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THIS IS NOT OK. JYPE please let him rest. they’re giving him great opportunities, but i rather not watch him on those shows than see him so exhausted and overworked like this. he’s completely run down. he didn’t deserve this. he needs a break. 

So apparently Hobi is blond now. I cannot deal. And it’s rumored that Jimin’s cover AND Suga’s last mv are both getting dropped on Monday. Just fucking watch them have their comeback on Tuesday, or drop a teaser or some shit. At least some time next week.

I mean, we all know what the hair changes means. And Hobi going blond just like that, and Jin going grey/silver? That probably that they are either starting to or are in the middle of filming the mv. They usually do that when the boys’ hairs have just been done. Maybe they’re even finished. And if it’s true that they’re doing a world tour in the beginning of 2017, they will want to have the comeback and promoting done. And knowing BigHit, they will want to kill us all by making them have their comeback right after all of Agust D’s mvs are out.

I might be wrong, but I’m watching you, BigHit. I’m watching you.

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FOR MICHAEL- can you do something like: you're on tour with 5sos (as an opening or something) but they don't really chill with you and your team, but when you actually get to spend a minute with them michael isn't immediately falling in love like in all those other imagines. For some reason you need to spend more tome with mikey though and you always hook up. It's not a huge deal to him and he doesn't really care. you can't help but fall for him BECAUSE he doesn't care.

When I first got the email asking if I wanted to go on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer I was ecstatic my chance at showing the world what I’ve got, but now I’ve been on tour with them almost a month and still struggle to get a “hi” out of them. I was sat in my own dressing room waiting for my call to head to the stage reading Hemmingway whilst sipping my cup of Earl Grey “five minutes” my manager Hannah pops her head through my door, I down the rest of my tea checking my outfit of high waisted black jeans and a cotton top for the hundredth time. “Nervous?” she asks me, I smile at her

“Always. But I don’t ever want to go on stage and not have something to overcome” My performance runs without a hitch and the audience seem to love my cover of hotline bling. I stand backstage watching 5sos crew pack away my piano and the blocks that spelt out my name.  I slowly begin walking back towards my dressing room stopping when I her my name been used in the boys conversation “How do you think Y/N doing?” I hear Luke ask the others. The boys all mutter replies, Michael cuts in “What does it matter she’s only the support act” I can hear him walking towards the door so make off door the corridor. The boys show runs flawlessly I spend the time they’re on stage watching for an upper balcony along with their girlfriends and family members.

We’ve all gathered on the stage having a talk about tonight’s plans, we’re supposed to be driving to the next city. The next morning I awake in a whole new state I’m sat in the kitchen area of my tour bus (abut to have my breakfast) when the spurting of the engine and then the slow stop that follows catch my attention. ‘Y/N we’ve just broken down.” My manager tells me already on the phone to a breakdown recovery company. I mutter a few curses “Pack your stuff for the concert and the rest of the day…you’re going on the boys tour bus” I stare at her


“It doesn’t matter if we’re late if you’re late it matters” I know better then to argue with her so I don’t bother I smile sweetly at her and begin packing a bag.

When on the boys tour bus I’m greeted by the boys manager “The boys are heading to the hotel now, we’re about 20 minutes away, I don’t think your tour bus will be fixed by then so you can come with us but you’re not staying at the hotel are you?” the boys manager asks.

“No I’ve got-“ I begin to explain

“I don’t care what you’ve got I just need to know what you’re doing…James you can carry on driving now’ and with that the bus sparks into life and their manager disappears upstairs. I walk to the back of the bus past a Luke sleeping in his bunk and towards the back of the bus where I can hear the sound of video games, I walk in smiling at Michael when I see him lying down in the corner. I place my bag down pulling out The Great Gatsby. “Michael! Y/N! We’re here” someone calls Luke is stood blocking the door pulling a jumper over his head. Michael gives him a light push ‘quit blocking the door mate”.

Entering the hotel I stand about a metre away from everyone else texting my friend “Y/N, you can settle yourself in Michael’s room” I nod and follow Michael into the elevator with our bags. “Hi” I smile at him. He doesn’t say anything “So are you enjoying tour?’ again he says nothing. Entering the luxury hotel room I place my bag on the bed before excusing myself to the bathroom. There’s something about Michael that means I constantly find myself gravitating towards him, whether it’s his piercing green eyes or his intoxicating laugh. I enter back into the room where Michael has set up a speaker and is beginning to unpack, “You can connect your phone to the speaker if you want?” I do so playing Troye Sivan. I sit awkwardly on the edge of Michael’s bed staring at him “enjoying the view” he asks I laugh at him quickly looking away. “How come you haven’t had friends visit you on tour?” Michael asks out of the blue.

“Pardon?” I furrow my eyebrows at him.

“You heard me.”

“It’s not my tour, plus they’re all busy” I shrug

“Have you ever had a boyfriend?” he asks me standing up towards me.


“Then you’re a virgin?” he cocks his head

“No and you’re been rude.” There’s a pause

“Who’s Henry? He’s all over your Instagram?” Michael asks picking my bag up and putting it on the shelf behind the door.

“A friend”

“Have you slept with him?” I roll my eyes frankly I think I preferred it when he wasn’t talking to me.

“No. I have plenty of male friends I haven’t slept with”

“No you think you do”

“I guess we’re not going to be friends then?”

“I guess not…” Michael leans towards me playing with the hem of my shirt “Although I know something we can do to change that” I lean towards Michael kissing him hard, the kisses are rushed and sloppy the lack of care taken leaves me disappointed. Michael’s thumbs begin rubbing small circles in to my hips before he pulls my shirt over my head. I grab Michael flannel and pull him in kissing him hungrily whilst unbuttoning in and then sliding it off his shoulders on to the floor. My hands reach for his jeans which with a big tug fall and Michael kicks them off, my skirt very quickly joins them on the floor. Michael pushes me back on to the bed his hands resting either side of my head as he places kisses down my neck and chest. Michael sucks had a my neck unclipping my bar and throws it to the floor, my hands trail and make there way down Michael long body towards the waistband of his boxers where his member is clearly shown. I rub my hand over it teasing him “Babygirl please don’t” Michael begs me not to tease. Michael’s hands to slid down my panties I arch my back rising my hips slightly in order to help him he kisses my lip roughly I grab his bottom lip in-between my teeth biting softly on it. Michael slowly begins to enter me, my legs dart up he repeats this action until he cums inside me, he does not wait for me to finish and I’m left craving more but before I can complain there’s a knock at the door and someone calling my name.  I scrabble out of the bed pushing Michael off me “We should do this again sometime?” he smirks at me throwing my bra at me “We’ll see” I attempt to flirt with him tugging my shirt over my head, grabbing my bag and quickly exit the room only to walk straight into Hannah. “Hi” I breathe “You look a mess, also change of plan the press is meeting us here. I’ve booked you your own hotel room, it’s this one next to Michael’s.” I nod at her “Kerrang! Are already in there. Remember smile, be nice and let’s sort out your hair” She flattens my hair trying to get some of the knots out of it before pushing me through the door. Press runs seamlessly I answer questions about my relationship with the boys as if we’re best friends just as they do with me, I even get to play a game of never have I ever. By the time I’m done with press it’s eight pm and I’m exhausted I call room service and order a salad for my dinner before settling down in front of a re-run of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. About halfway through the episode I hear Michael in his room singing along to Ed Sheeran it’s a side to his voice I haven’t heard, I like it although I’d be damned if I ever tell him that. Shutting off the T.V I change out of my leggings and big sweater putting on some high waisted shorts and a grey top.  I stand in front of Michael’s door for a solid five minutes before building up the courage to knock he smirks wen he spots me “Back for round two?” He cocks an eyebrow I answer him by kissing him and pushing both of us further into his room.

It had been months since the first night Michael and I slept together and now it was a regularly thing but with no feelings as Michael liked to remind me, but somehow I can’t help but fall for him. He doesn’t care and I care too much, I need him to mind myself not to care too much. We all had the day off and since we were now in Australia Michael was spending it at his house so I knew that’s where I’d find him, I walk up to his house ringing the bell. Michael is wearing jogging bottoms and a white t-shirt when the door reveals him, I’m suddenly self conscious as my black off the shoulder dress I’m wearing “Well, you didn’t nee to get dressed up for me” Michael smirks before leaning in to try and kiss me, I pull away sending him icy vibes “I didn’t come here for that, I came because I need to talk to you” Michael moves aside gesturing for me to come. I walk into the kitchen wear his dog is laying on the rug. “Look, I know you don’t care and maybe that’s part of the appeal but I can’t do this hooking up anymore, I’ve fallen for you” Michaels stares at me as if I’ve suggested we have puppy for lunch. “I’m in love with you Michael Clifford and I hate myself for it. I have a obsession with trying to fix things that are broken-“

“I’m not broken” Michael interrupts.

“You didn’t let me finish. I have an obsession with trying to fix broken or damaged things; I think that’s what drew me to you. You were unable to love and I wanted to change that but now I’ve fallen for you and fucked up everything.”  There’s a pause “I wasn’t supposed to fall for you but I did” I shrug; I bite my lip waiting for Michael’s response.

“You’re here to be a support act and smile, say nice things about us. You’re not here to fall in love with me.” His words are harsh but true.

“You’re right” I offer him a smile and go to exit his house, whispering support act under my breath but I quickly have a feeling of anger overcome and turn around to send a warning to Michael “You know if you keep pushing people away as you do and you keep building walls and not letting people in. You are going to end up a very lonely man, a very lonely man. Michael let someone love you it’s not as difficult or as scary as you think and even the right person is going to hurt you.” I stare at him ‘Thanks for the life lesson, I’ll see you tomorrow” he kisses his lip and shows me towards the door.

And as if nothing ever happened both my team and myself are back to be ignored and then tours over and we don’t talk anymore, in life you win some and you lose some Michael will just be another one for the lose list.

A/N: I found this super difficult to write because a) smut isn’t my strong suit although I have been trying to write more of it and b) I couldn’t imagine how to people who hated one another ended up sleeping together anyway I hope you liked it, I’m sorry it’s not my best work

Mariah’s World, Mariah Carey’s eight-episode docu-series (premiering Dec. 4 at 9 p.m. on E!), trails the elusive chanteuse as she preps her global Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour and plans her wedding to Australian billionaire James Packer.

Diva On The Move 

It looks like very little of Mimi’s life is off limits. Fans will see Carey stomping through dance rehearsals (and being toted around by muscular male dancers), trying on lavish wedding gowns, pranking a fan as “Pamela” and lounging at home in – what else? – a black corset.

Make It Happen 

“If I’m touring or in the studio and doing things that are intertwined with my life … and people respond to it, then we should do it,” Carey recently told Billboard. “If I’m sitting around getting pedicures, then we shouldn’t. To me, that’s boring as hell.”


1st on the Billboard World Album chart, from dominating the Oricon charts to a world tour spanning Europe to South America, an Asia tour that sold out 150,000 tickets. BTS, who is unbelievably entrancing as they break numerous records as an idol group, always make their own music and are artists who direct their own stages. Through the most BTS-like tracks and performances, BTS have forged a world of unexpected idol music, and among those 7 men is Suga, who calmly came from the underground to take the mainstream by storm.

Suga is experiencing his 20s while repeating a pattern of hitting a wall after darting off at his peak, then getting up again and moving forward. Because of this, he didn’t want to miss even one of the moments that flash by. Like this, he filled his sound with the daily life that could fly away at any moment. Instead of the name “BTS’ Suga,” he has put a mixtape out into the world under the name “Agust D” that freely expresses the beauty of one youth’s experience.

Q. After your world tour you had an Asia tour, and I heard that it’s all finished now. Traveling all around the world for nearly 2 years must have been dizzying.
A. I really like it. I’m living the life I dreamed of when I was young. There’s a time difference of around 12 hours in Brazil. It’s fascinating to stand onstage literally halfway around the planet. Even if I sleep a little less, it’s okay.

Q. Even while you’re that busy, you put out a mixtape.
A. I write songs while going back and forth on the airplane, and I worked [on music] back at the hotel room after our concerts are done. Now the second half of the work is almost finished, and today after this interview is over I’ll go back to work more.

Q. What kind of songs are they?
A. It’s full of the kind of tracks that you can’t hear in BTS’ music. In particular, the feeling of the lyrics is very different. I straightforwardly expressed myself in regards to how I think of youth. I also spoke honestly about my own self. I’m the type who likes making material out of things like the reality that I experienced from my late teens to my twenties, my daily life, my conflicts, and my dreams.

Q. It seems like you think deeply about those things, ordinarily.
A. It’s because that’s the time I’m living right now. If you hear the conversations I have with my peers or with my older brother, not having a clear dream has been my biggest worry. I lived this far by fitting into the societal mold, but after becoming an adult and actually facing up to that reality, it’s different than what I thought. Even if you just endlessly search for a job or take entrance examinations, your thoughts become more plentiful.

Q. Then what kind of 20s is the youth named Min Yoongi spending?
A. I think that I’ll only know if I’m living well after a little more time passes, but I can assure you that I’m living a very satisfying life.

Q. Your mixtape is a perfectly self-produced product in that you wrote songs, wrote lyrics, and even produced the tracks. You must want to be a little greedy, and there are many things you want to include, right?
A. Since I’ve done everything on my own from one to ten, my greed seems to be getting a little bigger. I also have the kind of personality where I really can’t abide doing things roughly. I focus on the highest point of completion. In particular, when I made the tracklist, I worried a lot. About how I should put it together for flow and how to clearly convey the stories that I wanted to include. It’s a mixtape I made meticulously as if it were a whole album.

Q. But rather than making a full album, you chose the unique form of a mixtape.
A. The reason is simple. I started with the purpose of trying all the things I wanted to try. While thinking I should just express myself transparently. I wanted to try putting out music that was just made how I thought of it, the direction my heart went. I worked very freely on both the genre and the lyrics.

Q. Is the music that you made freely by yourself that different from the music you’ve worked on as part of BTS?
A. Of course. Like the way that my mixtape came out as “Agust D,” rather than under the name “Suga.”

Q. Even before you did activities with BTS, you did music for a long time. You put out another mixtape before your debut, didn’t you?
A. The thing that I put out at that time is the kind of quality you can’t even listen to. (laughs) My thoughts have changed a lot in the 3 years I’ve been doing activities with BTS. To be honest, I was seriously daunted after debuting as an idol. I was like, “I’m a person who’s been continuously doing music since I was young, but now that I’ve become an idol people are going to look at me differently, right?” But those were all idle thoughts.  No matter how you look at it there are things that have changed, but it seems like I agonized about it and hung this heavy meaning on it for no reason. I was in this severe, serious mode. (laughs) The things that at the time felt as though they were molds that caged me now feel more like a fence. My heart has become more comfortable. I’ve also done away with some of my stubbornness about music. How should I say it? It feels like my outlook has become much wider compared to before.

Q. It seems like you’ve gone through a sort of growth process.
A. Yeah. It seems like that. My self-confidence has become more robust. All of the BTS members are like that. All 7 of us have our own thoughts about things, but we’ve discovered the way to combine them, and our conviction onstage has become stronger. Our musicality, choreography, performance, stage setting, etc. are all individually important, but I think that only if we combine all of those things properly can we make a final product. Since we’re onstage, we unconditionally have to do well. We want to show even more than what’s anticipated by the fans who come to the concert venue to see us perform.

Q. Since you have so much greed toward the stage, it seems like you’d share a lot of discussion about music with your members.
A. We all work individually, and then we consult each other only after organizing the things we’ve made on our own. Because if we always just talk about work then it gets stressful.

Q. From where do you get the inspiration for your work?
A. I put everything in endless memos all the time. the things I think of at any moment, sudden emotions, words that come up into my head unprompted… I write down everything. Sometimes really good ideas come to me 2 or 3 years later while I’m rummaging through things that I wrote down after just staring blankly for a while. I also listen to other musician’s music quite a lot.

Q. Whose music are you mainly listening to these days?
A. I like the lyrics that Lupe Fiasco writes, and recently I’ve been listening to American rapper Desiigner’s new stuff and to rapper YG’s songs. Among Korean artists, there’s a team called XXX, and their songs are really good. Ah, also the vocalist Suran, I first encountered her through her demo album but I really liked it, and now she has worked with me as a featuring on this mixtape.

Q. Since you listen to so much music and like focusing so much on thoughts and emotions, it must be important for you to have time to yourself.
A. Yes, that’s right. It’s an absolutely necessary time for me. There have been times that I’ve sat alone in my recording studio for 10 hours. Although to be honest I was just goofing off for 8 hours and working for 1 hour. (laughs) It’s important for me to have time where I can calmly organize my thoughts in a room by myself. I get overwhelmed if I’m just running around without any of that kind of time.

Q. What’s your favorite line among those that you’ve written while sitting by yourself like that?
A. “Because the dawn is darkest before the sun rises, even in the far future don’t forget the you of now,” from the track ‘Tomorrow.’ I like lyrics with this feeling. Content related to comfort or development. I want to make music that people can easily sympathize with.

Q. Now that we’ve been talking for a while, it’s all talk about music.
A. If you asked me to talk about my other interests… uh, collecting music equipment? buying things like rings and necklaces or bracelets? There’s not much. (laughs)

Q. When I look at BTS’ SNS accounts, it seems like the atmosphere is really cheerful. Suga, you seem more like the quiet type yourself.
A, I can be bright sometimes, but I don’t really like loud things. But in the chatroom with the members, things are always crazy. We’re seriously funny. They take their own ugly photos and upload them, they take each other’s ugly pictures without permission and share them. Yesterday somebody posted a video of Yang Sehyung-ssi’s and it was seriously nuts. There were so many “LOL.” It’s difficult on everybody to work and do activities, but we laugh together and by chatting like this we can support each other and get along well.

Q. You have this team called BTS that shares each other’s joys and sorrows, and you made a mixtape full of the music you wanted to do. As much as you worried, it seems like you’re spending a fruitful 20s.
A. There are still a lot of things left that I want to do. I want to do better. I’ll keep making music for a long time into the future. I’m going to keep clinging to this floor. My 20s will be spent youthfully, and when I reach my 30s and 40s then I’ll spend my time well as befitting a person of that age.

* when they say “greed” it doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing, it just means having a strong desire towards one aspect of life
** Yang Sehyung is a popular Korean gagman

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Two years, thirty seven countries, one hundred seventy six shows… Thank you for your endless support and the memories we made together on the In A World Like This Tour.

When we began this tour back in 2013, we had no idea the impact it would make on all five of our lives. Stepping onto that stage, all five of us, and performing for you after twenty years has been absolutely incredible. We are forever grateful. Here’s to the next chapter!

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i havent played WoW in like two years but i just have to say im utterly flummoxed by the direction that blizz has decided to go with khadgar.

like heres this three polygon ass motherfucker 

who stands around in shattrath doing literally nothing except giving long and obnoxious walking tours

and they turned him into motherfukcing this

the #1 ultimate hot dad with dank memes and clever™, quirky™ writing and massive relevance in the story

and the fandom just went with it