In TIA he knows he's about to die

Questions left unanswered after POTC 5 *SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS*

- If Will was predestined to be the new Davy Jones, I was under the impression that his good character meant he wouldn’t mess it up and go all barnacles. How did he fuck it up? And based on Henry’s age, he didn’t make it very long.

- Why did they depict Henry as so young when Will was revealed to have become all Jonesified if we know that he had to have been about 9 and 3 months old the first time Will returned to Elizabeth? It’s as if Will turned gross way faster than Booystrap did when he was a part of Davy Jones’s crew.

- What happened to Bootstrap??

- I thought Tia Dalma bartered the compass to Jack. Now you’re telling me it was just some guy about you die?

- I want a source that ranks how powerful all these different legendary characters and elements are. First, we’re told that the Black Pearl is too cool to be real. Very mysterious, fast, and haunted. Then the mystique just shifts to the next thing. I realize this has to be done for the sake of storytelling but… could Will have helped in tv’s 5th movie, considering it was his son’s life on the line? It’s not like he was busy doing his JOB AS CAPTAIN OF THE FLYING DUTCHMAN OR ANYTHING.

- The earliest use of a guillotine on this side of the Atlantic was 1888. I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure POTC takes place before that. Or maybe Jack was on the first one, and we know the machine didn’t survive the scene…