In my opinion it is one of the best ever


List of Favourite Characters - Margaret Hale

“I wish I could tell you how lonely I am. How cold and harsh it is here. Everywhere there is conflict and unkindness. I think God has forsaken this place. I believe I have seen hell and it’s white, it’s snow-white.”

ok so with the recent reveal of the brand new netflix daredevil trailer, i’ve had a lot more asks from people on where to start reading daredevil. my rec list is a bit unorthodox, but i have my reasons so if you want to take me up on my recs and my weird way of tackling it, here you go!

daredevil volume 3 (2011 - 2014) by mark waid/chris samnee/javier rodriguez

daredevil: road warrior (2014) by mark waid/peter krause

daredevil volume 4 (2014 - current) by mark waid/chris samnee/matt wilson

note: mark waid’s run is a good introduction to matt because it catches you up on previous events without bogging you down with too much detail. you’re not confused about what happened in past volumes because it explains just enough, but you’re not overwhelmed with information and backstory.

daredevil volume 2 (1998 - 2011) by kevin smith/joe quesada/jimmy palmiotti; david mack; brian michael bendis/alex maleev; ed brubaker/david aja/michael lark; andy diggle/antony johnston/marco checchetto/roberto de la torre

note: skim over the “guardian devil” arc just for plot points, skim over the leapfrog and echo story arcs for the amazing david mack art, and towards the end of this volume when matt starts getting involved with the hand STOP. STOP RIGHT THERE AND JUST READ A DETAILED SYNOPSIS ONLINE.

daredevil: reborn (2011) by andy diggle/davide gianfelice

note: this takes place in between volumes two and three!

daredevil: the man without fear (1993) by frank miller/john romita jr.

note: matt murdock’s origin story. this collection is (to my knowledge) what the netflix show will be primarily pulling from! want to know why matt starts out with a black costume instead of the red one he’s now known for? read this.

daredevil: end of days (2013) by brian michael bendis/david mack/klaus janson/alex maleev/bill sienkiewicz

note: technically, this mini-series isn’t canon, but it’ll rip your heart out. if you love ben urich’s character and sad stuff happening, this is a mini-series after your own heart

daredevil volume 1 (1963 - 1998) by stan lee/bill everett/joe orlando/wallace wood; bill mantlo/frank miller/klaus janson

note: if you don’t like old school comics and feel like you’re more of a modern comics kind of person, it’d probably be better to read over a synopsis of what happens in these runs so you’re familiar with the story arcs and the backstories. i don’t necessarily consider volume one essential to read, but if after having gotten through all of this so far, you’re a diehard matt murdock fan, and you don’t mind the old school style, then dig in!

so there you have it! there are other daredevil mini-series out there such as dark nights and noir, but the above comics are the ones i suggest diving into (in that order. while paying special attention to my notes about volume 2!!!). 


Remember now? Do you remember everything?

Cure (1997, dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa)

Dear, Supernatural Shipping Community-

I know that there is a ton of drama between Wincest and Destiel shippers, and in my opinion?  Let people ship what they want to ship.  You ship an angel and a human/part demon?  Good for you!  You ship two brothers?  Good for you!  No more of this “one ship sucks and the other is the best” crap.  Let people ship what they want to ship, and don’t dedicate blogs and all kinds of shit to hating on other peoples ships, because it tears this fandom apart sometimes, and its not fun for anybody.  Nobody is ever going to agree on one specific ship, and that’s okay, but please stop the hate!!

im gonna do one of those zodiac things based on people i know
  • aries:seems to know what they're doing all the time but actually probably doesnt. opinionated and has a unique taste in food
  • taurus:likes to snuggle, eat, and sleep. really fun to be around and a prime cuddle buddy
  • gemini:sarcastic to the point of being a bit mean sometimes but also not uncommon for them to cry in public
  • cancer:very neat and organized, smart and self aware, bit of a control freak but incredibly sweet and soft spoken
  • leo:either the best person you'll ever meet or the worst. super talented in one way or another even though they don't always know it
  • virgo:indecisive as hell but have a bright personality and are deeply loved by their friends and family
  • libra:normally pretty grounded but also sometimes make choices that anger their friends/family. great at comforting people
  • scorpio:loves funky hair colors and piercings. not mean like the horoscopes always say, just emotionally deep. usually a sweetheart
  • sagittarius:will make you laugh for days and are nice to you even if you don't really deserve it
  • capricorn:immensely energetic and loud, but sensitive too once you get to know them. can come off as arrogant or annoying
  • aquarius:never let you damn forget that they are an aquarius. don't tolerate bullshit and because of that can sometimes be a bit too frank. hilarious when you're on their good side
  • pisces:non threatening submissive type people, witty as heck and sweet. really good friend material

shadowwood asked:

For the artist: I love your style!!! Sometimes when Psii gets the evil face, it reminds me of the old Grinch animation and I just get tickled to hell XD

OoC: Thank you so much, Shadowwood, this is one of the greatest compliments I could ever get.  

Chuck Jones was one of the greatest influences on my work.  His films were always my favorite when I was younger.  Riki Tikki Tavi being one of my favorite short films, and his Tom & Jerry/Looney Toons episodes were also the best in my opinion (especially What’s Opera, Doc?)  A lot of my humor and expressions have been heavily impacted by these, even though I wasn’t aware of it at first.  Honestly the first couple of times friends pointed out Psii’s evil grinch grin I laughed and wiggled around in ecstatic happiness that my work was reminding people of Chuck Jones.  It started out subconsciously, but his evil grin has happened enough times now that my friends have dubbed it the “grinchy grin” and it stuck.  It’s not 100% the same, and I think Psii has a softer edge to it, but it’s just twisted enough to convey the “I’m planning something so evil and I’m so proud of myself” feeling,

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Seems SS fans still butthurt over their lack of canon time. NH got the movie The Last, manga, songs, novel, posters, figurines and the next series is titled as their son's name. And even the screenplay director said NH is truly the best couple. Yet SS fans still hating on NH, like you. I was once a rabid SS fan (my 1st OTP), but not anymore when i see SS started bashing on NH due to their butthurt over NH's glory lately. Keep hatin while NH spread their glory all over the world. NH>SS forever!

Lol SS got the manga so your salty butthurt opinion means nothing, enjoy your fillers, nothing you claim to have got is from Kishi so jokes one you. Also do you honestly think I’m ever going to believe SS was your “1st OTP” yea right. Keep hating while SS is still number one in everything.


Blackout is one of the best things that has ever happened to this site in my opinion, the confidence it’s giving so many people that need it, the unity we are showing is just beautiful, we are all showing that it is okay to be proud of our complexions & that it is okay to flaunt them & be proud of them…I’ve never been more proud of my people I love you all Happy 2nd Blackout 😘

SooooOOoooOoooo… my blog turned 2y today *-* 

and yeah, i know 2 years are like… NOTHING for some of you, neither are 230 followers, but for me is like the best thing that ever happened!?

thank you so much. yes, you, human who follow this stupid little blog and can handle all the randomness posted here. thanks for respecting all my fandoms and opinions, but mainly for just… staying

I LOVE YOU ALL! you literally changed me forever

And to show my gratitude I’ll try to do a follow forever for the first time… sorry for any mistakes >-<

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double thanks for those who I talk to; isnt easy to handle me and my asks XD

( btw the cat edit was made by Jayro-Jones ) 

Sindy is one of the best houseguests to ever be casted in Big Brother USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Africa, Brazil, etc. history of any season ever and I literally love her so much there isn’t a reason for me not to. She’s the perfect houseguest in my honest opinion and i don’t know when we’re ever going to get someone else like her! She is great at talking strategy and great at competitions and has a simply iconic, comical, entertaining, and amazing personality on top of being one of the only Asians to be casted! I love Naeha so much and really root for her too and love her passion and the damage she can do in the game but I need Sindy back tbqh!!!!!!

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This might be a dumb question but what's the best way, in your opinion, to steal a purse? I'd like a bigger purse (for lifting and other reasons) but I don't know how to go about it. I'm going to target tomorrow to do real shopping and a lil lifting and I was going to look at purses and if they aren't tagged then find a blindspot and just slip my purse into the new purse and zip it up so no one can see but I'm nervous an employee will question me about it or something.

The only way I’ve ever done it:
Walk in with no purse
Find purse
Put it on like it’s yours in a blindspot
Get it into the dressing rooms
Check for tags
Leave with it

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I always thought Adéwalé's assassin clothes to be really cool. It's a shame he doesn't get as much love on your kickstarter... (Though speaking of love, I absolutely love your work. Dear gods you're great and I don't even know what to praise most. Good job on making the best ac costumes I've ever seen!)

Thank you so much , Anon!  

And I think Ade’s robes are really great too, especially the Freedom Cry DLC ones.  Ade really doesn’t get enough love in my opinion.  He never just accepted Edward’s cavalier ways and he always called him out for his ignorance.  Ade forged a path that was extremely difficult in his time and became a legend for it in the AC universe.  He is so special to me and I love his character.  He’s my favorite character from AC4 Black Flag.

The man who voiced, him, Tristan Lalla, has been such an inspiration for me with this project.  He is incredibly supportive and excited to be a part of it.  When the time comes for me to make Ade’s robes for him (perhaps he’ll sweep this kickstarter!), I just know that even if Ade isn’t as popular with the fandom in general, Tristan and I will make sure he gets the acknowledgement he deserves and as much time in the limelight as we can give him.  

If you love Adewale, vote for Tristan when you back my kickstarter!

Art and permission to use it by darkoutbreak 

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Hello Ashley. I hope you have a lovely day. Your blog was the first one I found and is forever my favorite. It's great to know all the news and your posts are always on point. In my opinion, you are truly fantastic :D I admire your personality: you are sincere, you say what you think. It is not difficult to realize that you have a huge heart. And so, thanks for everything. I wish you all the best.

Oh my goodness this is the sweetest message I’ve ever gotten and I’m not worthy lol. Thank you x 100, you wonderful person. I can tell that you have a huge heart too :) xx

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1/5 The thing about the sterek fandom, is that it has some of the most amazing writers I have ever seen. The fics this fandom creates are some of the most talent filled works of arts I've had the pleasure of reading. You are certainly one of the top writers in this fandom and you don't even understand how lucky we are to have you. You're absolutely brilliant, to the point that it's intimidating, and you're so great at characterization. In my opinion, you are the best. But there are so many other

crazy talented and amazing writers for this fandom. I love it so much, and I am so happy to be a part of it and experience it all. That being said, I was also wondering if I could ask for a bit of advice. I’ve only ever had two otps in my tumblr life, one is sterek and the other is a not so popular pair from an anime I used to be heavily involved in. In that fandom, it was where I first learned to write fic and got really into it. The thing is, in that fandom, I was one of the absolute best writers the fandom had. And I was so proud of that. It wasn’t a very big fandom, but the pair was one of the most popular, and there were enough writers and readers for the ship to thrive (though a fraction of sterek). I have issues with motivation, so I don’t write nearly as much as I would like, but with being such a good writer in my old fandom, I got so much feedback and positive messages that it was so much easier to get writing done and have things posted.

But in the sterek fandom, I just feel like compared to all the other much more amazing fic writers, that I’m not really worth having my fics looked at because I’m not nearly as good. But all that does is make me really want to improve my writing skills and prove that I can be just as good. Unfortunately, the motivation doesn’t exactly last long enough for me to really accomplish much.

I’m sorry I wrote such a long spiel, but I was wondering if you could offer any advice for me? Any ideas to keep myself on track? Anything to help stay focused and not worry too much about my inferiority complex and accomplish some writing? Any advice in improving my writing? Any advice at all would be helpful. I’m sorry if this is a bother, and please don’t feel compelled to answer if you don’t want to. I just feel like I’m getting really frustrated with myself and I value your opinion so much and you’re so damn talented that I couldn’t think of anyone but you to ask this sort of thing. Thank you so much!!

Hey there, sweetheart. First off, thank you so much. <3 I agree that this fandom has a wealth of ridiculously talented writers, and to have anyone consider me at the top tier is such an incredible compliment.

That said, I definitely understand where you’re coming from when it comes to confidence in your art. I’m still nervous as hell every time I post something, and there are periods when I feel like I should stop altogether just because there’s no way I can keep up with the amazing things the creative minds around here come up with. So that’s absolutely a common thought (or at least, you’re not alone in it).

What we have to remember is that everyone has their own voice, their own unique take on a situation. So even if there are 30,000 Sterek fics on AO3, and even if you’re writing a common trope, you are the only person who’s going to see a concept the exact way you do, who’s going to choose the exact words you would, and who’s going to come up with the piece of art you have in mind. And even if you don’t believe you’re as good as some of the other writers, there are probably readers out there craving exactly what you can come up with.

Also — if you’re not getting a lot of feedback at first, that doesn’t necessarily say anything about your skill level. My first fic for Teen Wolf currently has 39 kudos (and that number has gone WAY up once I became better known in the fandom; for a painfully long time it was hovering in the single digits). And it’s, if anything, harder here on Tumblr — if you don’t have many followers or people looking for your work it’s hard to get attention or feedback. So try not to let yourself get discouraged if you’ve posted things and they haven’t gotten as much attention as you’d like. A lot about Tumblr is about building a fanbase (or lucking into a popular blog reblogging your stuff :P)

I think it’s a great thing that your reaction is to want to keep writing and improving. :)

As far as specific tips for staying motivated, this is something I have to work at as well. Here are some ideas you can try:

– Get some accountability. Find a writing buddy or beta. Get someone (they don’t even have to be in the fandom) who will be willing to poke you periodically if you don’t write. If someone else is waiting for you to make progress, you’re more likely to be guilted into writing stay motivated. Alternately, if you don’t have/want a writing buddy, keep a chart listing your word count for each day, and keep it somewhere you can see it so it will judge you if you start racking up too many zeros. :P

Limit distractions. This is a huge one for me. Turn off the internet before writing, mute your phone for a bit if you can. Tell yourself that you won’t go on Tumblr or check your email for an hour, and just let yourself write without interruption.

Look over your previous feedback. Either from this fandom or your previous one. If you’re feeling discouraged, looking over sweet, positive messages affirming your skill can be a great way to pull you out of any insecurity/funk you’re stuck in.

Get inspired. Sometimes when I’m feeling really stuck, I’ll check out a few Sterek music videos before getting down to writing. Music can also be a good inspiration without being too much of a distraction.

And as far as improving your writing, I haven’t seen anything from you so I can only give very general advice. I’m a huge believer that characterization makes or breaks a fic (and thanks so much for saying I’m good in that area!!) Some stories out there have great ideas, but completely lose me by making Derek too emotionally open or Stiles too timid, etc. So try watching clips or scenes from episodes to get a sense of the way the characters act, the way they speak and interact with each other. When you read through your pieces, see if you can hear the characters’ voices saying those words.

And like you said, just keep writing :) The best way to improve at anything is to  keep working at it.

Good luck, darling, I hope this helped a bit. <3

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weird the whole anti self-dx thing, since like the first thing my therapist did when she looked over my referral was ask me if i thought i had the issues that my dr had flagged as possibilities, and when i said no and told her why she agreed with me, like there's a lot of 'official dx' rides right off the back of self-dx anyway

The best doctors I have ever had are the ones who placed a great deal of emphasis on my personal opinions and listened to what I had to say. 

My mum showed up at a doctor once with her boyfriend because he had cyclic vomiting and she believed it was from marijuana use. She came armed with all the research she had done about this particular subject. 

The doctor had never heard of it, but he took all of her research (some scientific, most anecdotal) and he listened. He knew that just because he hadn’t heard of it didn’t mean it wasn’t real and she was in a much better position than him to notice any correlation. 

He gave anti nausea medication and said it would be well worth trying no MJ and seeing how that went. He went from being someone who would wake up in the morning vomiting, who had lost his job because he couldn’t come in regularly, who ‘ruined’ holidays because of his sickness to being someone who … didn’t have any of these issues. 

So yeah, any great doctor/patient relationship should be one founded on mutual trust. I wish more people could have easy access to those kinds of relationships without great cost. It would help a lot of people.

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!!!!!!! I first met towardsagentlerworld when i invited people to come over to my apartment to test out my weighted blanket, which all by itself makes posting that easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. She is amazing. I really love - and have learned a lot from - the things she writes and reblogs on healthy relationships and communication and polyamory. She has put a lot of thought into deliberately building relationships and communities and it’s amazingly valuable. 

When she writes about brainstuff and tumblr social justice and community norms and effective communication and all of the many other things she has interesting opinions about, it is very clear that she’s thinking about how to make everyone happier and stronger. Her commentary on ethics is just very clearly, deeply, concerned with yourself and how you can be happy and healthy while doing ethical reasoning. I don’t know if she’s explicitly trying to avoid scrupulosity spirals but her writing is very helpful for that. This is even more evident in person, because she gives amazing advice and she’s quick to identify potential communication problems and she’s very helpful with figuring out your preferences and listening to them. Talking with her is very empowering. Talking with her is ridiculously interesting.

Also she is distractingly pretty it is a minor miracle I have successfully said anything even mildly intelligent while she is in the room and a major miracle that I have while we are cuddling. 

geekisthecolour replied to your post: jestergirl: karla-chans-bjds: jester…

What what. Whose legs do I need to break?

Okay, so  the “ever so lovely” Kleincrew made this comment:

Which is is very likely to have been aimed at the sales post of my doll, however she has clearly twisted the truth to make it sound a lot worse than it actually is. So not only was she taking a dig at me in a totally nasty uncalled for way, but dragged Hiri’s face-up skills in with the nasty comment too. So yeah…

Which in my opinion she can’t call any one for skills since she is mediocre at everything at best, and is a nasty piece of work on top of that. Like Hiri’s face-ups IMO look better then anything Kleincrew can do. Like Ico is my most comments on face-up, and Hiri did ½. So yeah…