You may not think you’re a hero,
But you’ve saved me so many times.
I couldn’t have made it through this year
Without you always by my side.

You’re always there to make me laugh,
Even when I’m a wreck inside.
You’re no doubt my other half,
On this crazy wild ride.

I wish that you could see yourself just as I do.
Those sweet blue eyes that changed my world,
And your love that made me feel new.
I’m by far the luckiest girl,
To be so deeply loved by you.

—  K.N.B.
What are scientists up to in your national marine sanctuaries?

In Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, researchers are kicking off an expedition to explore the sanctuary’s deep-sea ecosystems!

Using a remotely operated vehicle, scientists from Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary will explore the sanctuary’s deep-water ecosystems. Photo: Charleston Lab

Located off the coast of Southern California, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary protects remarkable biodiversity, productive ecosystems, and sensitive species and habitats. But more than a quarter of this ocean treasure remains unmapped and little-explored. This month, a research expedition will change that.

Throughout April and May, a team of NOAA-led researchers will explore the sanctuary’s deep seafloor environment. Deep-sea environments like those in Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary provide nurseries and habitat for commercially-important species such as lobster, squid, and sea urchins. Some deep coral reefs may also produce chemicals that could be key to the next generation of medicines. However, these habitats are under threat. The two-week cruise on board the NOAA Ship Bell M. Shimada will shine a light on how these ecosystems are impacted by a variety of stresses facing them, such as ocean acidification.

When we burn fossil fuels like oil and gas, we release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. When the ocean absorbs this carbon dioxide, chemical reactions occur that reduce seawater pH and the amounts of available calcium carbonate minerals. This is known as ocean acidification. Calcium carbonate minerals are the building blocks for the skeletons and shells of many marine organisms, including deep-sea corals.

Lophelia pertusa (white coral at left and lower-right) is a deep-sea coral that is sensitive to ocean acidification. Photo: NOAA

2014 survey results indicate that corals in Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary are already experiencing effects from ocean acidification, and waters in this area are projected to become even more acidic. Corals support extensive fish and invertebrate populations, including commercially-fished species, so it is important to monitor the potentially harmful effects ocean acidification has on deep-sea corals. Using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), the ocean acidification team will collect samples of Lophelia pertusa, a stony reef-building deep-sea coral found in the sanctuary. Researchers will also monitor water chemistry in and around reefs to help measure local effects of increased carbon dioxide emissions and to assess this ecosystem’s overall vulnerability to ocean acidification.

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Adrinette 2

“Have you lost your damn mind!?

“Look,” said Marinette, flustering at Alya’s outburst, “it’s not actually that much! Just one little lineup and I might be chosen to have my designs modeled by Adrien.”

Girl,” said Alya, rubbing her temples as she looked at the requirements of the contest.

And, okay, maybe it was a little much, but… if she could just win…

Adrien, aiming bedroom eyes at the camera as he lounged in a leather jacket she’d designed.

Adrien, smiling softly as he wrapped a sweater of her make tighter around himself.

Adrien, posing in flawlessly tailored skinny jeans and holding a puppy against an open-cut shirt that she’s had in her mind for ages

Marinette sighed, caught halfway between wistfulness and drooling.

“You’re gonna regret this,” Alya warned.

Marinette begged to differ.


the great eruri giveaway!!!

come one, come all. i finally got my shit together from my 300 followers, and now i’m at 500, and i’m pretty sure nobody even took this seriously. well GET SERIOUS, and GET READY.

ok enough hype. i’ve collected several pieces of merchandise and some pieces of artwork from our lovely eruri community to give YOU, THE FANS. OF ERURI. THAT’S US. as a big thank you for being the best community in the dig doggity dangity world. i love you jerks so much. so you want this shit? read below for rules and breakdown of prizes.

how to participate

  • only reblogs count as entries 
  • 1 reblog per person, but you can reblog as many times as you want (if you want to promote but not participate, please tag with “no entry” or whatever)
  • must be 18 years or older
  • must like eruri
  • must be able to accept packages from sad old women (that’s me)
  • against my better judgement, international entries are allowed (shipping from the states). you accept custom fees, though. and if i get a lot of international winners, i will need to stagger out the shipping because it’s gonna be expensive. :|
  • you don’t need to be following me, but wow why would you not? i post so much eruri, where the fuck would you be without me? lmao

the shit

1st prize: the otp

  • Traditionally colored piece with matching ficlet based on a prompt of your choice* (example [x]); original sent to you as well
  • Two smutty, long doujin; one by Sable
  • Erwin and Levi official merch key holders
  • Cute Eruri fairy bottle charm by @identitypollution
  • Postcard sized prints by yours truly and @aileine
  • OTP Weiss Schwarz cards

2nd prize: the commander

  • pencil sketch with matching ficlet based on a prompt of your choice* (example [x]); original sent to you as well
  • Two smutty doujin; one by Sable
  • Erwin official merch key holder
  • T-rex-chan necklace
  • Postcard sized prints by yours truly and @aileine
  • Commander(s) and the liege Weiss Schwarz cards

3rd price: the captain

  • A ficlet based on a prompt of your choice*
  • Two smutty doujin; one by Sable
  • Levi official merch key holder
  • Postcard sized prints by yours truly and @aileine
  • Captain Levi and his squad Weiss Schwarz cards

* Prompts are to be short simple requests (like my tea times). I do not do omegaverse and mpreg. I might be opposed to some other things too, but we’ll have to see and negotiate at the time.
** Not pictured and included in each list are stickers that I’m waiting to come in from @160x188, @nyranin, and @aileine. They will be distributed throughout the tiers evenly.

and the winners are…

going to be announced on may 16th, 2017. i will use a random number generator to make the decision based on the single entry reblogs. please make sure to have your asks or messangers active. if you do not respond by may19th your spot will be forfeit to the next winner. i hope to have everything shipped out and created by mid-june.

so how about it? gimme a reblog, fam!

Penny is pretty scary to kids normally but in the Theater of Flesh she’s a way better alternative than the average resident. 

Steve, Bucky, and touch

Can you imagine how charged physical contact has to be for Steve and Bucky, after everything?

In one corner, you have Bucky Barnes, who went seventy years without experiencing or getting to express any kind of affection. He’s such a loving person. There’s no way he’s not touch-starved and full of pent-up tenderness. In the other corner, you have Steve Rogers, who lost and grieved and mourned Bucky. Grief is such a visceral, physical thing – the times that I’ve lost loved ones, the knowledge that I’d never hug them again broke me over and over. There’s no way Steve hasn’t thought, “What wouldn’t I do to have him close just one more time?” 

Then, you throw in their massive guilt complexes, and the fact that the first time they touched in the new century they were both thrown into, it was violence. You know Steve has nightmares about choking Bucky out on that helicarrier, and that Bucky tortures himself thinking about almost beating Steve to death. And then the saving each other! Steve knows that Bucky’s hands are the hands that pulled him from the water and didn’t let him drown. Bucky knows that Steve’s hands threw down the shield and cast aside everything to haul Bucky up and take him to safety. 

They were so casual and affectionate before the fall and the ice, but now? Every touch has to be a fucking prayer, a song – a broken Hallelujah. One touch probably turns into four, escalates into making out and tearing off clothes against the nearest wall. The lack of hugging in CA:CW wasn’t for lack of want – it was from too much want, too much meaning. 

Personally, this is what I’ll be thinking about in the very likely event that they no-homo don’t touch in the next movie. When Steve grabs Bucky’s shoulder the one time, or whatever, remember that Bucky’s probably thinking, ‘Be cool, man. Wilson will never let us live it down if he catches us in public again.’