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DRAMAtical Plushies + Coin Figures {In-Stock Merch}

We currently have some plushies and coin figures left overs from Gift Exclusive for anyone who would want to buy. Prices don’t include Paypal fees or shipping. Those who order any of this items that we have in-stock will receive small gift with their purchase. If you’re interested please message us right away as we only have one of each available, thank you!

  • Aoba Plush: Available Sold Out
  • Clear Plush: Available Sold Out

  • Aoba Coin Figure: Sold Out
  • Koujaku: Available $15.00
  • Noiz: Available Sold Out
  • Clear: Available Sold Out
  • Mink: Available $15.00
  • Virus: Available $15.00
  • Trip: Available $15.00

UPDATED: 04-28-2015

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16cm Standing Wooly for sale :D

Probably the cutest out of all Wooly series!!

**Getting much harder to find these days, so act quick because I only have a limited quantity of Wooly. Once they are gone, that’s all I have.

Email me at for inquires. PayPal only please & thank you.

Also, this month–surprise lucky bags have a possibility of having a wooly in them. Take you chance and order a medium or large Surprise Lucky bag!

Shawl Collar Knit Jacket - Orange Brown Sweater Knit

Button Shawl - Orange Brown Sweater Knit

Shawl Collar Knit Jacket - Grey Herringbone Knit

Button Shawl - Grey Herringbone Knit

Shawl Collar Knit Jacket - Dk. Navy Sweater Knit

Button Shawl - Dk. Navy Sweater Knit

Shawl Collar Knit Jacket - Dk. Green Sweater Knit

Seraph of the End {Available In Stock}

We were able to get our hands on some cute official acrylic keychain from this popular anime. If you’re interested in any of them please email us at any time. Each keychain is two and half inches long. They are $10.00 each!

Currently we have some problems with out Internet and it will be fix within a few days so we thank everyone for their patience. As soon as everything is running smoothly again we will continue working on invoices and dispatching paid packages. If you have any questions at all please message us at any time, thank you!

「IN STOCK」TWONESS: take two clothing

We are proud to present a new line by a former NNY gallery exhibitor, Shin Murayama. Murayama previously held his LINT & MAGIC show at Nepenthes a few months back and has now returned with TWONESS: take two clothing.

Launching this Tuesday, Twoness’ first delivery is the The Blue Collection featuring items in blue denim and chambray. Its one-of-a-kind products reconstructed with unique ideas and artisanal skills give a new meaning to timelessness and versatility.