In Shape

You know why I hate PE?

There’s this stupid Personal Fitness class that we have to take once at some point in high school (we can take it in 8th grade to get high school credit and get it out of the way) and it just scares me. I’m sure it scares a lot of other people as well that aren’t athletic like a lot of people in our grade. I didn’t sign up for that this year for these reasons: We’re young and it’s easier to learn stuff when you’re young so that it stays with you (I think), I’m not too physically fit right now because I stopped playing a sport & I’m trying to find a new one so I can get back in shape, and if I give myself time to do that then maybe it won’t seem so big and scary in the future, someone in Chorus scared me by saying that they make you run a mile in 9 minutes (which certainly is not within my abilities), and finally, I understand that being physically fit & in shape is healthy. I understand that’s why schools make all students take PE on whatever schedule they put their students on. But here’s a thought; if a student wants to be in shape, that’s something they can do on their own time. I’m aware that sounds super selfish and ignorant, but PE is just daunting to anyone that doesn’t play sports or isn’t as athletic as everyone else. There’s a huge variety of activity in schools nowadays, and PE and the Personal Training class isn’t catered to individual needs & physical abilities. I speak from experience when I say that it’s just frightening to go to PE if you’re not sporty or completely in shape because the activities aren’t made to fit everyone’s needs. You never know what they’ll have you do, and from what I’ve heard about the Personal Training class, what they do in there is not withing my current abilities, and for some people, it’s a whole lot farther from their capabilities than from mine. They don’t have enough individual care and they’re not thinking about how no two students are the same.

That’s why I hate PE. I think that schools should make some major changes to their Physical Education programs, and either revoke or make some serious changes to the Personal Training/Fitness course as well. Another conclusion that is almost unrelated is that the American School System is stupid.