In the words of the Simpsons

i am so excited to finally be able to tell you that my first ever book is going to be coming out this year and it is called motivational quotes to help you be more positive and it is a book that has got loads of my pictures and words inside of it that i hope will help you feel more positive about your life and i hope that it will make you smile as well and if you want to have a pre order of it then just do a click on this bit and then the post man will bring it to your house and slide it through your letterbox like he is sliding a slice of me through your letterbox for you to keep beside you for the rest of your life. love from your friend Chris (Simpsons artist) xox

In other words, if we stay in the present and do the best job we can at that moment, we do not need to worry about the results of our efforts. They will take care of themselves.
—  Dr. Stephen Simpson
  • Q:  Louis Simpson criticized your poetry, saying, “A poem titled ‘Menstruation at Forty’ was the straw that broke this camel’s back.” Is it only male critics who balk at your use of the biological facts of womanhood? 

  • A:  I haven’t added up all the critics and put them on different teams. I haven’t noticed the gender of the critic especially. I talk of the life-death cycle of the body. Well, women tell time by the body. They are like clocks. They are always fastened to the earth, listening for its small animal noises. Sexuality is one of the most normal parts of life. True, I get a little uptight when Norman Mailer writes that he screws a woman anally. I like Allen Ginsberg very much, and when he writes about the ugly vagina, I feel awful. That kind of thing doesn’t appeal to me. So I have my limitations, too. Homosexuality is all right with me. Sappho was beautiful. But when someone hates another person’s body and somehow violates it–that’s the kind of thing I mind 

Anne Sexton - from an interview with Barbara Kevles

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for some reason i can't explain, this is truly great. i never tohught 'the simpsons' would be so aesthetic

haha, i think it’s more about the oldschool seasons, now they are not so amazingly weird. anyway, thanks a lot for these words!