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anyways this is a little reminder that i run @razzledxzzle which is a neon rp blog. i never officially launched it for a couple reasons but i’m p much Past those now. i’m mostly interested in interacting w/ canon rwby characters rn so if you happen to run one and wouldn’t mind approaching me first on that blog (and are willing to put up with somebody who hasn’t rped in three years lmao) then send me an ask or an im on that blog??

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Baekyeol/Chanbaek ;)))))))


  • Who is a night owl: Chanyeol (broadcasts in the middle of the night?), but I also feel like they’re da type to text each other until one of them falls asleep
  • Who is a morning person: Baekhyun
  • Are they cuddlers: YESSS?!??!
  • Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon: heheheh
  • What is their favourite sleeping position: the one where theyre facing each other but their limbs are all tangled (baekyeol’s a mess lmao)
  • Who steals all the blankets: They both pull on blankets but usually it turns into a competition
  • What they wear to bed: pcy probably sleeps w his shirt and boxers, i think baekhyun would wear pants
  • Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt: Chanyeol likes seeing baekhyun awww
  • Who falls asleep mid-conversation: Baekhyun
  • Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares: Chanyeol lmao
  • Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep: Baekhyun (me too)
  • Who can’t keep their hands to themself: Chanyeol


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helo I'm the friend the last anon sent the anon 4... get tbis.. tom luvs on ciarans tummy.. tHere is tickling,,,

omg Ciaran’s juts lying on his back in their bed reading or something and he notices Tom come into the room and just flop down onto the bed w his head on Ciaran’s stomach,, Ciaran ignores him for a bit until he can feel Tom’s hands creeping under his shirt, and then his fingers tracing slow circles on Ciaran’s sides, until he puts his book down like “What??” and Tom fuckin ambushes him and starts tickling him like crazy and Ciaran’s like nO FUCK bc he’s the Most Ticklish™ and he can’t deal w it at all,,,, He’s just flailing on the bed and laughing like “Oh my god oH MY GOD TOM IM DYING STOP” and tries to flip them so he’s on top and can get Tom back

They’re both laughing and play wresting on the bed, until Ciaran finally does manage to find a way to straddle Tom, an they’re both panting and out of breath and staring at each other for a minute, and a beat passes before they’re just grabbing each other so  they can crush their lips together and make tf out


-haul my ass outta bed and stretch and get ready

-make breakfast: probably a smoothie w banana and coco powder and peanut butter

- go to fave coffee shop and study till 12:00/ write my letter of resignation 😬

- go to work early and quit 😬😬😬 probably cry

- work till 9:30

- eat pancakes w d after my shift 😛🍴

what’s up memers I’m home!!!!! im so confused about the fact that it’s still 8.30 in the morning bc I got on the plane in the morning and I guess I keep thinking its the same day bc I expect it to be the afternoon rn ???
Anyways I can feel my shitpostyness returning to me and I’m levelling up for real so I’ll prob be back in four hours (i need to nap in my beautiful comfy bed asap) to meme w y'all in real time xo

animecheese02 said: How would they all comfort there lovers on there period and there cramps are so bad they can’t move and they throw up for pain ;w;


Shuu: You’re still in bed when he comes inside your room. You look up at him, but the sharp pain causes you to squirm around in the bed. He sighs annoyed, already knowing what’s going on just by the scent in the air. He comes to the bed and lies down next to you. “How troublesome…” taking you in his arms, giving you one of his earbuds to listen to the music. Soon after, both of you fall asleep.

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Yo I was tagged by the cooliest nerd in the wild west: @surrealsquid

1) What’s your favorite stuffed animal?
My entire family contributed to this shared delusion that this capuchin monkey stuffed animal named Michael was my slightly younger brother. His favorite food is applesauce. We love him very much and he’s probably the only child in my fam that isn’t a disappointment.

2) What’s the last thing you watched?
My dad left the TV on Fox News when he went to bed so I sorta just chilled w my dog and laughed at republican stupidity for a bit.

3) What’s your weirdest/most interesting dream?
Sex dream about a close friend. We were french soldiers in WWII. We were in the showers and it was actually a very hot fantasy? Despite a really strange five minutes or so that was focused on me soaping up his arms???

4) Favorite animal?

5) Where would you go for a vacation?
str8 to hell (jk im already there. Tbh probably a really long, in-depth vacation to the UK and France)

6) What’s your favorite nickname someone has given you?
Sinjamin Dickert has a special place in my heart but also my dead grandma called me Ben-Bug when I was little and now i like cry upon hearing that phrase…..

7) Favorite season?
Arguably Fall. But the kind of fall that has beautiful, warm, golden sunny days AND occasionally frosty, lightly snowing, coffee filled days.

8) Do you talk more or listen more?
I try to listen more but i fail in that regard lol

9) What store would you rob?
Hobby Lobby. I refuse to support their organization bUT I NEED ART AND CRAFT SUPPLIES GOD DAMMIT

10) Favorite holiday?

11) Favorite breakfast food?
Thick, juicy, spicy sausage ;’) (Im not sorry for this answer)

My Questionzzzz:

1) The basics: Star sign, HP house, MBTI Type?
2) What is your favorite color and why? Please be weirdly specific.
3) What item would you least want to have to discreetly hide in your ass for a week?
4) Top 3 favorite pokemon?
5) What is the most creative way you have ever insulted someone?
6) What is/would be your gemsona?
7) Do you prefer to stay in and relax or go out and have adventures?
8) What will you be like when you’re an old person?
9) What is your favorite dungeon in all of the Legend of Zelda games? Alternatively, if you haven’t played, what is your favorite game and why is it not a Legend of Zelda game?
10) If you were a pokemone gym leader, what would your type be and what would your team and gym be like?
11) What highschool stereotype(s) do you fit into and how so?

I’m gonna tag: @daddytrashcan @blvckkksheep @misseslieselotte @snapefarquaad @momma-cassidy @rnahoushoujou @thelovelyunimoose @benedooctcoomberbootch @dainty-littlelesbian @efaun @macdaddy500 @tessifer9698 @littlemiss-bad @oh-gay-warden @emilim13 @summersixteeen @zemblanity615 @surrealsquid @2-dee @jellyfishspectre @magicians-rad @skeleton–queen