ideas in cafes, jazz clubs, and salons, and then returned to work and make work and make their living.

Social media doesn’t prove that someone’s living, only that they’re posting. That’s a pathetic substitution. I don’t have time for this. I don’t want to make time for it.

The work will still be here, still coming, but you don’t need my feed buzzing to know this.

Morning thoughts.